Summary of Sam Walton: (Made In America) by Sam Walton Summary & Analysis

Summary of Sam Walton: (Made In America) by Sam Walton Summary & Analysis

by aBookaDay


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This book is a summary of the full version book "Made in America" by Sam Walton. This quick read version will be great for when you are perhaps traveling and you do not want something that is too long to read. This book will give you a short version of how Sam Walton the head of the Wal-Mart empire started out in the business of retail and what he did to become so successful at it.

Why Should I download this book? You should consider downloading this book if you are someone that is looking to get into or are already in the retail business. In this book you will read about some of the things that Sam Walton did in order to be successful in retail. You may just be interested in learning a bit about the history of Wal-Martand where it originated from.

This is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • increase profit by lowering your prices
  • how to develop a franchise
  • how to work as a team player keeping associates motivated
  • ways to keeps sales increasing and running at a profit

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