Summary of The Murderer?s Daughter: A Novel by Jonathan Kellerman Summary & Analysis

Summary of The Murderer?s Daughter: A Novel by Jonathan Kellerman Summary & Analysis

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What exactly shapes us into the person we become? And what might have happened differently? These are the questions that lie at the heart of Jonathan Kellerman's latest novel featuring the intriguing and multi-faceted Dr. Grace Blades. This book takes a hard look at the shattering effects of trauma, and what it takes for people to rebuild themselves.
Grace was five years old when she watched her parents die in a gruesome murder-suicide. Nearly thirty years later, she has become widely known as an expert psychologist specializing in the treatment of those she calls the Haunted: victims of horrifying trauma. Grace is respected as compassionate and dedicated healer, but she has a secret side - a dark addiction to danger and adrenaline.
Grace believes that both her clandestine habits and tormented past are well-concealed - until one day her personal and professional lives collide. Suddenly Grace finds herself being hunted by someone she never expected to see again. Struggling to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, Grace must dig deep into her own haunted memories to understand what is happening and why. What she manages to uncover is terrifying: an evil is rising, and she may be the only one who can see it coming.
There are two main narrative paths in this novel - the backstory of Grace growing up, and the murder mystery unfolding in the present. The book is full of twists, turns and thrilling subversions of thriller tropes. However, readers may find the back-and-forth nature of the plot confusing, and the two narratives do not complement each other as strongly as they could. Nonetheless, while The Murderer's Daughter might have its shortcomings as a standalone novel, it is flawless as an introduction to the captivating Grace Blades. Readers will be left wanting more of her.

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