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TCP/IP Networking for Beginners: Terminology, Concepts, and Troubleshooting

TCP/IP Networking for Beginners: Terminology, Concepts, and Troubleshooting

by Paul Smart


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In this book you will be guided from the basics of network terminology and the concepts of the layered model to closer examination of the layers, the hardware at each layer, the protocols, and how to troubleshoot each layer.Ideally suited to a beginner.The book contains the following sections.Networking Models: There are two theoretical models used to describe networking protocols and hardware, these are covered in detail.Ethernet: This is the most common form of local area network. The addressing scheme and hardware used to connect network devices to Ethernet networks is covered.Network Devices: This section will cover the differences between various types of network hardware that operates on Ethernet networks such as repeaters, hubs, bridges and switches.Troubleshoot at Layer 2: Up to this point, networking at layers one and two will have been discussed. This section introduces troubleshooting methods and techniques for diagnosing problems in these layers.Internet Protocol Addressing: The most prolific addressing scheme used at layer three is IP addressing. The way the address space is used has changed since it was invented in the late 60's. We will look at the way IP addressing is used to facilitate routing and the configuration of IP addressing in various operating systems.Routing: IP addressing allows packets of network information to be routed between different IP networks. This is done by routers. We will look at what routers do, routing protocols, different types of route and the configuration of routing on various operating systems.Troubleshooting at Layer 3: This sections looks at the analysis of IP packets and tools that can be used to diagnose layer three connectivity problems.Name Resolution: Computers may have various addresses but they are more commonly referred to by a name. The names are resolved to addresses that will be looked at in this section by several methods.Troubleshoot Networking: An overview of approaches to troubleshooting in different operating systems.

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ISBN-13: 9798671699166
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 08/02/2020
Pages: 100
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