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Winter Born by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Two enemy Were-Panthers discover that fate has destined they become lovers. Pandora must learn to trust Dante's foreign nature. But as she slowly succumbs to the truest passion she has ever known, dark forces have already set out to reclaim her...

Born of the Night by Amanda Ashley
When Lady Shanara Montiori is taken hostage, she learns that the rumors about her captor are true. Lord Reyes is afflicted with the dark curse of the werewolf. Still, Shanara can't fight the attraction they both feel. Will their love break the curse-or feed its powerful hold?

Make It Last Forever by L. A. Banks
An innocent mistake forces the beautiful Tara onto a mission to save herself from the dark fate that awaits her. Salvation comes in the form of a seductive biker with a heart of gold. But will surrendering to their ripe attraction unleash a danger even she cannot control?

Red Moon Rising by Lori Handeland
Novelist Maya Alexander's peace is shattered when she is stalked by a Navaho skinwalker who has taken on the guise of a wolf. Her only hope is the mysterious Clay Philips. In his arms, she seeks protection-but as the red moon rises, no one is safe from the danger that lurks nearby...

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ISBN-13: 9781429906166
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/01/2010
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 328,521
File size: 440 KB

About the Author

In the past two years, New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon has claimed the #1 spot twelve times, and since 2004, she has placed more than 50 novels on the New York Times list. This extraordinary bestseller continues to top every genre she writes. With more than 23 million copies of her books in print in over 30 countries, her current series include: The Dark-Hunters, The League, Lords of Avalon, BAD Agency, Chronicles of Nick and Nevermore. A preeminent voice in paranormal fiction, Kenyon helped pioneer and define the current paranormal trend that has captivated the world. She lives with her husband, three sons, a menagerie of animals and a collection of swords.

Amanda Ashley is the author of paranormal romances including Everlasting Kiss, A Darker Dream, Embrace the Night and Everlasting Desire.

L. A. Banks is the author of the Vampire Huntress Legend series and the Crimson Moon Novels, including Left for Undead and Never Cry Werewolf. She had a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and a master's in fine arts from Temple University. Banks considered herself a shape-shifter. She wrote romance, women's fiction, crime and suspense, and of course, dark vampire huntress lore. She lived with her daughter in an undisclosed lair somewhere in Philadelphia.

Lori Handeland is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Nightcreature Novels, including Moon Cursed and Crave the Moon, as well as The Phoenix Chronicles and Shakespeare Undead. She is the recipient of many industry awards, including two RITA awards, a Romantic Times Award for Best Harlequin Superromance, and the Prism Award from Romance Writers of America. She lives in Wisconsin with her family and a yellow lab named Ellwood.

New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular in the #1 spot. This extraordinary bestseller continues to top every genre in which she writes, including manga and graphic novels. More than 70 million copies of her books are in print in more than one hundred countries. Her current series include The Dark-Hunters, The League, Deadman's Cross, Chronicles of Nick, Hellchasers, Mikrochasers, and The Lords of Avalon. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures.
Amanda Ashley is the author of paranormal romances including Everlasting Kiss, A Darker Dream, Embrace the Night and Everlasting Desire. She contributed to Midnight Pleasures and Stroke of Midnight from St. Martin's Press.
L. A. BANKS was the author of the Vampire Huntress Legend series and the Crimson Moon Novels, including Left for Undead and Never Cry Werewolf. She had a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and a master's in fine arts from Temple University. Banks considered herself a shape-shifter, writing romance, women's fiction, crime and suspense, and of course, dark vampire huntress lore. She lived with her daughter in Philadelphia until her death in 2011.
Lori Handeland is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Nightcreature Novels, including Moon Cursed and Crave the Moon, as well as The Phoenix Chronicles and Shakespeare Undead. She is the recipient of many industry awards, including two RITA awards, a Romantic Times Award for Best Harlequin Superromance, and the Prism Award from Romance Writers of America. She lives in Wisconsin with her family and a yellow lab named Ellwood.

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Stroke of Midnight

By Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, L. A. Banks, Lori Handeland

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2004 Sherrilyn Kenyon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-0616-6


Dante Pontis wasn't the most patient of creatures. And his patience was quickly running out.

He'd been trapped in a limo from Hartsfield Airport to the hotel with his brothers, Mike and Leo, as they bitched and moaned over the fact that Dante had forced the two young panthers to fly coach from Minnesota to Atlanta while he and Romeo had simply "flashed" themselves here.

And all because the last time he and Romeo had psychically transported the twins somewhere, they had caused such a scene on arrival that they'd almost gotten busted by the humans.

Dragon Con was far too crowded to take a chance on the four of them "appearing" before so many witnesses.

The key to Were-Hunter survival was to blend in with the humans, not scare the shit out of them.

"You know," Romeo said to them, "you're both lucky I wouldn't let Dante trank you and send you over in a cage. It's what he wanted to do."

"You dick," Leo snarled at Dante as he raked him with a repugnant glare. At six feet four, the panther was still growing and would probably equal Dante's height of six feet six in the next decade or so.

Leo and Mike were identical twins whom Dante had raised after their mother had abandoned them on their father's doorstep. It was typical Were-Panther behavior. The women would mate with the men, get pregnant, then leave the cubs for the men to raise while the women prowled around unfettered.

If the cubs were daughters, they would remain in the male-dominated pack until puberty, which struck them around the age of twenty-four. Then all the "seasoning" female cubs would form their own group and leave to search for mates.

In the last two hundred years, Dante and Romeo had raised a large number of cubs, since their father was famous for dumping his litters on them and heading for the hills.

Like Dante, the twins had wavy black hair and tawny Italian skin when in human form.

Unlike him, they were only sixty years old, which in their life span made them practically children.

And they acted it.

It was time to either kill them or get away from them. Since Romeo was still rather bent over the fact that Dante had killed off their brother Salvatore for betraying them, Dante decided it would be best to get to his room before Leo and Mike joined Salvatore as skins on the wall at his club.

"I don't understand why I have to share a room with Leo," Mike snarled. "He snores."

"I do not. Besides, you whistle when you sleep."

"No I don't."

Dante passed an irritated look at Romeo. "Why are they here?"

"To get women," Mike said.

Romeo ignored him. "You were afraid to leave them alone at the Inferno without me. The last time you did that, they damn near burned the place down."

Dante expelled a disgusted breath. "And why can't I kill them again?"

"You would miss them."

Yeah, right. Dante snorted at that as he handed off the card key to Leo and Mike.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," Leo said as he examined it. "These aren't concierge level."

Dante gave him a bored stare.

"Are you concierge?" Leo asked Romeo.


"Why aren't we concierge?" Mike asked Dante.

Dante crossed his arms over his chest. "Because you're unworthy."

Mike opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, a trace of a scent washed over all three of them instantaneously.

Dante went rigid as every hormone in his body suddenly became activated and sizzled. Against his will, he found himself turning around and scanning the crowd in the hotel lobby.

He smelled a virgin pantheress in heat.

They all did.

The scent was unmistakable. It was warm and sweet. Feminine and innocent. Succulent. Inviting. And it made him salivate for a taste of her. His panther sight dimmed as it scanned the females present and detected none of his kind.

"Where is she?" Leo said, his voice ragged as if he were having a hard time holding himself back.

"Too many humans here to tell," Mike said as he tilted his head back to sniff the air. "They have her scent moving in multiple directions."

Dante passed a look to Romeo, who was staring up at the elevator. He turned to stare as well, and saw no one but Darth Vader.

"Did you see her?" he asked.

Romeo shook his head. "Sorry. I was mesmerized by the naked green alien."

"Arrr," Mike snarled. "You're worthless, Romeo. What kind of panther gets fixed on an alien when there's a virgin pantheress in heat?"

"A mated one," Romeo shot back. "Unlike you losers, my hormones are contained."

Dante sniffed and shook his head to clear it of her scent before his animal hormones relegated him to the same childish antics as his twin brothers. "Yeah, and I want to keep mine that way. Frick and Frack, you're on panther patrol. Find her and keep her far away from me."

Mike and Leo exchanged evil grins before they bolted into the crowd.

Dante rolled his eyes at their haste. There were times when they really were losers.

"Aren't you the least bit interested?" Romeo asked as they headed for the elevators. "It's not every day we run across a virgin panther."

"Hell, no. I'll stick to humans. The last thing I want is a mate who'll cruise into my life once a year, screw my brains out for two days, then run off until she delivers my litter to me to raise without her. No offense, being you and Dad sucks and I've raised enough siblings to never want to raise my own young without the benefit of a mate."

Romeo laughed. "Yeah, but for the record, it's one helluva two days."

Dante shook his head at him. "You can have it. I'd rather take my pleasure where and when I find it."

He entered the elevator, then paused as he realized Romeo wasn't joining him.

"I'll catch you later," he said.

"You sure?"

Romeo nodded.

"All right." Dante got in and pushed the button for his floor. He stepped back against the glass and did his best to bring his body back under control.

But it was hard.

Every animal instinct he possessed demanded that he stalk this hotel until he located the female.

Since he was a Katagari Were-Hunter, the need to copulate with her was almost overwhelming. Katagaria were animals who could take human form, but at the end of the day, they were animals and not humans. Their animal half ran roughshod over their human sensibilities and it was the animal heart inside them that ruled them and their actions.

What he needed was some time in his room where he could take his animal form and put the female out of his mind.

He was old enough to be able to curtail his nature. To control it. He wasn't about to let any woman have control over him.

Especially not a pantheress.

Pandora fumbled with her key card as she struggled to open her door.

What was she going to do? The man in her elevator wasn't Acheron. And those had been panther males down there. If they caught another whiff of her ...

She was doomed. There was no way the animal inside her would refuse a virile male. She was in heat and the need to mate reigned supreme inside her. If any male came near her who her animal self sensed could possibly impregnate her, she would throw herself at him.

Around humans, that impulse was controllable. The chances of a human male being her mate were almost impossible. So the animal inside her might be curious and enticed, but it would stand down to her human rationale.

Around a Were-Panther, that animal need wouldn't listen to reason. It would pounce for a taste of the male.

She would have no control!

A shadow fell over her.

Pandora squeaked and jumped back as she looked up to see one of the men she'd seen downstairs. This close to him, she couldn't mistake his Panthiras attributes.

His scent was undeniable.

He was lean and powerful in human form. Deadly. His handsomeness would guarantee him any female who caught his interest ... even her own feminine senses reacted to him, but not so much that she couldn't fight him.

Even more frightening than his innate feral masculinity, his scent was Katagaria — the animal branch of their species — while she was Arcadian, the human branch.

Letting go of her room card, she crouched to attack and was amazed that the animal inside her wasn't leaping out to mate with him.

"It's okay," he said quickly. "I've got good news and bad news for you."

"And that is?"

He held his hand up so that she could see the geometric mark on his palm. At least that explained why she could resist the urge to copulate with him. "I'm mated so you're completely safe from me."

Pandora still wasn't ready to trust him, but at least as a mated panther, he wouldn't be able to have sex with her. Once a Were-Panther male was mated, he was impotent around any female other than his "wife." "I take it that's the good news?"

He nodded.

"And the bad?"

"I'm here with three brothers who aren't."

She started to bolt.

"No, no," he said, reaching out to take her hand. He pulled back before he did. "Don't be afraid of me. I really mean you no harm, okay? I have ten daughters myself and I understand your fear."

She still wasn't ready to trust that he wouldn't take her to his brothers for their enjoyment. That was what the ones seeking her would do and she had no intention of becoming a community toy for every unmated male in their pack. "What do you want?"

"Believe it or not, I'm going to help you."

She chose not to believe that. At least not yet. "Why would you do that?"

"Because of my daughters," he said sincerely. "You're just a baby and I don't trust Leo or Mike not to hurt you. They wouldn't do it on purpose, but they're young too and not real good at holding back. No doubt they'd both pounce on you at once and who knows what they might inadvertently do."

And that was exactly what she was afraid of. "That's only two brothers. What of the third?"

"Dante's different. Honestly, you'd be lucky to find someone like him for your first. He's a selfish bastard who doesn't like to share much of anything with anyone and he'd make sure no one else touched you while you were with him."

But his brother was still an animal and she had no interest in taking a Katagari lover.

"Is that supposed to comfort me?" she asked.

He shook his head. "No, but don't worry. Dante's a lot older than they are and, lucky for you, he doesn't want a mate. He plans to stay far away from you so I can keep him off you by simply telling him where you are."

Pandora calmed a degree. He was telling her the truth, she could sense it. One of the good things about being part animal was that she knew whenever someone was lying to her.

"Okay," she said slowly. "Thank you for your offer to help. I don't want a Katagari to touch me."

His nostrils flared at that.

She stiffened. "You said it yourself. You get carried away and you hurt us. My older sister was killed by a pack of Katagaria males who snapped her neck while attempting to mate with her when she was my age. I'm barely twenty-four. I don't want to die. Not like that."

That seemed to calm him down. He bent over and retrieved her card from the floor. "Get me something with your scent on it so I can spread it around and keep Leo and Mike away from you."

Pandora nodded, then opened the door to her room. She went to her suitcase and pulled out the T-shirt she slept in.

"Do you know Acheron Parthenopaeus?" she asked as she handed it to him.

"Yes, why?"

"I was told to find him. My surviving sister said that he could help me get home again."

The panther frowned at her. "I don't understand. Why didn't you go home on your own?"

She sighed as frustration filled her. How she wished it were that simple. If she were an older pantheress, she could easily find her own way home, but her kind didn't get all their psychic abilities until after their first mating.

Even then her powers would have to be trained and honed so that she could wield them. That was something that could take decades, if not centuries, to master.

"I was kidnapped from the future by a group of Katagaria panthers and brought to this time period against my will. Unfortunately, my powers are just starting and I have no control over them or any way home on my own until I master them. The last thing I want is to overshoot my time period or end up with the dinosaurs."

He looked at her suspiciously. "I still don't understand why they took you. Why go to the future for a mate when there are plenty of packs here?"

She clenched her fists at that. "It's some stupid pact my pack made with theirs. Since we seem to have an abundance of females, my pack agreed to sacrifice a number of females every generation from certain families so that the Katagaria panthers would leave the rest of the pack alone. Every time one of the winter born females in the chosen families starts to season, the same pack comes to our home and brings us to their time period to mate with them. They don't want Katagaria females since they won't stay and raise their young. They keep us instead and use us as slaves. My one surviving sister helped me to escape after they brought me here before they could induct me into their pack. She sent me to Atlanta to find Acheron. She said he could return me to my time period."

"How does she know Acheron?"

Pandora ached at the thought that she would benefit from her sister's misery. "Before she was mated to one of their males and had her own children, she was trying to escape their pack. One night, she overheard some of the Katagaria talking about a Dark-Hunter named Acheron, and after they went to sleep, she searched for him online. By the time she found out enough information to locate him, she was pregnant and couldn't leave her children behind, so she gave her information to me once they brought me over."

"Hell of a sister you have there."

"Yes," Pandora agreed. "She's the best sister in the world and I would give anything if I could help her too."

The panther stepped back with a sigh, then started for the door.

She took his arm to keep him from leaving as another thought occurred to her. "Could you help me get home?"

He shook his head. "My powers aren't quite that strong. If I wanted to take anyone other than myself across time, I would have to wait for the full moon. The only one in my pack who could do it without waiting is Dante and if you get near him —"

"I'll attack him for sex."

He nodded.


At least all wasn't lost though. "But you do know Acheron, right? Will he help me?"

"I don't know. He's strange sometimes and no one ever knows how he's going to react or what he's going to do or say. But you can always ask. The best thing is for you to stay here in your room where Mike and Leo hopefully can't find you — like I said, they're young and aren't as experienced at tracking prey. I'll spread your scent around to keep them off you. Once I've got them occupied, I'll bring Ash to you. Okay?"

It was more than okay. It was great. She'd never thought to find a Katagari male who could be so kind.

"Thank you." As he moved away, Pandora stopped him again. "Really, thank you."

He offered her a kind, fatherly smile and patted her hand. "Animals protect their own. I'm doing this to help my brothers as much as I'm doing it to help you. If they were to hurt you, they'd never forgive themselves, and I'd have to listen to them lament for eternity."

Releasing her, he moved to the door and left the room.

Pandora took a deep breath, and for the first time since she'd been stolen from her people, she began to relax a little.

Now all she had to do was stay put until he returned.

But that wasn't as easy as it would normally be. The female in her that was just entering womanhood was all too aware of the fact that there were three unmated panthers at the hotel.

That alien and new part of her wanted with a vengeance the mating ritual that would induct her into adulthood.

It craved it.

For an Arcadian, the ritual was simple. Had she stayed at home, she would have chosen an elder panther from her pack to gently introduce her to the animal side of herself. Once he unlocked her full powers by copulating with her, he would have taught her how to shift from human to panther and how to protect herself and use her newborn powers.

The Katagaria were completely different. She'd heard the horror stories directly from her sister Sefia. They took their nearas — virgin females who were cresting — and allowed every unmated male of the pack to have sex with her to see if she was the mate to one of them.

They would use her without mercy until all their males were fully sated.

Her sister Sefia had been one of the lucky ones. On the night they had deflowered her, Sefia had been mated to a Katagari panther who had then decided to keep her more as a pet than a mate.

Katagaria females left their mates once they were out of heat, and only returned whenever they were in season. If a male tried to mate with a Katagari female when she wasn't in heat, she would attack and possibly kill him.

Once their season passed, the Katagaria females left their males and stayed with their sisters to travel about until their next fertile cycle. If the female became pregnant, she'd birth her young among her sisters, and as soon as the cubs were weaned, she would take them to the father to raise.


Excerpted from Stroke of Midnight by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, L. A. Banks, Lori Handeland. Copyright © 2004 Sherrilyn Kenyon. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Stroke of Midnight 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 98 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
¿Winter Born¿ by Sherrilyn Kenyon. At the Atlanta based gala, were-panther Pandora seeks the help of Acheron as she is a bit frightened having left her pack for the first time. Pandora is a virgin in heat. Enemy pack were-panther Dante is drawn to Pandora, but he believes it is more than just her heat though she assumes it is a basic law of nature. How to prove otherwise is his problem until he realizes he must keep his soulmate safe from others of their kind.................... ¿Born of Night¿ by Amanda Ashley. Lord Reyes captures Lady Shanara. However, to both their respective chagrins they are attracted to one another, a taboo since her father wears the pelt of his father after killing him. Still could love be the impetus to end his family¿s werewolf curse?.................. ¿Make It Last Forever¿ by L.A. Banks. In 1979 a cursed Tara must leave Vegas to get help from her beloved Indian Nana in Arizona. On the bus she meets nomadic Jack. As they fall in love, weird happenings follow Tara due to the curse, but Jack led by his heart also follows Tara...................... ¿Red Moon Rising¿ by Lori Handeland. Just relocated from Chicago to Arizona, author Maya finds a Navaho skinwalker stalking her. Her only hope to survive her assailant is Clay, but she questions whose side he is on even as she falls in love with her only possible champion..................... The se four paranormal novellas are all terrific tales starring fully developed lead couples and delightful villains. At any time of day this is a winning anthology...................... Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think this is a good novel. I especially like the short story written by l.a. banks
KJPatterson More than 1 year ago
I bought this book for the Sherrilyn Kenyon short story and was not disappointed at all. It is a great short story and I just wished it was a bit longer. The story by Amanda Ashley was also just as good. I can't for the life of me remember the other 2 stories, but Kenyon's and Ashley's was worth the price of the book.
jshillingford on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I bought this book strictly for the Dark-Hunter story from Sherrilyn Kenyon, and that story was easily five stars. Pandora is an Arcadian Were Panther. She was sent to mate with and care for a Katagaria panther pack, but escapes. She is told Acheron may be able to help her get home, and she goes to Atlanta to track him down. And she finds him at Dragoncon. Now, to anyone who has never been to Dragoncon (or any convention), this story may not resonate as strongly. However, I have been there (and so has the author obviosuly) and the descriptions had me rolling! First off, Simi can walk around as herself because everyone thinks she is in costume. And Ash blends in just as well. These two characters are hands down Kenyons' greatest creations, and I cannot get enough of them. Still, the romance between Dante and Pandora was also excellent. It isn't often that the "hero" wants nothing to do with the woman!Overall, this story alone was worth the purchase. Highly recommended to D-H fans especially!
dmwmtgal on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Pandora and Dante were fun! I don't like the novellas as much..they're too short and I would have liked to see the story develop more. I liked Dante in Sins of the Night, so would have enjoyed seeing his story as a full-length novel.
thehistorychic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a good short story but I am just not a fan of books in anthologies. I read them because they are part of the overall series but I think they are often rushed. I didn't feel like I had much invested in the leads (if they had been introduced in other books maybe but this was not the case) so while I was happy it all worked out for them I didn't really feel connected to them. I thought the Ash/Simi at Dragon Con parts were cute though!
AzhriaLilu on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The only reason I gave this book 3 stars was the Sherrilyn Kenyon story. It was the only one that made this book interesting. The other stories were bland, boring and, at times, tedious to read. Worth picking up if you're following the Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter series though.
dukefn99 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This anthology includes stories by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, Lori Handeland, and LA Banks. This novella by Ms. Kenyon, Winter Born, actually fits into the Dark-Hunter series better than previous ones. The story is about Dante (a were-panther introduced in "Kiss of the Night") and Pandora (another were-panther). It's another story that you can probably skip over, but it's an interesting read and probably my favorite of the four novellas in this anthology. Amanda Ashley's story is about a werewolf who is getting revenge on the man who killed his father by kidnapping his daughter. LA Bank's story is about a girl who is in the middle of transforming into a vampire (she was recently bitten)... this one was my least favorite. And Lori Handeland's story is about a Navajo skinwalker and the girl it is hunting (and her rescuer).
hoosgracie on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I only read Sherrilyn Kenyon¿s short story ¿ Winter Born ¿ in this collection. It¿s a decent, albeit, quick story. I would have liked it to be a bit longer. I did like that we learned more about Acheron.
rocalisa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Pandora is a Were-Panter who has been stolen back though time to be the forced mate to a group of modern day Were-Panthers. She has come to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in the hope of getting help from Archeron to return home. Ash, as usual, does things his own way and sends Dante instead, also a Were-Panther, but with much better morals than the ones Pandora is running from. Essentially, they find themselves mated and have to decide if they are going to stay together. There really isn't much to this story. It's not even 80 pages and runs reused themes and situations. Pandora and Dante are nice characters, but the story is really only saved by Simi's cameo appearance with Ash. It's a nice, quick little read for a evening, but I'm glad I got my copy cheap and didn't pay full price for it, especially since I won't be reading the other stories in the anthology.
wyvernfriend on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A very mixed bag of stories. All are paranormal romance stories.The first is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Winter Born, set during Dragon*con I'm sure it would amuse me greatly if I had ever been to that con. Though I did recognise some of the moments from cons I have been to. Two were-panthers find each other but they're supposed to be enemies. Staying together may need help.Born of the Night by Amanda Ashley is a historical werewolf story and fairly predictable. Still fun.Make is Last Forever by L A Banks is part of her world and is about a man, a woman and destiny. Not my favourite in the book but still quite readable.Red Moon Rising by Lori Handeland - an author finds herself at the mercy of a skinwalker and has to find her way out. The man who helps her has his own plans. I quite liked this one and want to read more by both her and Amanda Ashley. Sherrilyn Kenyon is already a must buy author.
purrfectmatch More than 1 year ago
I usually only read anthologies that have at least one author I like. This collection has a story by L.A. Banks. The theme of this collection is paranatural or supernatural tales of sensual romance. Sometimes a bit too much sensual and not enough supernatural. An average collection of tales. I have read better anthologies. This one contains four tales by four different authors. 1. The first tale is Winter Born by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This story focuses on a human born were-animal trying to find the "person" who can help her get home. But destiny has other plans, involving a beast born were-panther. Too short for my taste. I also thought certain elements took away from the story. Specifically, the use of time travel. The other powers were a bit much too. The tale did have interesting cast of characters, and wasn't a bad read. Just could have been so much more. 2. Next is Born of the Night by amanda Ashley. This tale is about a man who is cursed to be a werewolf. He captures and holds his enemies daughter for ransom, in hopes of luring him inot a duel to the death, but of course, love has other plans. I enjoyed this tale. It wasn't too short or too long. The characters were well written. Liked the twist on the werewolf curse. The story grabs you and takes you on an entertaing ride. 3. Make It Last Forever by L.A. Banks. I have read her Crimson Moon series. Not quite the type of story I would expect form her, but it was alright. It's the tale of a woman who is trying to reach her Grandmother in hopes of stopping from turning into a vampire. She meets a man, who is more than he thinks he is, and their destiny's come full circle. Story felt a bit off, at times. Not sure how to explain it. I can get over the I barely know you and I have to have you thing, typical romance scenario stuff. But I mean, you have things in a prophecy and then you break the rule I thought a Prophecy had: Certain things can't be altered. But you have six and not seven, when it says there is always seven guardians. Plus, why didn't she just tell him the truth, after he seemed to begin to believe in vampires? All that time they spent having sex, when they could have been headed toward help. Not a bad tale though. 4. Red Moon Rising by Lori Handeland. This story is about a writer who is the chosen one, needed by a shapeshifter to complete a ritual that would give him immense power. But standing in his way, is a monster hunter, determined to save the girl and stop the bad guy. I enjoyed this tale but I wanted a more climatic show down. You build things up about this man's power and then Bam, he's dead. The story isn't bad, but does seem to grab you, and is a roller coaster ride up to the bad guy showdown, then sadly, simmers down in a slightly disappointing way. Ending should have been a bit different. Didn't quite flow with the rest of the tale. Like I said it was an average collection but not a bad read.
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