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Henry Gregor Felsen, 1916-1995, and author of some three dozen books, is best known for his six books about teens and their cars, written in the 1950's. He so captured the era, and the relationship of teens and their cars, that he earned the nickname, "The Granddaddy of Street Rodding."

There was a time when a boy could scrape together a small amount of money and buy a car that would run. He could use his own imagination and ingenuity to create a street rod that others would envy.

Ricky Madison is that boy in Street Rod. In this timeless coming of age story, Ricky goes against his parents to buy a car, enabling him to be part of the group. "Scooping the loop", wild driving, and pranking others gets him in trouble with the adults in town. Ricky and his dad come up with a way for teens to be respected as responsible drivers, but encounters problems along the way. Ricky has an idea that might redeem him in the eyes of the town and his friends.

Felsen's descriptions of cars, driving, and teen behavior are a precious time capsule to what we now think was a simpler time.

Once the recipient of an award at a librarians' conference for having his books stolen more than any other author, you'll understand why so many never returned "Street Rod."

Hot Rod, Street Rod, Rag Top, Fever Heat, Crash Club, and Road Rocket (Boy Gets Car) sold millions of copies, and are still sought after by Felsen's fans. Original copies are hard to find, and can cost more money than you can imagine. The family owns the copyrights and has been responding to the urging of his readers, who now want to have their children and grandchildren read these books.

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