Tall Dark Stranger

Tall Dark Stranger

by Buck OwensBuck Owens

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Bear Family's final Buck Owens box set Tall Dark Stranger covers his last stint at Capitol Records -- the years 1969 through 1975, an era where his star shone brighter than ever thanks to his role as the co-host of the cornpone country variety show Hee Haw. Buck signed to Hee Haw in 1969 and the ramifications of television stardom were soon apparent: shelves needed to be filled with product and Buck & His Buckaroos were expected to be predictable, to give the people what they wanted...and to give a lot of it, to boot. Owens never was good at playing to people's expectations but he always was keen to make a buck, so the music on this generous box -- covering all of his solo recordings, sessions he had with Susan Raye, a vaguely embarrassing vaudevillian country comedy set with his son Buddy, and all the albums the Buckaroos recorded on their own -- is wildly inconsistent, finding Owens ready to push the boundaries of Buck music while being eager to satisfy the demand of the marketplace. Listening to these eight discs, the arc of his career is immediately apparent. At the outset, Owens is ready to experiment, to add all manners of sonic colors -- strings, sweetened backing vocals, anything that would have distracted from his driving freight train sound of the '60s -- and ready to tackle new songwriters like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, eager to steer the Buckaroos toward a roaring bluegrass album called Ruby. He still was taking risks -- some of which never saw the light of day, like a revelatory duet with soul singer Bettye Swann -- and it was paying off, commercially and artistically, with the Buckaroos taking over the pandering through their albums which were either admirable genre exercises (a good collection of Merle Haggard covers) or bordering on easy listening. Then, Hee Haw happened. Soon, Buck was dialing back the adventure and adhering to his Bakersfield blueprint, cutting covers and novelties, shucking and jiving with Buddy, singing with Susan Raye, staying toward the middle of the road for the first time in his career. And then, his guitarist and lieutenant Don Rich died in a motorcycle accident and everything hit the skids. Buck kept up with Hee Haw -- he stayed there until the '80s, way past the point his songs actually hit the charts -- but he effectively checked out in the studio, never seeking out new sounds or songs, just riding out his contract. And all of this is evident on Tall Dark Stranger, a box that starts out strong and then gets bumpy, alternating between inspiration and pure product. Years have made the latter enjoyable if not necessarily compelling, particularly where the Buckaroos are concerned; their LPs are nothing more than professional shelf-filler, delivered by what arguably was the best band in the business. And the business that his music leaves the greatest impression on is this, the final act of Buck Owens' glorious peak: he made his name as a maverick but even he was ground down by the demands of the machine, who did not care for creativity or tragedy. It is a testament to his talent that even in the face of considerable commercial demands and personal tragedy, Owens continued to give the people what they wanted: perhaps it wasn't as brilliant as his best, but it was certainly enjoyable, as each of these eight discs prove to some extent.

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Release Date: 06/15/2012
Label: Bear Family Germany
UPC: 4000127168986
catalogNumber: 2716898
Rank: 134876


Disc 1

  1. Tall Dark Stranger
  2. I've Got A Happy Heart
  3. Somewhere Between
  4. Just A Few More Days
  5. Lonesome Valley
  6. My Savior Leads The Way
  7. But You Know I Love You
  8. Today I Started Loving You Again
  9. I'm A Natural Loser
  10. The Biggest Storm Of All
  11. If I Had You (By My Side)
  12. Down At The Corner Bar
  13. Nobody But You
  14. Lay A Little Light On Me
  15. Catfish Capers
  16. Bossanova Buckaroo Style
  17. Sweet-T-Pie
  18. Roll Your Own
  19. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  20. That Old Time Religion
  21. Big In Vegas
  22. Love Is Strange
  23. Cinderella
  24. I'll Be All Right Tomorrow
  25. Hurry Come Running Back To Me
  26. Ensenada
  27. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  28. Take Care Of You For Me In Kansas City
  29. One More Time
  30. Goin' Home To The Bayou
  31. Country Pickin'
  32. Rompin ' And Stompin'

Disc 2

  1. We Were Made For Each Other
  2. Everybody Needs Somebody
  3. Togetherness
  4. The Kansas City Song
  5. I'd Love To Be Your Man
  6. Together Again
  7. Fallin' For You
  8. Cryin' Time
  9. Foolin' Around
  10. Down In New Orleans
  11. The Wind Blows Every Day In Oklahoma
  12. Full Time Daddy
  13. The Great White Horse
  14. Black Texas Dirt
  15. Bring Back My Peace Of Mind
  16. Guitar Pickin' Man
  17. Dublin Waltz
  18. I'd Love To Be Your Man
  19. Cajun Steel Guitar
  20. Fishin' Reel
  21. Potter's Field
  22. When I'm With You
  23. Pick-Nickin'
  24. Boot Hil
  25. Up On Cripple Creek
  26. (It's A Long Way To) London Town
  27. Scandinavian Polka
  28. Amsterdam

Disc 3

  1. Let The World Keep On A Turnin'
  2. High As The Mountains
  3. Today I Started Loving You Again
  4. I've Never Had A Dream Come True Before
  5. Tennessee Bird Walk
  6. Then Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep
  7. Your Tender Loving Care
  8. Think Of Me
  9. I Thank Him For Sending Me You
  10. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
  11. I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me The Whole Dang Town)
  12. No Milk And Honey In Baltimore
  13. Reno Lament
  14. Houston-Town
  15. Santo Domingo
  16. Down In New Orleans
  17. The Wind Blows Every Day In Chicago
  18. (It's A Long Way To) Londontown
  19. The Kansas City Song
  20. Big In Vegas
  21. Reno Lament
  22. No Milk And Honey In Baltimore
  23. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  24. I Am A Rock
  25. Homeward Bound
  26. The Devil Made Me Do That
  27. Everything Reminds Me You're Gone
  28. Catch The Wind
  29. San Francisco Town
  30. Within My Loving Arms
  31. (I'm Goin') Home
  32. Love Minus Zero-No Limit
  33. No Limit

Disc 4

  1. Ring Of Fire
  2. Last Date
  3. El Paso
  4. King Of The Road
  5. Orange Blossom Special
  6. Tall Dark Stranger
  7. Detroit City
  8. Gentle On My Mind
  9. It's Such a Pretty World Today
  10. Okie From Muskogee
  11. Ruby (Are You Mad)
  12. Heartbreak Mountain
  13. Uncle Pen
  14. Corn Liquor
  15. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  16. I Know You're Married But I Love You Still
  17. Ashes Of Love
  18. Ole Slew Foot
  19. Rocky Top
  20. Salty Dog Blues
  21. One Of Everything You Got
  22. Home On Christmas Day
  23. All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy
  24. A Very Merry Christmas
  25. It's Not What You Give
  26. Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas
  27. Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You
  28. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
  29. Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach
  30. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day

Disc 5

  1. Too Old To Cut The Mustard
  2. Wham Bam
  3. Pfft You Were (Was) Gone
  4. You're A Real Good Friend
  5. Tobacco White Lightning And Women Blues No. 2
  6. I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Wimin)
  7. Cigareets, Whuskey And Wild, Wild Women
  8. Beautiful Morning Glory
  9. I'll Still Be Waiting for You
  10. Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)
  11. Today I Started Loving You Again
  12. The Fightin' Side Of Me
  13. Silver Wings
  14. Okie From Muskogee
  15. The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde
  16. Hungry Eyes
  17. Swinging Doors
  18. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
  19. Mama Tried
  20. Made In Japan
  21. Arms Full Of Empty
  22. Ain't It Amazing, Gracie
  23. Looking Back To See
  24. You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around No More

Disc 6

  1. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  2. There Goes My Love
  3. Sweethearts In Heaven
  4. A Whole Lot Of Somethin'
  5. Get Out Of Town Before Sundown
  6. Something's Wrong
  7. In The Palm Of Your Hand
  8. The Good Old Days (Are Here Again)
  9. I Know That You Know (That I Love You)
  10. When You Get Back From Nashville
  11. When You Get To Heaven (I'll Be There)
  12. Long Hot Summer
  13. Streets Of Bakersfield
  14. She's Had All The Dreamin' She Can Stand
  15. Your Monkey Won't Be Home Tonight
  16. The Good Old Days (Are Here Again)
  17. Old Faithful
  18. Take A Taste Of My Wine
  19. I Think I'm Going To Like Loving You
  20. Sweethearts In Heaven
  21. I've Got A Happy Heart
  22. Arms Full Of Empty
  23. All The Dreamin' They Can Stand
  24. Honey... Let's Fall In Love
  25. When You Get To Heaven (I'll Be There)
  26. Love Makes The World Go Round

Disc 7

  1. Love Makes The World Go Around
  2. Loving You
  3. I Won't Be Needing You
  4. Songwriter's Lament
  5. That Loving Feeling
  6. Someday I'm Gonna Go To Mexico
  7. Colors I'm Gonna Paint The Town
  8. It Never Will Be Over for Me
  9. Happy Hour
  10. Your Daddy Was A Preacher (And Your Mama Was A Dancing Girl)
  11. Hello Trouble
  12. Big Game Hunter
  13. (It's A) Monsters' Holiday
  14. I Wish I Was A Butterfly
  15. John Law
  16. Stony Mountain West Virginia
  17. Let The Fun Begin
  18. Holdin' On
  19. Great Expectations
  20. All Around Cowboy of 1964

Disc 8

  1. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
  2. On The Cover Of The Music City News
  3. Great Expectations
  4. Amazing Love
  5. I Love
  6. You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning
  7. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
  8. Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
  9. 41st Street Lonely Hearts' Club
  10. Weekend Daddy
  11. I Finally Gave Her Enough Rope
  12. Run Him To The Roundhouse Nellie
  13. Drifting Away
  14. He Ain't Been Out Bowlin' With The Boys
  15. It's Been A Long, Long Time
  16. A Different Kind Of Sad
  17. You Don't Find Work In Pool Rooms (And Love Don't Make The Bars)
  18. How's Everything
  19. California Oakie
  20. The Battle Of New Orleans
  21. Country Singer's Prayer
  22. Mexican Jumping Bean

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Buck Owens   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Buddy Emmons   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Don Randi   Piano
Jerry Cole   Bass
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Roy Gaines   Guitar
James Burton   Dobro,Guitar
David Gates   Leader
Blossoms   Background Vocals
Susan Raye   Vocals,Background Vocals
Murray Adler   Violin
Earl Poole Ball   Organ,Piano
Jerry Brightman   Steel Guitar
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Glen D. Hardin   Piano
Assa Drori   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin
Jim Hager   Background Vocals
Melvin Jernigan   Leader
Lou Klass   Violin
Jay Dee Maness   Steel Guitar
Ralph Mooney   Steel Guitar
Greg Poree   Guitar
Jim Shaw   Organ,Harmonica,Piano,Strings,Celeste,Harpsichord,Jew's Harp,Keyboards,Electric Piano,Background Vocals,Moog Synthesizer,Mellotron,farfisa organ
Doyle Curtsinger   Bass,Mandolin,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bettye Swann   Vocals
Jerry Wayne   Drums
Jerry Wiggins   Drums
Billy Wright   Violin
Walter Rower   Cello
Joyce Hawthorne   Background Vocals
Jana Jae   Fiddle
Fiddlin' Kate Warren   Violin
Don Lee   Guitar
Billy Sampson   Guitar
William Russell "Billy" Armstrong   Violin,Leader
John Hager   Background Vocals
Ron Jackson   Banjo,Guitar
William Kurasch   Violin
Jeff Haskell   Moog Synthesizer
Ralph Schaefer   Violin
Doyle Floyd Hendricks   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Solow   Cello
Buddy Alan Owens   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Donald "Don Rich" Eugen Ulrich   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro,Fiddle,Strings,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader,Vocals,Background Vocals,Gut String Guitar
Hyman Davidson   Viola
Hixon Boranian   Violin
Chuck Andell   Violin
Bill Sampson   Guitar,Harmonica
Lawrence B. "Red" Wooton   Bass
Thomas Rexton Brumley   Steel Guitar
Robert D. "Bob" Morris   Bass
Ronnie Jackson   Banjo,Rhythm Guitar
Bruneau   Guitar,Electric Guitar,national steel guitar
Patti Boyt   Background Vocals
Ray Sisters   Background Vocals
Shirley Palmer   Background Vocals
Lavonne Payne   Background Vocals
Susan Ryae   Vocals
Ray Armand   Cello
Doyle P. "Doyle Singer" Cutsinger   Bass,Vocals
Paul N. Humphry   Drums
Jerry Wayne Wiggins   Percussion,Bongos,Drums,Tambourine
Terry Christopfferson   Electric Guitar
Terry Christofferson   Steel Guitar

Technical Credits

Bill Monroe   Composer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Tom T. Hall   Composer
John Hartford   Composer
Buck Owens   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Marty Robbins   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Shel Silverstein   Composer
Maxine Brown   Composer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Robbie Robertson   Composer
Paul Simon   Composer
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