Syndicate: September/October 2014

Syndicate: September/October 2014

by Christian Amondson


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Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, Bridge to Wonder

Gavin Hyman, Traversing the Middle

Ronald Osborn, Death Before the Fall

Joerg Rieger & Kwok Pui-lan, Occupy Religion

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781498208765
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 12/31/2014
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

Cecilia González-Andrieu Bridge to Wonder

1 Among the long, black rafters Anne M. Carpenter 2

2 Theology, Art, and the Beautiful Bridging of Difference Brendan Thomas Sammon 8

3 What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Art and Revelation? Artur Rosman 17

4 The Enchantment of Lightning: Why Some Bridges to Wonder are Stronger than Others Matthew J. Miliner 23

5 A Response Cecilia González-Andrieu 29

Gavin Hyman Traversing the Middle

6 Attending to the Middle Joshua B. Davis 46

7 To Traverse or Suspend J. Peter Escalanie 52

8 The Rhetoric of the Middle Vincent Lloyd 58

9 Zizek contra Hyman Marcus Pound 64

10 Traversing the Middle Gavin Hyman 71

Ronald Osborn Death Before the Fall

11 Oh Wasp, Where Is Thy Sting? Andrew Zack Lewis 80

12 Cod's Good Monsters? 87

13 A Sabbath Incomplete? Stina Busman Jost 94

14 Responding Theologically to Animal Ferocity and Suffering Grace K. Yao 97

15 A Response Ronald Osborn 106

Joerg Riecer & Kwok Pui-Lan Occupy Religion

16 A God of Justice or a God of the Status Quo? Helene Slessarev-Jamir 120

17 Ecotones and the Arts of Radical Ecclesia and Radical Democracy Romand Coles 126

18 Poetry and Pre-Occupied Religion: Thinking the Theology of the Multitude Amey Victoria Adkins 133

19 Love Covers a Multitude Fugene McCarraher 141

20 Searching for the Multitude in Occupy Religion Robyn Henderson-Espinoza 160

21 Theology at the Service of Humanity Kelly Johnson 165

22 A Response Joerg Rieger Kwok Pui-lan 172

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