Success in the 21st Century: What do we tell the kids?

Success in the 21st Century: What do we tell the kids?

by W. Michael Allen


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This book is a parent's guide for helping kids succeed. Have you ever wondered what to tell your kids about the world today? With all of the forces impacting us, understanding the situation is a bit complicated. Things like globalization, outsourcing, offshoring, the 2008 financial crisis, dire future trends, and managing personal finance all impact their chances.
Are you worried that the world is going to heck in the preverbal hand basket. Now with this book, you have a definitive go to resource - the bottom line on success, presented in an easy to understand summary.
The good news is that in many cases, things are not as bad as you might think. The bad news is that for a few future trends, things are worse than you ever imaged. Don't despair it is not time to surrender, you can exploit some niche or some aspect of these dire trends - you were right when you began to feel that the complexities and overall situation for our kids is dangerously perched. They will need more focus than our generation had to achieve similar results. They will need to be driven from within to achieve greatness.
This book provides more than classic success advice. It takes a look at the forces which in the recent past have impacted our plans for success and takes a peak at what today's visionaries are saying about future trends. Taking the past, present and future into account will provide an advantage when planning for a career and life in today's world.

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Publication date: 09/07/2011
Pages: 154
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About the Author

W. Michael Allen -After more than 30 years as an indentured servant Mike left corporate America in 2008 and has never looked back. He doesn't miss the 12 hour days, the hectic worldwide travel, the back to back meetings conducted all day and in the wee hours of the night to accommodate the global time differences and the most hated of all, the constant barrage of eMail. Just how do you answer 100 eMails a day with five minutes between meetings? One would think managing data centers would be pretty straight forward, keep the machines running with the highest reliability and lowest cost possible. Well corporate America is always about the next big program, enlighten and empower employees this week, right size and eliminate them next week. Don't forget while you have them on the hot seat to write up a useless performance review to keep HR happy. That career had it's moments of fun and great people to work with but ended with over 10 years of outsourcing and offshoring and dealing with a lot of very stressed out employees.
Luckily Mike honed his writing skills on hundreds of technical project proposals and became adept at making a complex subject accessible to everyone. Today he tickles the keys of a laptop hoping to make a literary contribution, while watching the waves lap the shore and enjoying a post card perfect view.
He is now retired and when not golfing, he writes and speaks on success and future trends. Residing once again in northern Michigan he enjoys life with his wife (and editor) Rhonda.

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