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Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz

Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz

by Lil' Boosie Lil' Boosie




Before it was released, Baton Rouge rapper Lil' Boosie explained that Superbad -- which on the spine adds the subtitle "The Return of Boosie Bad Azz" -- was recorded with the ladies in mind. He explained that women buy product and don't like any "static-ass-burnt CD," but skipping the sexism argument, it is worth noting that Superbad is glammed-out Boosie by design and not some major-label repackaging of a naturally gutter artist. When the opening "My Avenue" declares "All I want is my paper/I don't care what they say," the slick, Runners-produced track gives the album's motivation right off the top. The mixtape Boosie -- the darker and more vicious Boosie -- is still recognizable on hardcore tracks like "No Mercy" and "Pain" but the bitter "Bullsh*t" is more in line with the rest of the album as it turns disgust into a singalong chorus with a wicked hook. The sugary sweet ballad "Miss Kissin' on You" is the only true dud on this 16-track album which, with the help of some well-chosen guests and a handful of exciting B Real productions, always entertains. Even if it all comes off as something the equally whiney Webbie has done before, his Louisiana brother Boosie sounds like he wants it more, making this scrappy and crafty party album all the more magnetic. [Superbad was also made available in a clean version with all explicit material removed.]

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Product Details

Release Date: 09/15/2009
Label: Asylum Records
UPC: 0093624975380
catalogNumber: 519782


  1. My Avenue
  2. Top Notch
  3. Better Believe It
  4. Lawd Have Mercy
  5. I'm a Dog
  6. No Mercy
  7. Levis's
  8. Bulls**t
  9. Who Can Love U
  10. Miss Kissin' on You
  11. Pain
  12. Loose as a Goose
  13. Clips and Choppers
  14. Bank Roll
  15. Crayola
  16. Mind of a Maniac

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