Summer Of Love: Gold

Summer Of Love: Gold



The summer of 1967, the so-called Summer of Love, was just that, a brief, flowery explosion that signaled a pronounced shift in social, political, and cultural priorities. The duration was short, lasting just nine months even by the most liberal estimates, from the first Human Be-In in San Francisco in January of 1967 through to the ceremonial "Death of the Hippie" event in the same city that following October. Musically, the opening salvo was the release of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's in June of 1967, an album that created an almost impossible-to-match template for rock music. Seemingly overnight, AM radio was filled with psychedelic-laced pop singles full of vocal and instrument phasing, odd sound effects, and attempts at expansive lyrics and themes. It's impossible to imagine a song like Procol Harum's bizarre and dirge-like "A Whiter Shade of Pale" making the pop charts without Sgt. Pepper's first paving the way, for instance, and songs like the Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints" would most likely never even have been written. Unfortunately, nothing by the Beatles is included in this two-disc set devoted to the music of the Summer of Love, undoubtedly due to licensing problems (make no mistake, this new expansive pop music was marketed every bit as much as bubblegum was -- nothing happens in the music business for free and without spread sheets), and a fair amount of what is here actually hails from 1966 (the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," the Seeds' "Pushin' Too Hard," the Monkees' "I'm a Believer," the Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"), so this collection really isn't a carefully assembled archival survey of the music from that singular summer at all. That doesn't mean it isn't fun and interesting, but it also doesn't make for a historically accurate document. In the end, of course, love didn't conquer all, and war, hate, greed, racism, and the other insistent scourges of the human spirit remained to torment us all, but for a brief moment there, in the warmth of the sun in the summer of 1967, there was the illusion that everything would be different.

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Release Date: 07/24/2007
Label: Hip-O Records
UPC: 0602517389885
catalogNumber: 000936702

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Phil Ochs   Composer
P.F. Sloan   Producer,Audio Production
Neil Diamond   Composer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Janis Ian   Composer
Kooper   Composer
Otis Redding   Composer
Brian Wilson   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Steve Winwood   Composer
John Weider   Composer
Sky Saxon   Composer
Gary Brooker   Composer
Terry Cashman   Composer
John Phillips   Composer,Audio Production
Michelle Phillips   Composer
Bob Crewe   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Danny McCulloch   Composer
Jimmy Wisner   Arranger
Ruthann Friedman   Composer
Jimmy Miller   Producer,Audio Production
Mark Abramson   Producer,Audio Production
Lou Adler   Producer,Audio Production
Steve Barri   Producer,Audio Production
Jeff Barry   Producer,Audio Production
Bert Berns   Producer,Audio Production
Chris Blackwell   Producer,Audio Production
Vic Briggs   Arranger,Composer
Samuel Charters   Producer,Audio Production
Denny Cordell   Producer,Audio Production
Ritchie Cordell   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
John Court   Producer,Audio Production
B.B. Cunningham   Composer
Lamont Dozier   Composer
Tim Gilbert   Composer
Alan Gordon   Composer
Vinny Gormann   Composer
David Hassinger   Producer,Audio Production
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer
Jac Holzman   Producer,Audio Production
Bones Howe   Producer,Audio Production
Rick Jarrard   Producer,Audio Production
Barry Jenkins   Composer
Jerry Kasenetz   Producer,Audio Production
Jeff Katz   Producer,Audio Production
Country Joe McDonald   Composer
Huey P. Meaux   Producer,Audio Production
Tony Michaels   Composer
Van Morrison   Composer
George "Shadow" Morton   Producer,Audio Production
Gene Pistilli   Composer
Art Polhemus   Producer,Audio Production
Keith Reid   Composer
Joe Saraceno   Producer,Audio Production
Ralph Scala   Composer
David Shapiro   Composer
Frank Slay   Audio Production
Darby Slick   Composer
Jerry Wexler   Producer,Audio Production
Tom Wilson   Producer,Audio Production
Joseph Wissert   Producer,Audio Production
Stevie Wonder   Composer
Bob Wyld   Producer,Audio Production
Marcus Tybalt   Producer,Audio Production
Sylvia Moy   Composer
Lee Diamond   Composer
Nancie Mantz   Composer
Elliot Chiprut   Producer,Audio Production
Henry Crosby   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
George David   Arranger
Annette Tucker   Composer
Pat Lawrence   Executive Producer
Bo Gentry   Producer,Audio Production
Bill Holmes   Producer
Lula Mae Hardaway   Composer
Ronald Gilbert   Composer
Ryan Null   Photo Coordination
Scott Schinder   Liner Notes
Gary McEwen   Composer
Johnny Phillips   Producer
Bill Holmes   Audio Production
Nola Leone   Arranger
Frank Saly   Producer
Jerry Ross   Producer,Audio Production

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