Take Action!, Vol. 3

Take Action!, Vol. 3


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Take Action, Vol. 3 is a double-disc set put together by Sub City Records to help financially further suicide prevention and the National Hopeline Network in particular. The 43 bands involved each donated a song from a recent album or EP to the compilation. The music mostly falls under the category of modern aggressive guitar rock: emo, screamo, alt-metal, punk-pop, neo-hardcore -- you name it and you'll find a representative band here. There are a couple of exceptions to the loud, fast, and angst-ridden sounds that dominate the two discs; the second disc includes the power pop of Brendan Benson, the art emo of Cursive, and the sweet indie rock of the Jealous Sound. In fact, the entire second disc focuses on the softer side of modern punk, featuring bands like Elliott and the Jazz June, which soften the edges of their sound with poppy textures, and bands like Yellowcard and Jupiter Sunrise, which scale back the sonic assault and rely on anguished vocals to carry the day. Fans of the modern sound will find much to like here, standouts being Thursday's howling "For the Workforce, Drowning," Good Riddance's "More DePalma, Less Fellini," the Ataris' poppy "A Beautiful Mistake" (taken from the Japanese release of So Long Astoria), and Division of Laura Lee's ominous "Black City," and may discover a few new favorites as well.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/09/2003
Label: Sub City Records
UPC: 0790692002320
catalogNumber: 23
Rank: 121425


Disc 1

  1. Psa
  2. Crystal Lake
  3. Silhouette
  4. My Only Cure
  5. Giving Up
  6. Stavesail
  7. For the Workforce, Drowning
  8. White Wedding Dress
  9. Like the Angel
  10. More DePalma, Less Fellini
  11. Six Foot Revolver
  12. Wish
  13. Hope Against Hope
  14. Void
  15. Given Flight by Demons' Wings
  16. Switched On
  17. Chapter Four
  18. Thoughts Without Words
  19. Ebolarama
  20. You Can't Kill Integrity
  21. The Breath
  22. My Gun, Your Bullets

Disc 2

  1. A Beautiful Mistake
  2. Free Fall Without a Parachute
  3. Life of a Salesman
  4. White Lights
  5. Routines
  6. The Sound
  7. Take Care
  8. Chicago Is So Two Years Ago
  9. I Loved the Way She Said "L.A."
  10. Being Your Walls
  11. Arthur Nix
  12. You're Quiet
  13. Gentleman Caller
  14. Hope for Us
  15. Hours Seemed Like Days
  16. Carry On
  17. Drugs and Models
  18. Black City
  19. Sick of Modern Art
  20. Heart Attack American
  21. Frankie Machine
  22. Safe in Sound
  23. On That Stage

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Sergie Loobkoff   Composer
Brendan Benson   Composer
Good Riddance   Composer
Slick Shoes   Composer
Cursive   Composer
Marshall Altman   Producer
Joe Zook   Producer
BoySetsFire   Composer
Throwdown   Composer
Dan Yemin   Composer
Håkan Johansson   Composer
Shadows Fall   Composer
Small Brown Bike   Composer
David Wagenschutz   Composer
Poison the Well   Composer
Garrett Klahn   Composer
Thursday   Composer
Scott Sellers   Composer
Explosion   Composer
This Day Forward   Composer
Kris Roe   Composer
Jazz June   Composer
Jealous Sound   Composer
Brian Fair   Composer
Thrice   Composer
Further Seems Forever   Composer
Yellowcard   Composer
Rise Against   Composer
Geoff Rickly   Composer
Rufio   Composer
Recover   Composer
Avenged Sevenfold   Composer
Dave Hause   Composer
Every Time I Die   Composer
Mike Park   Composer
Ryan Kepke   Composer
Beautiful Mistake   Composer
Fall Out Boy   Composer
Vaux   Composer
Per Stålberg   Composer
Bronx   Composer
Solea   Composer
Sinai Beach   Composer
Copeland   Composer
Much the Same   Composer
Spitalfield   Composer
Senses Fail   Composer
Chris Cron   Composer
Rick Sanberg   Composer
Peter Mosely   Composer
Geert Van Der Velde   Composer
Break the Silence   Composer
Ben Karis   Composer
Ben Jorgensen   Composer
Buddy Nielsen   Composer
Shane Told   Composer
Matthew Fletcher   Composer
Anthony Tintari   Composer
Matt Fox   Composer

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