The Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages and the Training of Teachers

The Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages and the Training of Teachers

by Karl Breul
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First published in 1909, this book presents a discussion of the educational process in relation to modern languages.

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ISBN-13: 9781316601785
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 02/25/2016
Pages: 192
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BIBLIOGRAPHICAL APPENDIX PERIODICALS1. 1. The Modern Language Quarterly (for some years, The Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature). Edited by H. Frank. Heath, with the assistance of E. G. W. Braunholtz, Karl Breul, I. Gollancz, E. L. Milner-Barry, A. W. Pollard, W. Rippmann, and V. Spiers. London. Seven Volumes 1897-1904. (2s. 6d. each part.) Quarterly. Now split up into two separate publications: 2. The Modern Language Review. Quarterly. Edited (with the assistance of an advisory board) by John G. Robertson. Cambridge. University Press. Since October, 1905. 2s. 6d. per number. This is the strictly scholarly portion. 3. Modern Language Teaching. Monthly. Edited (with the assistance of an advisory committee of secondary teachers) by Walter Rippmann. London. Black. Since March, 1905. Yearly eight numbers. 6d. a number. 4. The School World. Often contains good articles, sometimes especially devoted to modern languages, e.g. March, 1901 (Vol. III. No. 27. Special number), 6d. a number. 5. Modern Language Notes. Edited by A. Marshall Elliott, James W. Bright, Hans C. G. v. Jagemann, Henry Alfred Todd. Baltimore. Since 1886. Eight numbers a year. (Subscription in advance, 7s. a year2.) 1 The full titles of most of the above-mentioned and of many other important periodicals are given in the first chapter of my Handy Guide. The Journal of Education and The School World should also be referred to and consulted throughout. 2 A number of American Periodicals, also Transactions and Proceedings of American Modern Language Associations, are not included as unfortunately they can hardly be anywhere consulted in this country. But see Reports 4 and 5. 6. Archiv für das Studium derNeueren Sprachen und Littera- turen. Started by Ludwig Herrig. Br...

Table of Contents

Preface; Preface to the second edition; Preface to the third edition; Preface to the fourth edition; 1. The teaching of modern foreign languages in our secondary schools; 2. The training of modern language teachers; 3. Bibliographical appendix; 4. The reference library of a school teacher of German; 5. Appendix; Index.

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