Tales from the Rhino 2

Tales from the Rhino 2


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Tales From the Rhino 2 gathers more of the label's favorite singles, which range from the bizarre (the Qworymen's "Beatle Rap," the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra's "2001 Sprach Kazoostra," and Fred Blassie's "Pencil Neck Geek") to the underappreciated (Steve Wynn's "Carolyn," the Honeys' "Running Away From Love," and Roky Erickson's "Bermuda"). Though most of the novelty singles that make up the bulk of this double-disc set were released on the label's various Dr. Demento collections, songs like Julie Brown's "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" and Rockin' Richie Ray's "Baseball Card Lover" are still fairly entertaining. Ideally, Tales From the Rhino 2 would have included more of the obscure groups and singles the label has resurrected with series like Poptopia and D.I.Y., not to mention their numerous blues and jazz compilations. Though the Weirdos' "Helium Bar," the Pandoras' "In and Out of My Life (In a Day)," and Rank & File's "Black Book" are included, the collection could have used more tracks along these lines. Tales From the Rhino 2 attempts to paint an eclectic portrait of Rhino's offerings, but unfortunately the results are too biased toward their novelty rock output.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/30/1995
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227175924
catalogNumber: 71759

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barnes & Barnes   Track Performer
Fred Blassie   Track Performer
Julie Brown   Track Performer
Henny Youngman   Track Performer
Cindy Lee Berryhill   Track Performer
Beat Farmers   Track Performer
Roky Erickson   Track Performer
Wild Man Fischer   Track Performer
Clive Gregson   Track Performer
House of Freaks   Track Performer
Monkees   Track Performer
NRBQ   Track Performer
Pandoras   Track Performer
Bruce Springsteen   Track Performer
Weirdos   Track Performer
Big Daddy   Track Performer
Chris Stamey   Track Performer
Steve Wynn   Track Performer
Malibooz   Track Performer
Pop   Track Performer
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra   Track Performer
Bakersfield Boogie Boys   Track Performer
Honeys   Track Performer
Ravens   Track Performer
Christine Collister   Track Performer
Peter Holsapple   Track Performer
Billy Vera   Track Performer
Ruben Guevara   Track Performer
James Harman Band   Track Performer
Joey Gaynor   Track Performer
Winos   Track Performer
2 Chicks   Track Performer
Rockin' Ritchie Ray   Track Performer
Steve Clark   Drums

Technical Credits

Barnes & Barnes   Producer
Fred Blassie   Contributor
Julie Brown   Composer,Contributor
Henny Youngman   Contributor
Willie Dixon   Composer
James Harman   Producer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Cindy Lee Berryhill   Contributor
Dennis Brown   Producer
Beat Farmers   Contributor
Roky Erickson   Contributor
Wild Man Fischer   Contributor
Clive Gregson   Producer
House of Freaks   Producer
Rick James   Composer
Monkees   Contributor
NRBQ   Contributor
Jimmy Page   Composer
Pandoras   Contributor
Robert Plant   Composer
Iggy Pop   Composer
Weirdos   Contributor
Steve Kujala   Producer
Big Daddy   Producer
Chris Stamey   Producer
Steve Wynn   Contributor
Walter Egan   Producer
Malibooz   Contributor
Pop   Producer
Rank and File   Contributor
Ravers   Contributor
Bakersfield Boogie Boys   Contributor
Honeys   Contributor
Gefilte Joe & The Fish   Contributor
John Paul Jones   Composer
Jeff Gold   Producer
Terry Adams   Producer
Ron Asheton   Composer
Scott Asheton   Composer
Duane Aslaksen   Producer
Mark Avnet   Producer
Artie Barnes   Composer
Jeff Baxter   Producer
Roger Bechirian   Producer
Steve Berlin   Producer
John Bonham   Composer
Harold Bronson   Producer,Liner Notes
Roy Edward Burris   Composer
Joe Chiccarelli   Producer
Charles Coffey   Composer
Ray Colcord   Composer
Christine Collister   Contributor
Dix Denney   Composer
John Denney   Composer
Ken Dye   Producer
Jerry Hall   Producer
Peter Holsapple   Producer
Bill Inglot   Producer
Dan Lawson   Producer
Mark Linett   Producer
Craig Luckin   Producer
Terrence McNally   Composer,Producer
Bill Pfordresher   Producer
John Reed   Producer
Cliff Roman   Composer
Diane Rovell   Composer
Joey Spampinato   Producer
Billy Vera   Contributor
Bob Wayne   Producer
Marilyn Wilson   Composer
John Zambetti   Producer
Ruben Guevara   Producer
Jack Heyrman   Producer
Brian Carman   Composer
Bob Spickard   Composer
Steve Thomas   Producer
Robert Aguayo   Producer
Richard Foos   Producer
William Stout   Contributor,Logo
Scott Shaw   Illustrations
Chuck Lorre   Producer
Lou Naktin   Composer,Producer
Bruce Springstone   Contributor
Joey Gaynor   Contributor
Billy Shears   Producer
William Hanna   Composer
Joseph Barbera   Composer
Hoyt Curtin   Composer
Beaters   Contributor
Randy Burns   Producer
Winds   Contributor
Seth Kurland   Producer
Pete Cicero   Composer
Dave Alexander   Composer

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