Talking Photography: Viewpoints on the Art, Craft and Business

Talking Photography: Viewpoints on the Art, Craft and Business

by Frank Van Riper




In this volume, Washington Post photography columnist Frank Van Riper assembles a selection of photographic insights from his columns. A photographer and writer, he seeks to inform and entertain readers with vignettes on the art, craft and business of photography. Chapters include answers to basic and rarely-addressed technical questions, from shooting pictures under fluorescent light to defending oneself against bloodthirsty mosquitoes; cutting-edge interviews with photography icons of various genres; essays on the everyday life and great moments in the life of a photographer; and reviews of photography books and shows.

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ISBN-13: 9781581152081
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Series: Aesthetics Today Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

Table of Contents

State of the Art
A Few Days in the Life 10/29/933
The Fictionalized Photograph 02/18/947
Hunting for Bear with a Hasselblad, Part 1 04/07/9510
Hunting for Bear, Part 2 04/14/9513
Max MacKenzie Must Have a Great Camera ASMP, Focus, Spring 199615
Portraits Under the Big Top 08/02/9619
Playing with (Really Big) Trains 09/13/9622
Shooting a Star (Nailing Hale-Bopp with a Drink in My Hand) 04/25/9725
Vultures with Cameras 09/26/9728
Why Black-and-White is Better 10/10/9730
The Making of the 100-Person Millennium Portrait 07/09/9933
The Incredible Shrinking Overhead 08/11/0036
When Technology Weakens Technique, Part 1 10/20/0039
Cuba: Taking Strong (and Wrong) Exception 02/02/0142
When Technology Weakens Technique, Part 2: Digital Downsides 03/16/0145
On Becoming a Photographer
A Niche Takes Time 08/13/9351
Photographing an Icon 08/19/9454
Putting a Fair Price on Your Work 02/10/9557
Sacred Space 10/06/9559
In Praise of Obsession ASMP, Focus, Spring 199662
Ignorance and Naivete ASMP, Focus, Fall 199665
Stephen King, Photography Teacher 01/05/0168
Shooting People
Photographer of the Bride 07/17/9273
Photographing Children, Part 1 08/21/9276
Photographing Children, Part 2 08/28/9279
On Location with Stephen King 12/09/9283
Better Portraits 03/18/9486
Portrait of a Jazz Great 08/25/9589
Breaking the Rules at the Kennedy Center 04/26/9691
Focused Flash for Great Portraits 01/31/9794
Simplified Location Portraiture 08/18/0098
Dramatic Location Portraits 08/26/00101
Technical Tips
Perfection in Platinum 08/05/94107
The Archival Portfolio, Part 1 01/20/95109
The Archival Portfolio, Part 2 01/27/95111
Taming the Green Fluorescent Monster 02/17/95113
Photographing Artwork Part 1 03/17/95115
Photographing Artwork, Part 2 03/24/95118
Marilyn Monroe Loved Tungsten Film 08/01/97120
Capturing Venice at Night 04/10/98123
Dash of Flash Adds Substance 01/15/99126
Mixing Light Sources Adds Spice to Your Pictures 09/29/00129
Using Camera Shake for Better Pix 01/26/01132
Practically Speaking
Emergency Items for Your Camera Bag 11/13/92137
Shooting Safely: Eye Protection 04/16/93140
Shooting Fireworks 07/02/93143
Better Printing 01/07/94146
Photography in the Garden 09/02/94149
Foiled Again 05/19/95153
Murphy's Photo Laws 05/24/96156
Surviving a Flood 08/29/97158
Harry Hamburg: Honing Skills 01/02/98160
Patience and Preparation Equal Good Pictures 09/11/98163
Good Manners Revisited 10/09/98166
Pictures During Performances 05/28/99168
Street-Smart Guide to Avoid Camera Theft 07/14/00171
Equipment: The Good, the Bad, the Basic, the Classic
Filters and Hot Sauce: Use Each Sparingly 11/06/92175
The Diana/Holga Mystique 07/30/93178
Tripods: "Can't Live with 'Em ..." 08/06/93181
The Perfect Portable Location Lighting Kit 01/14/94184
Keep it Simple(r), Stupid ASMP, Focus, Summer 1995187
Diffusion: A Sharp Difference 09/01/95190
Delta 3200: A Superb See-in-the-Dark B&W Film 07/23/99193
Hasselblad: The Perfect System 11/10/00196
David Hockney, Revolutionary 04/23/93201
Harry Callahan, an Introduction 04/21/95203
Dorothea Lange's Ireland 03/15/96205
Understanding Indians 10/25/96207
George Tames: Choosing his Shots 12/27/96209
The Artistic Ambition of Mathew Brady 10/17/97212
Ansel Adams: Tracked by His Indelible Prints 11/14/97215
Mean Drunk in a Dark Bar 04/23/99218
Henri Cartier-Bresson and Brassai: Two Different Ways to Greatness 10/29/99221
Dissecting the Stravinsky Portrait 04/21/00224
Edward Steichen: Diminished by his Success 01/12/01226
Great Photography Books: A Dinner Table Debate 02/09/01229
Steiglitz and New York: A Town to Match His Ego 04/06/01233
Alan Markfield: Movie Stills Shooter 09/24/93239
Fred Maroon Captures the Capitol 12/17/93242
Wegman's Rays of Light 10/15/93245
Frans Lanting's Okavango 01/21/94247
Neil Selkirk: Seeing and Shooting by Instinct 04/29/94249
Jeffrey Kliman's Blues in Black-and-White 09/27/96252
Bruce Davidson and the Inner Portrait 11/07/97254
David Burnett: Working Against the Crowd 07/31/98256
Hell in a Viewfinder: Kosovo 09/08/00259
Sheila Metzner's Platinum New York 12/15/00262
Photographic Memories
In the Family, in the Frame 04/30/93269
War Photographer's Poignant Legacy 07/16/93272
Unburied Treasures: UMBC's Amazing Photo Archive 06/18/93275
Worst-Case Scenarios 10/01/93277
Requiem for Daily News 08/12/94280
Xmas Memories/Presidents, Hostages 12/23/94283
Dancing Bears 09/15/95285
Colonel Teague's Wartime Film Lab 06/06/97287
Oi Veerasarn Remembered 10/01/99290
The Day I Shot Aaron and DiMaggio 10/27/00293
Revisiting a Classic: the Legendary Leica M6 07/21/00296

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