Taming My Whiskey

Taming My Whiskey

by Melissa Foster


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Buckle up for a wild ride as Dixie Whiskey finds forever love in TAMING MY WHISKEY, a funny, sexy, and emotionally riveting standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. The perfect love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, strong family bonds, bikers, babies, and more!

In USA Today Bestseller TAMING MY WHISKEY...

Being the princess of the Dark Knights motorcycle club doesn’t come with a white knight or a fairy-tale castle, and that’s okay, because Dixie Whiskey has never needed a man to slay her dragons or make her whole. Even so, after watching each of her brothers fall in love, she’d sure like a shot at her own happily ever after. But with the Dark Knights watching over her and the only man she’s ever wanted out of reach, she’s not holding her breath.

As the launch of Silver-Stone Cycles’ biggest line approaches, Jace Stone is left needing a favor from the one woman who holds the power to take him to his knees. He knows when it comes to sinfully gorgeous and sharp-tongued Dixie Whiskey, he must stay on his toes and keep his walls firmly in place. But Jace needs her for his business—and Jace Stone always gets what he wants.

When the tall, gruff, and darkly handsome biker presents an opportunity that any other woman might see as the chance of a lifetime, Dixie turns him down flat. But Jace is determined, and he pulls out all the stops—sending Dixie’s overprotective brothers up in arms. Rebellious Dixie takes a stand—going after the freedom, and the man, she’s always wanted. One scorching kiss leads to an undeniable connection, but Jace isn't looking to be tied down, and Dixie refuses to play second fiddle. Can two untamable hearts find forever love in each other’s arms?

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ISBN-13: 9781948868389
Publisher: World Literary Press
Publication date: 10/23/2019
Series: The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor Series , #6
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 135,415
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented-perfect beach reads for contemporary romance and new adult romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex relatable issues. Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name, Addison Cole.

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Taming My Whiskey 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
ShaunaC1795 27 days ago
Jace DOTH protest too much! I loved everything about Jace and Dixie! Dixie is take no crap from anyone especially from a man who will capture her heart. Jace, to me, protested too much what he wanted when in reality he really wanted everything Dixie had to offer. The path to their HEA was wrought with difficulty at every turn....usually from Jace! But he redeems himself in the end which is all that really matters. Melissa Foster brings her 'A' game just like always! Bring on more Whiskeys!
MaimeosAngelsEL 29 days ago
I have read and enjoyed all the previous books in this series. Having said that, Taming My Whiskey can be read as a stand alone, although honestly if you have the time I would read them all. I think you will find this a highly addictive series to read, I know I did. This was an emotional and hot story that captivated me from the first to the last chapter. I love this series, the characters are so well developed and Melissa Foster’s writing so descriptive that I feel as though I am apart of the Whiskey family and Peaceful Harbour. I have been waiting for Dixie Whiskey to get her story; I knew that it would be worth waiting for and I was right. I also knew that the man who would win Dixie’s heart would need to be someone truly special and that is most certainly Jace Stone As I have come to expect from a Melissa Foster story, this was extremely well written and an absolute pleasure to read. Jace Stone is a total alpha male who ticked all the boxes for me and Dixie is perfect for him. I love her feisty spirit, her unbridled passion for life and her love of family. Although Jace is determined not to settle down he cannot deny his feelings for Dixie whilst she is equally determined that she will not come second to anyone or anything. The passion and love between Dixie and Jace is intense, the air crackles when they are together but can two total Alpha’s come together as equals or will they tear each other apart?
pughtwins 15 days ago
I have loved this series and of course Dixie's BBBs(big biker brothers), but I have waited for Dixie's story and I am so glad she got it. I was a bit disappointed in Jace to begin with because he didn't really live up to what we expect of a Foster man. I should have known Ms. Foster would never let Jace be anything less than perfect for Dixie, even if it did take a while to get there. I am so glad that Dixie finally got her hea. I loved getting to catch with the whole Whiskey family(plus some) again. Books in the series as well as many others by Ms. Foster can be read as a standalone. The great thing is that when you read the whole series each book is like catching up with old friends. I can't wait for more!
lifeasleels 17 days ago
Another amazing romance from Melissa which I think may have just become my favorite of hers! Dixie and Jace are two peas in a pod personality wise – fierce, take no ish from no one, guarded, and the aura that they are not to be messed with. Their strong personalities create such passion that you can feel the heat coming off the pages when they come together, but you can feel every other emotion just as strongly. I saw a lot of myself in Dixie which took me on an emotional roller coaster. I felt the emotions of Dixie so strongly that I cried right along with her. I love the Whiskey family and the Dark Knights. They are hot, loyal and such unique characters that you can’t help but cheer for them and fall in love with them and their stories. It was glorious to finally see the little sister put her big, bad brothers in their place. This is a can’t miss romance – trust me, you don’t want to miss it – that will give you all the feels.
toni jensen 18 days ago
Check it out Melissa Foster has a new book out and I am so excited. This is the Whiskey series and We finally get to see Dixie Fall in love hopefully! Melissa's books are so amazing and capture you the moment you read the first page so I know it won't disappoint. So this one is called Taming my Whiskey and it is so good! If you been following the series you have heard of the Whiskey family and of Dixie the only girl in a big tough biker family. She has extremely overprotective brothers who refuse to think she is a grown woman able to live her own life and date her men of choice. Dixie is definitely not a weak woman. She is strong, smart and gorgeous and definitely able to take care of her self. There is only one man who has ever been able to make her weak in the knees and googly-eyed and that is Jace Stone and he needs her help. Jace Stone is a big tattooed biker dude who owner a biker clothing line. Jace is a very particular person and has the exact idea in his head of who he would like to model and be the spokesmodel for his company but she is the one woman who he has had eyes for forever but is off-limits because she is his friend's sister. When the model he chooses can't do it he is left with no choice he needs Dixie but she turns him down flat. Jace doesn't give up easily even when Dixie's brothers are not happy about their sister modeling for him he will not give up. Will Dixie help? Will Jace be able to handle the backlash of her biker brother or is Dixie feistier than he thought? They are definitely playing with fire but will the explosion be fireworks or a time bomb? You have to read to find out! I absolutely love the story! I love Dixie. She's such a strong woman and isn't going to let men tell her what she can and can't do even her brothers. I love where the woman wears the pants in the relationship and can tame the man. I couldn't get enough of this book. Definitely two thumbs up! Get it today!
LadyStephM 19 days ago
Dixie Whiskey is the only girl in her family and if her brothers and father weren't enough to deter any male interest, her extended family of biker brothers would definitely do the trick. Since she turned 18 and her eye caught Jace Stone, she has never wanted anyone else. But Jace has only seen her as a sister. Jace Stone is a focused businessman who appears to make time for nothing else but that. When he decides that he must have Dixie be the face of his new motorcycle and clothing line, she denies him and challenges his giving spirit. Taking time to attend her bachelor auction, to show her that he doesn't throw money at everything, he witnesses Dixie take a stand for herself in front of her family. The events at the auction lead to a new journey for Dixie working with Jace and them learning much more than they thought they did about each other. If you forget that diamonds where precious stones, you'll remember it now. This romantic tale will make you want to catch your own case of Whiskey Fever and wish that your name was etched in Stone too. Disclosure: At my request, I have received an advance copy of this book for review purposes. I am not being financially compensated for this post, all opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.
CCholger 21 days ago
Dixie has always been an intriguing character for me. She’s so tough but so soft at the same time. It was definitely going to need a special type of man to keep make her happy and content. Jace Stone was that man, no doubt. He is such a mans man, then you realize he has a gooey center. When it comes to kids and his sisters, there is no sweeter man. There are plenty of times, throughout this story, that Dixie’s “I chase no man” attitude and Jace’s “no roots” view of life drove me crazy. Most especially Dixie. I got that she didn’t want to show vulnerability. She knew the score from the beginning with Jace and didn’t want to show her belly or, worse, be the clingy woman who is oblivious to the way things are. While Dixie had an issue with Jace’s lack of communication, it was really a problem for both of them. She was so concerned with smothering Jace that she was keeping far too much to herself. Their communication issues aside, Jace and Dixie were fire when together. There was never any denying their connection and I love how in tune they were with each other. When they weren’t together, I was wishing they were…just like Dixie. This story came alive whenever they shared the pages. As always, it’s wonderful to catch up with this family. I got a bit too excited when I realized that Quincy will be getting his HEA next. I have a soft spot for all of the Whiskeys, but the Gritt boys will always have a special place with me.
RomanticReadsandSuch 22 days ago
Strong, sassy, a little bit prickly, and able to take care of herself, Dixie is all Whiskey and I've been so looking forward to getting to know her better.  Jace might knock her a little sideways but that attitude doesn't let it last for long.  I really appreciate that even when she's nursing a hurt and bruised heart, she only lets it get her down for so long.  She's not going to be defined as THAT woman and dusts herself off, then come out swinging.  And in the end shows that it is the Whiskey women who do the taming, proving once again why she's been a delightful addition to the series since the very first moment she was introduced to readers.   While I absolutely loved getting to know Dixie more, I think I'm in the minority of women who didn't find Jace all that great.  His whole attitude of how awesome he is and how he has to save her from the broken heart he is sure to give her seems noble but rubbed me the wrong way somehow.  I'm sure that he knew she was attracted to him but ... I don't know, he just seemed to go about it wrong.  Dixie is a strong and confident woman who doesn't need coddling - that's what she's proving to her brothers.  And why have her stay at his apartment if he's that set on not getting involved.  But worst of all is his horrible communication skills.  As a self-made man, with years of business experience, you'd think he'd be better at sharing where he's coming from.  I can kinda get it at first since he's confused about his feelings but later he REALLY should have known better.  So much of their troubles are caused by him and I'd really don't blame any of the brothers for any urges to take him apart that they might have had ... just sayin'.  By the end I was super confused about where his head is at (and so is Dixie) - throughout the book he's all over the place on his feelings, her feelings, their attraction, and where they've stood in the decade that they've known each other.  But I have to say that I'm very glad to have had a chance to be there to see the last of the Whiskeys fall in love.  While I'm sad to see the end for the main family, I'm really looking forward to what Foster has in store next.  She is amazing at creating interesting characters with complicated lives that just beg you to keep reading and there are a ton of friends &relatives that will keep us coming back for more for years to come.    **Review given honestly and freely after receipt of a reader copy. This opinion is completely my own and was not influenced in any way.**
Jenthomason1109 23 days ago
I was so happy when I saw that Dixie was finally getting her own story and I absolutely adored this book! Dixie has always been beautiful and kind but also badass and a bit rough around the edges. However, Melissa Foster has painted a completely different picture of Dixie in Taming My Whiskey which made me love her character even more than I already did. I have no idea where Jace came from, but oh how glad I am to have met his character. I’ve wracked my brain trying to remember him from earlier books and just can’t place him. However, all that matters now is that I have fallen head over heels for this character. Tall, hot, sexy, tatted biker – check. Sweet, caring, family-oriented guy – check. A successful, creative, and very wealthy business owner (although you would never know it) – check. He’s almost too perfect, but don’t worry, some flaws rear their ugly heads. How about calling or texting a girl Jace??? Jace wasn’t the only one with flaws, of course, but each of their issues and fears made their story that much more romantic and it was filled with the suspense of what would happen next with this incredible duo. There was sexual tension, heart-break tension, and at times, tension related to the question of, “will Jace end up being beaten to death by Dixie’s brothers before this is all said and done?” But there were also endless happy moments and a ton of humor that contributed to this being such an engaging and romantic book that I could not put down. I can’t decide which of Melissa Foster’s series that I love the best, which is a good thing since so many of the characters cross into other novels, but I have always had a soft spot for the Whiskey family. Technically, this could be read as a stand-alone but I highly suggest starting at the beginning of this series so you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of Dixie’s life growing up with brothers and an entire motorcycle club scaring away any potential guys before she ever got a chance to get to know them. I highly recommend this to any contemporary romance fans, but especially those that are into dreamy, romantic, yummy biker guys! This was an amazing story that I know I will go back and read again.
wifetoalineman02 23 days ago
My favorite Whiskey I loved Dixie and she is my favorite Whiskey sibling. Taming My Whiskey is my favorite book of the Whiskey series. I loved everything about Dixie, not only from her looks, her character, but she is so strong and will not tolerate any bad guys not until she met Jace. This book is beyond perfection. I thought summer was over here in New York, but Dixie and Jace's connection is so scorching hot. Taking a cold shower is not enough. I am thinking about driving the motorcycle with my husband, mind you I am afraid of that beast, but now I changed my mind. Every chapter is so delicious to read, I even have to act one chapter with my husband. This book will pull you through. The way their mind acts are so excruciating pain to read but their body doesn't deny the connection. It is steamy, funny and so much love. I loved the scenery especially the beach, the forest and of course New York City. I think I have to look for Jace once I visited NYC soon. Well done Ms. Foster, this book is beyond amazing. I cannot wait to hold my paperback copy of this book.
mamalovestoread22 24 days ago
Being the only girl in the family, Dixie Whiskey had no other choice but to grow up to be tough as nails, at times she felt like it was the only way she could survive all that that her brothers threw at her. And if that was challenging enough she is also the princess of the Dark Knights motorcycle club, a club that her father, brothers, and brothers friends all belong too. Being part of the club comes with it's advantages, but it also has some major disadvantages too, especially when it comes to her having a personal life... one of them is always in her business telling her what to do! She is starting to grow tired of always doing what her family expects of her, she wants to branch out on her own and do something completely unexpected, something just for her. So, when a friend offers her a modeling and spokesperson gig for his upcoming motorcycle and clothing line she decides to take him up on his offer. But this offer comes with a whole other complication... Jace Stone, a billionaire biker and businessman that makes her heart skip a beat whenever he is near. She has tried for so long to deny her attraction to him and keep him at an arms length, but now that they will be working alongside one another she knows she is fighting a losing battle! Taming My Whiskey is a sultry little literary romp that satisfied on all fronts!! This was my first time reading a book from this author, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with it, it kept me on my toes from start to finish! I definitely foresee myself reaching for more of Ms. Foster's books in the very near future. It had everything you could possibly want in a story; an addictive story line, drama to keep you intrigued, superbly crafted characters with smoldering chemistry, and plenty of toe curling action to boot!! I loved what I found between the pages of this one, and I have a feeling if you pick it up you will too, it's words are mesmerizing and it's characters are unforgettable! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
LynchburgMama 24 days ago
I have a major girl crush on Dixie --- WOW!! She exhibits an electricity that pulls you in and you don't want to let go. She can definitely hold her own but I loved how a softer side rose to the surface when Jace came into the picture. Dixie's deep relationship with her brothers has held her back when she finally let's go, it's no holds barred! This dynamic pair seems like a disaster-waiting-to-happen -- and to a point, they are. This pair literally was scorching my hands as I read and my heart as I fell deeper in love with this wild match! Sometimes the hottest flames simply go up into a puff of smoke and turn into ash. Other times, they set the entire world on fire. I'm not one to reveal deep/final details but Dixie is, by far, my favorite of the Whiskeys. Her book is HOT HOT HOT! I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
SherryMH 25 days ago
I cannot tell you how long I’ve looked forward to Dixie Whiskey getting her own epic love story. We’ve met her brothers along in earlier books and watching them show their protectiveness towards Dixie is so much fun! We know that whoever Dixie falls in love with has to be strong enough to handle a group of Whiskeys. That’s where Jace Stone comes in – strong, ridiculously hot, and my favorite Melissa Foster character – ever. He’s sweet, romantic, swoon-worthy, and can sweep Dixie off her feet. Jace hides some of these aspects beneath his gruffness, but he is the perfect yin to Dixie’s yang. Their love story is beautiful and so much fun to read. Have I mentioned hot yet, because this book is steamy? Melissa Foster’s flair for romance and family arcs is ever-present in this latest stand-alone and makes for the perfect beach day read.
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 26 days ago
Dixie Whiskey gets her man. Strong, sexy, alpha. Sweet, sassy, sexy (herself) Dixie finds her forever in one Jace Stone. A decade in the making. Dixie finally had a chance with the man of her heart. She finds that this romance not as easy as it seems to look for others. It takes some hard work, some tears, some heartache, and maybe even a punch or two. With protective brothers and a brotherhood behind her she finds that getting the man of her heart will not be so easy. I found this Whiskey romance to be real emotional and just a bit different from the others. Dixie showed a more feminine side and that just really rubbed her raw. She showed that she was more than just bark. She had a bite that a few people experienced. There was so much more to Dixie Whiskey. Jace was most certainly her match. It just took him a little bit longer to figure that all out for himself.
HEARomances 27 days ago
WooHoo! its Dixie Whiskey turn in the hot seat now and I for one love it. The biggest ball buster with the most hugest hearts gets her chance at HEA. Dixie Whiskey is the one and only “Whiskey girl “ sibling and a true fire cracker. Getting to know Dixie through her siblings books was a hoot, but now it’s her turn to make a love connection the only problem Dixie has is that the man who holds her interest is one hundred percent not interested. I just love Dixie, her strength, compassion, love and her family values makes her a rock star heroine, but her heart is what makes her my Heroine for 2019. Jace Stone “Bad to the Bone” is what I call him as he charmed his way into my heart. Jace is a self made Millionaire, but he is so not the type to strut it out there. I enjoyed getting to know the man, son, brother, friend and yes the lover. Strong self worth, strong family ties and a strong commitment to give back. Jace has it all, but the woman of his fantasies. After losing his heart years before Jace has always been careful about where he stands with the ladies, but when said woman steps back in his life will he play the fool and let her go or will he hold on for dear life. From the moment I felt their intensiveness toward each other in books previous I often wondered if Jace and Dixie were a possibility. Their chemistry is off the charts, but their life styles are different. Can one business deal give them a chance to see if there is anything to the feelings they both good at hiding? It’s going to be a fun time finding out. I am going to try not to gush over the supporting characters, but dang do I love each and every one of them. LOL! They all gave Dixie and Jace the strength to grow without smothering them. Dixie’s babies just melt my heart. Taming My Whiskey is one of my Top Reads for 2019! As always Melissa Foster delivers a sexy read that captures the heart as well as turns up bone melting heat that make her readers sigh. I for one can’t wait to see what is store with the new series The Wicked’s, Jace’s family. Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommended Read by Deb!
CharlotteLynnsReviews 28 days ago
Oh Dixie, I always knew you were a strong woman. I never dreamed you’d be this much fun to see fall in love. When Dixie fell, she fell. There is no halfway with this lady. She dove in headfirst and never looked back. Okay, yes, she fell when she was 18 and didn’t understand what it all meant but she set her eyes on Jace never wavering from her decision. I love that she didn’t make it easy on Jace. She made him work for it, let her heart get broken, but never closed it off to the happiness that she knew she deserved. Jace, I thought you were going to lose her a time or two. Jace made stupid mistakes that only a man who was head over heals in love would make. He learned quickly, although not quick enough for Dixie, and made his amends in grand ways. He loved, learned from his mistakes, and worshipped Dixie as she deserves. Jace is the biggest alpha male and the only one who could stand by Dixie’s side. Taming My Whiskey is amazing. It is a story of family, love, and strength. The strong female lead character is what I expected of a Whiskey and Jace is the perfect husband for her. Melissa Foster did an amazing job of updating the readers on the rest of the Whiskey Family while not letting them overshadow Dixie and her story.
Anonymous 28 days ago
another great story from Melissa. Highly recommend.
Anonymous 28 days ago
I absolutely love this book. Dixie is a strong willed woman whose love for her family is much stronger than people realize. I fell in love with the whole whiskey clan from the beginning. I knew it would take a strong man like Jace, he is also a man who loves his family!! once again melissa has made me feel as I was there as the story unfolded!!
IreneC 29 days ago
5 stars So many feels, loved Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster! I loved the storyline, it's well written, entertaining and the pacing was spot on. I enjoyed watching the friendships and relationships between all the characters and I loved watching Dixie and Jace's relationship unfold. Jace and Dixie are likable, relatable characters that have amazing chemistry and I loved them together. They made me smile, they made me swoon and they touched my heart with their story. These two share a deep love for family and friends and a connection we all strive for and very few of us are lucky to find. Taming My Whiskey is a wonderful addition to The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor Series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them all!
Jennann3 29 days ago
Dixie Whiskey, only daughter of the leader of the Dark Knights, has always been under the watchful eyes of her brothers. Every guy she’s ever dated has not measured up to their standards or had the guts to stand up to the Whiskey family, aka Dark Knights. Until Jace Stone...Dixie’s life long crush. Jace Stone, successful businessman, has always had eyes for Dixie. When they were younger, Dixie was too young to act on any feelings and Jace wasn’t looking for a relationship. After working so hard to build a successful business, Jace realized something was missing. Not sure what it was until he crossed paths with Dixie again. After winning a date with Dixie at a charity auction, Jace can’t help but see Dixie in a different light. But will he be able to overcome his past and give Dixie a chance at forever... Communication is KEY in any relationship! Jace and Dixie drove me crazy, in a good way, with their inability to communicate. Dixie was a strong woman, but had a soft girlie side she was afraid to let anyone see. I loved how she blindsided her brothers and dad. Hilarious! Dixie was kind, caring, but sexy and head strong. Jace was extremely supportive of Dixie and her dreams. I loved Jace’s “behind the scenes” charity work. I liked that he did things for others out of the kindness of his heart, not for praise. They were different, but perfect. While this is not the first novel in the series, you can read them in any order and not feel lost. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
RachaelBrown 29 days ago
From the very beginning, I knew that this was going to be my favorite book by Melissa Foster. The Whiskey family had me laughing out loud, especially during the bachelor auction, and I absolutely loved Jace. He was perfect! His and Dixie's story was special and I loved the ending.
Cathy_1974 29 days ago
The epitome of scorching hot sexy madness! “You’re strong as leather and as delicate as lace.” Jace and Dixie story is all I could ever wish for in the Whiskey’s series! The badass attitude, strong willed temper; sassy, sexy and mouthy Dixie is simply amazing! I fell in love with her brother Bullet in a previous book but nothing could compare to her! Jace and Dixie are so hot together that this book can’t be put down without reading it all the way thru! Dixie had her mind set on the older biker but she never in her wildest dream thought he would be half the men he is in real life. Jace made it, he’s successful but he never forgot where he came from and even thou he likes his independent lifestyle, he always make time for his family. He is more than a sexy strong powerful biker businessman and Dixie has yet to discover who he really is deep down. Jace is trying to hold back and not get too close to Dixie or make empty promises to his beautiful wild kitten but she definitely is a Whiskey and Jace is in for the ride of his life. He never wanted to be tied down; no woman ever made him fell weak until now. Whiskey Fever all the way! The Whiskey’s and the Dark Knight Brothers are in for the biggest surprise of their life and you can’t miss it! This is definitely a must read; if you’re new to Melissa Foster; hold on for a beautiful steamy ride!
arubaqueen 29 days ago
Dixie has had eyes for Jace for years, he thought she was too young for him but he definitely noticed her. When he needs her help, he find he has to work to win her over to get her to model for him. However, there's her over protective brothers that need to be convinced too. More than anything, they want her to be happy and not get hurt. While Jace feels like he can't commit even though she's under his skin and he wants nothing more than to be with her. She wants more especially after seeing her big bad brothers all fall in love. There's times as they work things out you want to yell at her or him and ask what in the world they are thinking and tell them to get their acts together. Of course there's a HEA and the story is truly pretty HOT getting to that point! I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
DBergs 29 days ago
Dixie Whiskey has always been a strong female character and I have been curious since I was introduced to her in Tru Blue as to who was going to be a strong man to win her heart. I was not disappointed. Jace Stone showed his caring and compassion for family in Slope of Love and I've always wanted to see more of the Stone family. The way he seamlessly slipped into Dixie's life and knew her family before he even considered going after what he wanted made it more meaningful to me. As with all couples, the two of them did have their ups and downs but I love how they really learned from each encounter. In the end, the struggles made them a stronger couple. I cannot wait to read more from both of these families!
Robindpdx 29 days ago
I enjoyed this well-written, steamy book. Dixie doesn't need a man to take care of her, though she'd like a shot at happily ever after. Jace needs a favor from Dixie, the only woman who has the power to take him to his knees. He's determined to keep his walls in place and keep things strictly business. This was an entertaining book and I look forward to reading more books by this author.