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Sweet Island Life: The History of Cat Island

Sweet Island Life: The History of Cat Island


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Island life is so sweet. Growing up on the island is like a child's first glimpse of the stars at midnight. The Bahamas in the early sixties, seventies and eighties was a village bursting with excitement. You can tell by listening to the old folks reminiscing about the good old days. We went crabbing in the bush, climbing the coconut tree, picked sapodilla and coco plumbs from the wild and made pepper sauce from the garden in the back yard.
Yet we forget, the mouth-watering sea grapes and berries from the wild. Eating freshly baked potato bread with light brown spicy stew fish was a delight, especially on a Sunday morning. Learning the art of swimming in the pond and jumping from the rocky edge of ocean holes brought the family together with joy.
Living on the island was not a bed of roses for some families. There were tough times because the mail boat did not come to the island for more than two weeks sometimes. The island had no electricity nor water supply in settlements along the coast line. Life was simply primitive, but the ability to persevere as a people strengthen the spirit of hope.
The Bush Medicine kept the family healthy. You could not resist the smell of bush tea early in the mornings just before day break. Pain and discomfort at the end of the day depended primarily on your choice of bush medicine.
Going to school and learning the golden rules cannot be overlooked because it was our passport to a greater and successful future. Mama would say, "Come here boy! You think you bad. Wait until your Papa come, he will beat you bad".
Each settlement on the island, people came together for a common goal. Attending church three times on a Sunday was the way of life for the old and young. People of the religious faith joined their voices with hymns of praise that echoed from the valley to the rugged hills of Viage Green, the original name for the settlement of Dumfries. Anglicans, Baptists and Church of God parishioners celebrated joyously at festivals. Some of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my childhood life are connected in part to the stories you will read about. I hope you enjoy my vatae of life on Cat Island.

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Publication date: 06/23/2017
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