Stephen King and Philosophy

Stephen King and Philosophy

by Jacob M. Held (Editor)

Paperback(New Edition)

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Haunting us with such unforgettable stories as The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption, Salem’s Lot, Carrie, The Green Mile, and Pet Sematary, Stephen King has been an anchor of American horror, science fiction, psychological thrillers, and suspense for more than forty years. His characters have brought chills to our spines and challenged our notions of reality while leaving us in awe of the perseverance of the human spirit. The first book in the new Great Authors and Philosophy series, Stephen King and Philosophy reveals some of the deeper issues raised by King’s work. From retribution, freedom, and moral relativity, to death and insanity, the chapters of this book expose how King’s stories access the questions and fears that haunt each of us in the middle of the night.

Contributions by Katherine Allen, Randall E. Auxier, Charles Bane, Matthew Butkus, Kellye Byal, Cam Cobb, Timothy Dale, Paul R. Daniels, Joseph J. Foy, Bertha Alvarez Manninen, Tuomas W. Manninen, Garret Merriam, Michael K. Potter, and C. Taylor Sutton

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ISBN-13: 9781442253841
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 08/15/2016
Series: Great Authors and Philosophy Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 1,160,669
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jacob Held has written extensively on philosophy and popular culture, having edited Dr. Seuss and Philosophy and Roald Dahl and Philosophy, coedited James Bond and Philosophy, and contributed to volumes on the Beatles, South Park, and Watchmen, to name a few. He teaches philosophy at the University of Central Arkansas and lives in Conway, Arkansas.

Table of Contents

Introduction: On Writing Popular Philosophy 1
Jacob M. Held
1 There Is No God in Desperation: Tak and the Problem of Evil 13
C. Taylor Sutton and Jacob Held
2 Female Subjectivity in Carrie 35
Kellye Byal
3 “Sometimes Dead Is Better”: King, Daedalus, Dragon-
Tyrants, and Deathism 47
Katherine Allen
4 “Gan Is Dead”: Nietzsche and Roland’s Eternal Recurrence 71
Garret Merriam
5 Rāma of Gilead: Hindu Philosophy in The Dark Tower 83
Matthew A. Butkus
6 What’s Wrong with Roland?: Utilitarianism and the Dark
Tower 97
Greg Littmann
7 Stephen King and Aristotelian Friendship: An Analysis of
The Body and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank
Redemption 113
Bertha Alvarez Manninen
8 Propaganda and Pedagogy for Apt Pupils 131
Michael K. Potter and Cam Cobb
9 The Shining’s Overlook Hotel as Heterotopia 147
Elizabeth Hornbeck
10 Broadcast Dystopia: Power and Violence in The Running
Man and The Long Walk 161
Joseph J. Foy and Timothy M. Dale
11 Stephen King and the Art of Horror 173
Greg Littmann
12 “You Weren’t Hired to Philosophize, Torrance”: The Death of the Author in The Shining 195
Charles Bane
13 What Happens to the Present When It Becomes the Past:
Time Travel and the Nature of Time in The Langoliers 207
Paul R. Daniels
14 Notes on Foreknowledge, Truthmaking, and
Counterfactuals from The Dead Zone 219
Tuomas W. Manninen
15 Time Belongs to the Tower 231
Randall Auxier
16 Ur 88,416 253
Randall Auxier
17 From Desperation to Haven: Horror, Compassion, and
Arthur Schopenhauer 277
Jacob M. Held
Ka-tet: Author Biographies 299

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