Street Dreams: Waking Up to Salvation

Street Dreams: Waking Up to Salvation

by Mr Charles Lamont Mitchell


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This is my personal memoir and testimony of GOD's grace and mercy extended to me, a small town-big city transplant and 'church boy', a prodigal son that chose to pursue 'street dreams', fantasies of money, cars, women, and clothes while leading a life of crime. It is a celebration of GOD's continued mercy and grace that covered me from the time I entered the penal system to remain there ten straight years before waking up to salvation and his true purpose in my life, and the journey to it's manifestation once I was released. My testimony, like a lot of others, praise GOD. And like others, will reveal a myriad of bad choices, wrong turns, rebellion and consequences. With any testimony, the intent of revelation is to enlighten and edify. But I am asking GOD for more. I am asking him to save and deliver. I'm asking Him to renew the impressionable minds of his young men that define manhood as senseless, random acts of violence and misogyny. And young ladies that define womanhood with overt sexuality and promiscuity. I'm asking him to build an army of believers from a generation that has been condemned as lost and hopeless to one that realizes He's worthy to be praised...

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ISBN-13: 9781500609931
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/24/2014
Pages: 78
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