Strictly Personal: The Adventure of Discovering What God is Really Like

Strictly Personal: The Adventure of Discovering What God is Really Like

by Eugenia Price

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“Can man by searching find out God?”

Long before Job, man was asking this question. It has stormed the minds and hearts of all peoples in all lands and cultures. What is God really like? Is He discoverable by those He created? Headhunters in shadow-haunted Africa have tried to beat away their restless questioning. The same necessity to know forced the intellectuals of Athens at the peak of its classical glory to create with their minds their own gods. In man’s primitive desperation to claim a knowing relationship with the Divine, gods have been fashioned after man’s own image. There have been animal gods, bird gods, fish gods. Gods of wood and stone and marble and metal. More cultured civilizations have worshiped reason. A few sensed their limits and saluted an Unknown God. None found rest.

Is there one true God? Is He discoverable? “Can man by searching find out God?” Can anyone know God personally? On every page of this new and exciting book by Eugenia Price, these time-old questions are faced honestly and without apology. She writes lucidly, avoiding religious clichés, confessing her own questioning mind and including warmly all who question God for any reason. It is a strictly personal book which vibrates with the tremendous potential of the strictly personal relationship with God which she has found possible for herself and which she believes possible for anyone, regardless of background or intellectual blocks.

If you have been wondering if there is a God—for you—this is a book you can read without apology, rebellion or embarrassment. It is written especially for you. Your strictly personal questions demand honest and specific explanations. Generalizations will not do. Pious, pat answers will not do. They are not here. But the door to the realistic adventure of a personal discovery of God is here, and it can open for you as you think through the carefully unfolded chapters of Strictly Personal.

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ISBN-13: 9781789123326
Publisher: Papamoa Press
Publication date: 01/13/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 78
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About the Author

Eugenia Price (June 22, 1916 - May 28, 1996) was an American author of Christian bestsellers and a colorful speaker and radio personality with her own transcribed radio series, “Visit with Genie,” heard coast to coast in the United States. She was a regular columnist for Faith at Work magazine and frequently wrote for other leading evangelical publications.

Born into a middle-class family in Charleston, West Virginia, Genie Price was writing network radio scripts in 1939 at the age of twenty-three. She was a successful day-time and night-time scripter until 1945, when she began also to produce transcribed package programs from her own office, Eugenia Price Productions, in Chicago. In 1949, after her conversion, she closed her office and became writer-producer for Chicago’s top rating dramatic program, “Unshackled,” a position she resigned after five years in order to devote more time to the writing of books. In 1953 Genie Price published the book Discoveries Made From Living My Life, which launched her career as an inspirational novelist. She spent the 1950s writing inspirational and devotional books, primarily for women, and speaking at churches and civic events.

In 1961 Genie Price visited St. Simons Island, Georgia during a book signing tour and became inspired to research history and famous figures. She moved to St. Simons in 1965 with her long-time companion, the writer Joyce Blackburn, who assisted her with research, and spent the remainder of her life writing detailed historical novels set in the American South, many of which were critically acclaimed.

She died of congestive heart failure in Brunswick, Georgia in 1996 at the age of 79.

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