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The Tap

The Tap

by Frank McKinney


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Discover a profound spiritual practice leading to success in the business of life.

The Tap is about accepting the inherent responsibility and gaining the confidence in your ability to handle more, whether it's more wealth, health, happiness, or relationships. This book is for those who don't feel they're succeeding at the level they desire in the business we're all in: the business of life. Whether you're seeking greater financial rewards or some other kind of uplift, this book reveals there's one solution: Learning to feel The Tap and then acting on it.

It primes you to start thinking that the rewards of success aren't meant for you alone, regardless of whether those rewards are already in hand or coming soon. But the rewards will come with astonishing speed and size to those who act on the greater responsibility that comes with greater blessings.

Inspired by the biblical passage, 'from those to whom much is entrusted, much will be expected,' The Tap promises readers that as they attune themselves to this enduring truth, they'll feel God's tap and experience breakthroughs beyond comprehension.

In The Tap, renowned real-estate "rock czar" Frank McKinney reveals the most important spiritual principle and practice of his astronomical success. He reveals how God has tapped him (and taps everyone) many times in life, answering prayers and presenting life-changing opportunities.

Why, then, haven't you always recognized your own "Tap Moments"? The author explains this common oversight and leads you to find how you, too, have been blessed with the special ability to succeed at some level, yet the rewards of your success aren't meant for you alone.

The author isn't a preacher or man of the cloth; he's a businessman who's discovered that faithful stewardship is a prerequisite to receiving greater resources. This inspiring yet practical guide is for those who want to succeed at a higher level with the business we're all in: the business of life.

In The Tap, McKinney shows how you, too, can enrich your life beyond what you might ever have imagined for yourself—if you learn how to listen and respond to The Tap.

The Tap: Feel it, follow it, and find your highest calling.
  • Sensitize yourself to God's call and be prepared for the times when you're most likely to experience Tap Moments.
  • Have confidence to handle the rapid rate of ascent that usually accompanies The Tap.
  • Realize why you can't really understand or apply such popular ideas as the law of attraction and 'the secret' until you've been tapped.
  • Combine compassionate capitalism and spiritual stewardship for progressive business models and practices.

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ISBN-13: 9780757313844
Publisher: Health Communications, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/13/2009
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Frank McKinney is a two-time international bestselling author, philanthropist, and extreme risk-taker who's best known for his unprecedented success as a real-estate 'artist' and visionary. Renowned for his deep creativity, he introduced his gift to a broad audience of children and the young at heart through his first fantasy novel, Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle, charging it with fairy-tale wonder, enthralling magic, and page-turning suspense. He and his wife, Nilsa, make their home in Delray Beach, Florida, where he has walked his daughter, Laura, and her friends (sometimes up to 40 adventurers at a time!) to school more than one thousand times and counting. Laura has never been driven to school and, with her fellow 'Dead Fredians,' engages them in adventures, stories, and wildly imaginative games. Visit and Proceeds from all book sales go to benefit the good works of McKinney's Caring House Project Foundation, which provides a self-sustaining existence for some of the most desperately poor and homeless families around the world.

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Tap into
Eternal Success

How much money does it take to make a person happy?

Someone asked John D. Rockefeller this question, and he replied, "Just a little more." Although Rockefeller lived more than a hundred years ago and was a man of such extreme wealth that he's often considered the richest person in history, he obviously knew something about contemporary living—and about how humanity has approached the concept of "more" since the beginning of time.

Rockefeller was also extremely generous and charitable, so let's not get the idea that he was particularly greedy or self-centered. Rockefeller was just like the rest of us: It seems that no matter how much we have, no matter how fortunate we may feel, most everyone wants more of something. It's part of our human fabric. We all pray what could be called the selfish prayer—"Oh, God, please help me!"—and you can know it's completely okay to do so. We want more wealth, certainly, and also more love, more satisfaction at work, more time with family or to pursue our interests, more of a sense of spiritual purpose and connection, more fun, more mental and physical health, more business, more attention, more affection, more accolades, more achievements, and, well, still more. More, more, more.

The need for more manifests at all points on the socioeconomic spectrum, and so does desperation. National Public Radio's StoryCorps aired a segment that beautifully illustrates my point, told by a social worker in his early thirties who lives in the Bronx. Monday to Friday, Julio Diaz said, he takes the subway, and each night on the way home, he exits one stop early to eat at his favorite diner. One evening, he got off the train and was quickly approached by a teenager wielding a knife.

Clearly, the boy was in need of more.

Knowing how these things usually end, Julio gave the mugger his wallet without protest. But as the thief hurried away, Julio called after him: "Wait! You forgot something. If you're going to be robbing people for the rest of the night, you might as well take my coat to keep you warm."

You might be wondering, What was Julio thinking? The thief was running away and the knife wasn't a threat anymore, so why antagonize the kid?

Or maybe you're wishing you could have reflexes like that, where a risky situation would make you bold, that you'd take a stand even when it didn't look altogether safe. Which brings us back to the same question, actually: What was Julio thinking?

We're lucky to have Julio's answer. He was thinking that if a kid was willing to risk his own freedom for a few bucks, then he must really need the money. The boy probably needed a whole lot more than that, too.

So as the robber took Julio's jacket and began to walk away again, Julio called out to him that there was a great diner just around the corner. Did the boy want to go there together for a meal? Remarkably, the young man paused and then agreed. Off they went to the diner, where the manager, the waiters, the dishwashers, and the busboys all knew Julio and greeted him like family.

"Do you know everyone in this place?" the boy asked.
"No, I just eat here a lot," Julio told him.
"But you're even nice to the dishwasher . . ."
"Well," Julio said, "haven't you been taught you should be nice to everybody?"

The boy said he had, but he'd rarely seen anyone actually act that way. As they ate together, Julio asked the young man what he wanted out of life. Yet the boy looked sad and couldn't answer.

When the check came, Julio pointed out the obvious: He didn't have any money, and the boy was going to have to pay for their meal out of Julio's wallet. Or the boy could return the wallet, and Julio would treat.

Without thinking long, the boy handed the billfold back. Just as quickly, Julio opened it, pulled out a twenty, and handed it to the boy, figuring it might help him.
Then Julio decided to ask for something more: the knife.

Somewhat slowly, but just as surely, the young man reluctantly handed it over.

Don't you imagine that both were gaining something far more valuable than cash and more nourishing even than the food they'd shared? Sometimes, the "more" we think we need isn't what will truly enrich our lives, is it? Sometimes circumstances intervene and give us something even greater.

And sometimes an ordinary person like Julio does something extraordinary. Just what kind of miracle is that?

That, my friend, is The Tap.

©2008. Frank McKinney. All rights reserved. Reprinted from The Tap. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publisher. Publisher: Health Communications, Inc., 3201 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

'Expertly illustrates the way to true fulfillment.'
Anthony Robbins, Bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

'Anyone who reads and acts upon The Tap can live a life of wealth, wisdom, kindness, and the pleasure of knowing you've done well—and done good. . . . A terrific book and blessing for you, your children, and anyone you'd like to see become more happy and enriched.'
Bob Burg and John David Mann, Co-authors of The Go-Giver

'McKinney demonstrates that as we do for others, we become all we hope, dream, and dare to be.'
Les Brown, Bestselling author of Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Until You Win

'McKinney demonstrates that as we do for others, we become all we hope, dream, and dare to be.'
Les Brown, Bestselling author of Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Until You Win

'I believe a good portion of Frank's success can be attributed to what he does for the less fortunate around the world. The gaining of material wealth means little without responsible stewardship for those blessings. The Tap shows you how to increase your wealth, both in terms of riches and, more important, enrichment.'
Rich DeVos, Co-founder of Amway, owner of the Orlando Magic, and author of Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People

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