STEM by Design: Teaching with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

STEM by Design: Teaching with LEGO Mindstorms EV3


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Part One: Getting Started

About this Book


Classroom Management

Project Rules

Part Two: Introductory Activities

Making Connections

Build a Box

Fancy Box

Pandora’s Box

Sneak Attack

Baker’s Dozen Car

Part Three: Programming Sequences

Seeing Red

See and Say

Red, Red, Red

Red or Not

Rainbow Detector

Driver’s License




Unsynchronized Motors

Fan Club

Push-button Fan

Daytime Fan

Gradual Fan

Five-speed Fan


Traffic Light

Walk Signal

Animated Walker


Number Sense

Roll of the Die

Even or Odd


Dog Year Converter

Cautious Car

Touch Tally

Brick-button Navigator

Mail Delivery

Part Four: STEM Activities

Getting Up to Speed

Stop for Pedestrians

Parking Space

No Wheels

At a Snail’s Pace


Outside the Box

Bug Battle

Tabletop Treasure


Puppy Bot

Range Puppy

Proportional Puppy

Haunted House

Clean Sweep

Perfect Pitcher

Different Drummer

Ramp Up

Peak Performance

Applause Meter

Musical Instrument

Random or Not

Loaded Dice

Efron’s Dice

Voting Machine

Do You Have a Sister?

Reaction Time


Part Five: Data Logging Activities

Light and Dark Scavenger Hunt

Bragging Rights


Crossing the Lines



Zigzag and Diamond

Puppy Data Logging

Which Room?

Stir It Up

It’s a Breeze

Cool It Fast

Part Six: Engineering Projects

Meet and Greet

Fairytale Fix: Goldilocks

Fairytale Fix: Rapunzel

Fairytale Fix: Cinderella

Dancing Bot

Household Helper

Music Box

Mini Golf

Robotic Zoo

Chain Reaction Machine

EGGcellent Contraption

Wacky Gumball Machine

Robo Artist

Part Seven: Low Tech Labs

Action/Reaction Car

How Many Bricks in a Newton?

Gear Training

Worm Gears

Benham’s Disks

Pulley Systems

Balancing Nails

Tightrope Walker

LEGO Balance

Building Pressure

Floating LEGO Bricks

Cartesian Diver


A: Activities Listed by Topic

B: Mindstorms Equipment Used in Each Activity

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