Sugar Gliders Handling: Sugar Glider Behavior

Sugar Gliders Handling: Sugar Glider Behavior

by Arthur Gibbons

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This book has different behaviors that sugar gliders do to each other and to us humans. Also has a variety of sounds and their definitions. Do you want to pick up your baby/adult sugar glider, then this is the book for you. It has ten different ways or variations on how to pick up a sugar glider from the cage or when out of cage. Also has various methods of how to handle and getting a sugar glider out of a sleeping pouch or nest box. Your purchase will help us to continue our hands on research of sugar gliders bonding, handling, and their behaviors. Not just that they are all different but to put a reason or why they bite, nip, groom, and scent mark us. There also is a link to videos of some of the behaviors and handling methods. We also have a bonding book that has various bonding methods that we use to tame our pet sugar gliders, So the purchase of that book will also help you and your sugar glider as well as our research.

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