Strategic Human Resource Management in Health Care

Strategic Human Resource Management in Health Care


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Strategic management of HR in health care is important in delivering high-quality patient care. Given that salary and wages constitute about 65-80% of the total operating budget in a typical health care organization and also the fact that people play a critical role in delivering high-quality patient care, it is imperative for health care organizations to manage their human resources more effectively. Unfortunately, the HR function remains one of the most neglected in health care organizations, and "warm body syndrome" seems to characterize the role of HRM in health care organizations. The purpose of this volume of Advances in Health Care Management is to explore the strategic role that the HR function can play in delivering high quality and affordable health care.

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ISBN-13: 9781848509481
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Publication date: 07/26/2010
Series: Advances in Health Care Management Series
Pages: 250

Table of Contents

List of Contributors vii

List of Reviewers ix

Introduction: Current and Future Directions for Strategic Human Resource Management in Health Care xi

Section I Strategic Initiatives in Human Resources Management

Commitment-Based Management Practices and High Performance: The Case of Pfizer's Loughbeg Tablet Plant Mitchell P. V. Glavin Jon A. Chilingerian 3

High-Involvement Work Practices and Social Capital Formation: Examining the Role of Strategic Orientation in Nursing Homes Kent V. Rondeau Terry H. Wagar 25

Managing Motivation Among Health Care Professionals Katharina Janus 47

Lead for Demand and Lag for Supply: The Use of Pay Level to Predict Hospital Performance Mark P. Brown Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben Anthony R. Wheeler 79

Safety Culture as a Contemporary Healthcare Construct: Theoretical Review, Research Assessment, and Translation to Human Resource Management Patrick A. Palmieri Lori T. Peterson Bryan J. Pesta Michel A. Flit David M. Saettone 97

Section II Human Resources Management and Disruptive Technologies

Human Resources Implications of Low-Cost Disruptive Innovation in Health Care: The Case of Retail Clinics Myron D. Fottler Donna Malvey 137

Overcoming the Unintended Adverse Consequences of Implementing Health it Through Human Resource and Knowledge Management Pavani Rangachari 163

The Crucial Role of People and Information in Health Care Organizations Naresh Khatri Kalyan Pasupathy Lanis L. Hicks 195

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