Super Fly [Original Soundtrack]

Super Fly [Original Soundtrack]

by Curtis MayfieldCurtis Mayfield


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This 1972 funk monument, written, produced and performed by Curtis Mayfield, showed just how personal a soundtrack could be. The rueful, first-person street tales paint the film's characters in a more tender light than might ever have been expected. "Child Runnin' Wild," with its dramatic, swirling string arrangements, sets the stage. The funky propulsion of "Pusherman" moves the story forward, but midway through Mayfield employs his exquisite falsetto to bring a more sympathetic understanding to the character: "Been told I can't be nothin' else/Just a hustler in spite of myself." And the beautiful lament "Freddie's Dead" again brings a perspective and force of feeling generally foreign to movie soundtracks. The album's instrumentals, tracks like "Junkie Chase" and "Think," have had their elements stripped over the years and turned into clichés, but here the originals still burst with power and show off Mayfield's skills as an arranger. Add it all up -- masterful songwriting, gritty funk, and socially conscious lyrics that are more nuanced than the exploitative movie that they're based on -- and you have as fine a soundtrack as has ever been recorded.

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Release Date: 07/20/1999
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227580322
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