Strong Hand of Love: A Tribute to Mark Heard

Strong Hand of Love: A Tribute to Mark Heard



The brilliant Christian folk singer/songwriter Mark Heard died tragically at the age of 40 after suffering a heart attack during a concert on July 4, 1992. The most riveting moments in Strong Hand of Love, the memorial video released to support the tribute CD by the same title, come in excerpts from the final performance. The actual heart attack reportedly occurred some time during the concert, but the videotaped footage of the show's finale "Look Over Your Shoulder" reveals that Heard never interrupted or diminished his passionate performance. "He did an amazing show," remembers singer Pierce Pettis in one of the many celebrity interviews contained in the video. "He was in the back room [after the concert] and people were still stomping and cheering. I said 'Mark, I think they want an encore.' He said, 'You do it.'" Heard went into a coma for seven weeks before passing away, leaving his wife and two children with $80,000 in unpaid hospital bills. Heard's friends and colleagues organized a benefit concert and marketed the accompanying CD and video to raise money for his family. The Strong Hand of Love video clearly expresses the depth of the love and respect felt for Heard by his contemporaries, including tributes by artists like Pettis, Bruce Cockburn, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Vigilantes of Love, and Julie & Buddy Miller. But for all of its compassion and heart, it fails to live up to the standard of excellence Heard exacted and deserves. Excerpts from the tribute concert appear to have been taped in a two-camera shoot that results in long, static shots of the stage. Interviews and songs are interspliced in a ragged sequence that sometimes baffles the viewer. At one point, Cockburn's cover of "Strong Hand of Love" plays softly in the background while he discusses Heard's songwriting talents. But instead of cutting to footage of Cockburn's performance at the concert, the song is cut off abruptly in the middle of the interview. The tape's conclusion is equally jarring, following moving testimonials by Heard's friends with the video for "Is it Any Wonder?," one of the peppiest songs from the singer's brief stint in the '80s as the Christian pop artist Ideola. But despite these blunders, the video has many moments of transcendent beauty, thanks in large part to Heard's radiant poetry. The artist's untimely passing adds bitter poignancy to "Nod Over Coffee": "The dam of time cannot hold back/ the dust that will come of these bones/And I'm sure I will not have loved enough/Could never love enough," -- perhaps not. But Heard was certainly loved.

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Release Date: 08/09/1994
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074645787022
catalogNumber: 57870

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Heard   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Drums
Pierce Pettis   Vocals,Track Performer
Choir   Track Performer
Phil Keaggy   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Rich Mullins   Vocals,Track Performer
Randy Stonehill   Track Performer
Chagall Guevara   Track Performer
Ashley Cleveland   Vocals,Background Vocals,Track Performer
Bruce Cockburn   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Vigilantes of Love   Track Performer
Victoria Williams   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
John Jorgenson   Musician
Arlen Roth   Guitar
Judson Spence   Background Vocals
Kate Taylor   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Rick Elias   Guitar
Dave Perkins   Guitar,Harmonica,Piano,Background Vocals
Eric Darken   Percussion
dc Talk   Track Performer
Tonio K.   Vocals,Track Performer
Mark Baldwin   Guitar
Bruce Carroll   Vocals,Track Performer
Linda Elias   Background Vocals
Julie Miller   Vocals,Background Vocals,Track Performer
Jimmy A.   Guitar
Michael Been   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Richard Bennett   Guitar
Robbie Buchanan   Keyboards,Hammond Organ
Newton Carter   Guitar
Tim Chandler   Bass
Todd Collins   Percussion,Drums,Keyboards
Chad Cromwell   Percussion,Drums
Tom Ferrier   Guitar
Tony Garnier   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Kenny Greenberg   Guitar
Ken Greer   Pedal Steel Guitar
Don Heffington   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
David Hidalgo   Guitar
Steve Hindalong   Percussion,Drums
Jim Hoke   Bass Harmonica
James Hollihan   Guitar
Tom Howard   Musician
Wade Jaynes   Bass
Booker T. Jones   Keyboards,Hammond Organ
David LaBruyere   Bass
Lee Lundgren   Keyboards
Bill Mallonee   Vocals
Chris McHugh   Drums
Travis Aaron McNabb   Percussion,Drums
Mike Mead   Percussion,Drums
Michael Mellett   Background Vocals
Buddy Miller   Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Track Performer
David Miner   Bass,Piano,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Acoustic Bass
Rob Mitchell   Percussion,Drums
Scott Musick   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Lynn Nichols   Guitar,Background Vocals
David Raven   Percussion,Drums
Michael Rhodes   Bass
Tammy Rogers   Viola,Background Vocals
Dan Russell   Vocals,Background Vocals
Joel Russell   Background Vocals
Jim Scott   Background Vocals
Michael Sloski   Percussion,Drums
Kevin Breit   Guitar
Tom Hambridge   Drums,Background Vocals
Ralph Patlan   Guitar
Derri Daugherty   Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Max Smith   Vocals
Steve "Steev" Taylor   Vocals
Daniel O'Lannerghty   Bass

Technical Credits

Bruce Cockburn   Producer
Victoria Williams   Producer
Dave Perkins   Producer
Julie Miller   Producer
Michael Alvord   Engineer
Reed Arvin   Producer
Joe Baldridge   Producer,Engineer
Michael Been   Producer
Todd Collins   Arranger,Programming
Keith Compton   Engineer
Kenny Greenberg   Producer
Dave Hackbarth   Engineer
Steve Hindalong   Producer
Joel Jaffe   Engineer
Tom Laune   Engineer
Chuck Long   Executive Producer
Buddy Miller   Engineer
David Miner   Producer
L. Arthur Nichols   Producer
Lynn Nichols   Producer
Scott Petito   Producer,Engineer
Jack Joseph Puig   Engineer
Dan Russell   Producer
Joel Russell   Art Direction
Joe Schiff   Engineer
Keith Wechsler   Engineer
Jim Wirt   Engineer
Russ Long   Engineer
Carmen Barry   Engineer
Gotee Brothers   Producer
Derri Daugherty   Producer
Wally Wilson   Producer

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