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Stuff Hipsters Hate: A Field Guide to the Passionate Opinions of the Indifferent

Stuff Hipsters Hate: A Field Guide to the Passionate Opinions of the Indifferent

by Brenna Ehrlich, Andrea Bartz

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"Depressingly astute."

--The New Yorker

"Wickedly funny."

--The Frisky

From the dive bars of Brooklyn's Williamsburg to the dirty alleys of San Francisco's Mission, the urban hipster has redefined American cool with a sighing disdain for everything mainstream. Hipsters are easily identified by their worn-out shoes, fixies and PBR tallboys, but until now no one had investigated beyond the hipster look to the even more hilarious hipster psyche. With personally researched articles, revealing illustrations and helpful charts and graphs, Stuff Hipsters Hate exposes the bottomless well of impassioned scorn that motivates the ever-apathetic hipster, including:


♦buying you a drink


♦texting back in a timely fashion


♦high heels


♦being asked about their tattoos


♦full-time jobs

♦knowing their bank balance


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ISBN-13: 9781569758908
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Series: Day Hike!
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Brenna Ehrlich works as a news editor and blogger for Andrea Bartz is an editor at Psychology Today and has written for Money magazine,, Heeb, and an array of alternative weeklies.

Read an Excerpt

Stuff Hipsters Hate: Being Conventionally Attractive

In the hipster world, being hot is a lot less important than being “interesting-looking.” While a dude with close-cropped hair, a chiseled jaw and a swimmer’s physique may be a prime physical specimen to the rest of society, to a hipster he’s pretty much a nonentity. Let us suppose that people only really take note of the members of the opposite sex that they find attractive, rendering the rest of society invisible: When a hipster walks into, say, Abercrombie&Fitch, it is as if she is walking into a room bereft of humanity, filled only with douchey clothing. In order to make oneself visible, and therefore sexually viable to a hipster girl, one must find a way in which to distinguish oneself from the cellophane crowd.
Really, it’s simple mathematics.

Take one attractive man and add one (or all) of the following:
A mullet
Over-sized, “nerd” glasses
A coloring book of half-finished tattoos
Fucked-up orthodontia (there’s a reason Death Cab For Cutie has a whole fucking song called “Crooked Teeth”)
An anachronistic ‘stache
And what do you get? Tragically marred beauty. And there’s nothing hipsters love more than tragedy.

Note: This method can also save out-right ugly dudes from living the celibate life. It’s amazing what a well-placed tat and some camouflaging facial hair can do for a guy who would otherwise be spending his Saturday nights watching My So-Called Life next to a box of tissues…for the tears…

Table of Contents

1. Mating
2. Apparel
3. Money and work
4. Social habits
5. Grooming
6. Habitat
7. Music and entertainment
8. Amenities
9. Theology and beliefs

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