Super Stitches Sewing: A Complete Guide to Machine-Sewing and Hand-Stitching Techniques

Super Stitches Sewing: A Complete Guide to Machine-Sewing and Hand-Stitching Techniques

by Nicole Vasbinder


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The Perfect Stitch for Every Project

Does your sewing machine come with lots of fancy stitches that you've never thought to try? This essential guide to machine and hand stitches will teach you how to use any and every stitch for professional-looking seams, hems, gathers, darts, and more. Unlock your full sewing potential with 57 machine stitches, 18 hand stitches, and tips to choose the correct needles, threads, and sewing machine accessories, complete with detailed step-by-step tutorials and illustrations.

This comprehensive stitch dictionary is a must-have companion for any sewer, whether you just bought your first sewing machine or you’re a seasoned expert looking to polish your skills. If your passion is dressmaking, tailoring, or simply mending your own clothes, Super Stitches Sewing gives you all of the information you need to make every project a success.

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ISBN-13: 9780770434793
Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed
Publication date: 03/18/2014
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 409,340
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

NICOLE VASBINDER has taught thousands of people the joy of sewing in classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. When she is not teaching sewing and design classes at her store, StitchCraft, in Petaluma, California, she designs Queen Puff Puff handbags and accessories. Nicole is the author of Sewing Machine Secrets and Sewing Solutions, and has contributed projects to many books and magazines including Vintage Craft Workshop and Button It Up. Visit her at

Table of Contents

How to use this book 7

Section 1 Machine Stitches

Straight stitch 10

Basting stitch 16

Zigzag stitch 18

Three-step zigzag stitch 22

Stem stitch 24

Triple straight stitch 26

Ric rac stitch 28

Straight blind hem stitch 30

Stretch blind hem stitch 32

Manual buttonhole 34

Automatic buttonhole 36

Rounded buttonhole 38

Keyhole buttonhole 39

Stretch buttonhole 40

Eyelet stitch 41

Bound buttonhole 42

Button stitch 44

Overcasting stitch 46

Stretch overedge stitch 48

Double overedge stitch 50

Closed overlock stitch 52

Slant pin stitch 54

Reverse overcast stitch 56

Shell stitch 58

Crescent stitch 62

Serpentine stitch 64

Fix stitch 66

Auto backtack stitch 67

Bartack stitch 68

Darning stitch 70

Honeycomb stitch 72

Cross-stitch 74

Walls of Troy stitch 76

Feather stitch 78

Fagoting stitch 80

Rampart stitch 82

Appliqué stitch 84

Reverse appliqué stitch 86

Asterisk stitch 88

Ladder stitch 90

Lattice stitch 92

Pin stitch 94

Double triangle stitch 96

Quilt stitch 98

Arrowhead stitch 100

Banner stitch 101

Bead stitch 102

Diamond stitch 103

Domino stitch 104

Decorative stitches 105

Section 2 Hand Stitches

Backtack 108

Backstitch 110

Running stitch 112

Basting stitch 114

Blanket stitch and buttonhole stitch 116

Overcast stitch 118

Whipstitch 120

Blind hem stitch 122

Slip stitch 124

Ladder stitch 126

Darning stitch 128

French tack 130

Bartack 132

Tailor's tack 134

Diagonal basting 136

Pad stitch 138

Prick stitch 140

Catch stitch 142

Section 3 Tools and Equipment

Hand needles 146

Machine needles 150

Thread 154

Presser feet 158

Computerized sewing machines 164

Mechanical sewing machines 166

Vintage sewing machines with cams 168

Glossary 170

Further reading 172

Index 174

Acknowledgments 176

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