Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides: Collection #5 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides: Collection #5 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Tasha Black

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Educated about humankind by the 1980s movies that came to them in an interstellar time capsule, these gorgeous gentlemen are eager to meet Earth girls...

Grab all three sizzling SciFi Romance books for one low price!

Book Thirteen: Drago

He's her lab subject. She's the subject of his forbidden fantasies...

But the delicate balance at the lab won't last forever. When circumstances force Drago and two of his brothers to flee, Arden must help them escape. But can she keep her relationship with her subject professional? Or has science blinded her to true love?

Book Fourteen: Burton

She's hunting a gang of bee rustlers. But her sexy alien companion is on the hunt for her heart.

When bee rustlers threaten Tansy's one chance to save the orchard, the madcap adventure begins. Tansy will need Burton's help to hold onto the family farm. But will she be able to hold onto her heart?

Book Fifteen: Riggs

This number-loving accountant is way out of her comfort zone. Her sexy alien intended is determined to prove that she can count on him.

When vandals strike the farm, threatening to ruin the tourist season and expose the aliens, Riggs and Sage must work together to solve the mystery and stop the villains who want to sabotage the peach orchard. But even if Riggs can foil the evildoers, will he be able to sweep his stalwart mate off her feet?

About the Stargazer Alien Brides series (Intergalactic Dating Agency):

Collection 1 focuses on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum.

Collection 2 follows the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana.

Collection 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye.

Collection 4 features Kirk, Buck and Solo as they try to connect with their chosen mates at a comic convention.

Collection 5 comes back to Stargazer, and a small farm where love is in bloom for Drago, Burton and Riggs.

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BN ID: 2940161321706
Publisher: 13th Story Press
Publication date: 04/05/2019
Series: Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides Series , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 70,413
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About the Author

Tasha Black is a USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal and SciFi romance. She lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, making up stories, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

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Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides: Collection #5 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Cynthia Gutzwiller More than 1 year ago
This is the easiest review I have ever written because I Love These Books!!! I received these ARC books for an honest review. Drago Ms Black has given us a hunk a hunk a burning love story this time. This story actually uses the girls next door. Drago's one of the Aliens being housed and experimented on in Stargazer, Pennsylvania. Arden is a lab tech/botanist who works with these men. She bring them video tapes every day. She is asked to sneak out three of the men and help them hide. One of the men is Drago, she says yes. The are now fugitives. They run as far as the neighboring farm. They pose as blueberry and peach pickers in exchange for room and board. They start out working day to day. Arden doesn't know where she will take them if they have to leave. She has been charged with helping them find good woman to "click" with. The love of a good woman will do more for them than a video. Drooling over Drago without his shirt and Arden pulling out her test tubes is just the start of the sizzling you can feel coming off the pages. Some parts can be read with a coca cola and some should be read with a glass of wine. Enjoy each part. Riggs Riggs and Sage are still trying to make the farm profitable. Sage has lost hope. There has been a lot of vandalism. Including a rabbit being left at the door, graffiti on " Come out and pick peaches" sign on top of the barn. She feels lost. Will she come back to the family at the farm? Will she come back to Riggs? You'll be excited to know you get to read and find out whether the farm and the family and her life comes together? Burton Burton has made his choice and it is Tansy. She has her heart set on saving her family farm. Burton discovers that he enjoys being outside and putting in a days work on the farm. He enjoys the animals, the chores, and the farm gal. The most major problem is that the farm is losing money. The peaches must be polinated, but they have no bees. Tandy finds a place on the internet where you can actually rent bees. Who would ever think, even in this great modern age. You can rent bees. The bees arrive but there is a problem. Rustlers. There is a hot and seawater scene you will not want tomiss. Will she sell the farm? Will she become a mate? Our resident Karnak of the Stargazer world will answer all your questions. Enjoy and have fun, I did.
singneon More than 1 year ago
Drago***** Love this series, this group of aliens and their stories are always entertaining and heartwarming! Not only because the men are sexy as all get-out but because they are so dedicated to their mate and are not conceited. They are also compassionate, love the '80s movies and cherish the opportunity they are being given for a new life on Earth, they don't take anything for granted not even the trees. Drago is so patient with Arden, she must be professional with the patients, lol yeah right. She tickled me with that, when she won't getting on my nerve with that know it all persona. Drago, I got some house plants that need checking. :) I enjoyed this story and also love the author's style of focusing on the main characters without subplots and fillers, personally I'd rather read a short and to the point story any day over one with a massive number of boring pages. :) I can't wait to read Burton & Tansy's story. Burton***** This is one of the most addictive series that I have ever read. No matter how many aliens the author comes up with, they all add their own unique flavor to the series. I like Tansy, she is dedicated to her family and heritage. Burton just bends over backwards to try to help his strong-willed mate as he still tries to adjust and grasp all the new things and new thinking of being on a new planet. Tansy has a choice, he helps her "see" clearly, lol. Great couple, who wouldn't love a man that is completely dedicated to you regardless of the looks and words of interest from other women. Couldn't put it down, can't wait to read the next one!!! Riggs***** How can you not love a man that is so in tune with the desires of his "heart" and has some ninja knowledge to boot, lol. So happy for this set of brothers and their determined to remain single mates. This heartwarming addition to the series maintains a little action, drama, humor and romancing that is expected plus the always unique gift. I can never get enough of this series because the plots are always interesting, the alien men/brothers always support one another and they are always patient, kind and determined to convince their one true love that clicking will be well worth it.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides: Collection #5 Three aliens trying to adjust to earth and escape the scientists' experiments all in one neat package. Drago Drago is one of the Aliens the scientists are trying to "force click" without the benefit of their chosen mate. So far of the numerous aliens who have traveled to earth in temporary human form, the only ones to "click" permanently are those who have found love with an earth woman. After they find her and make love with her tada they get to stay. Arden took the job at the lab to save for her continued education. Had she known what she'd be doing she may not have. The aliens were all brought material to help they try to click sans a mate. It wasn't working. She knew that eventually these guys would be sent home and returned to their original form no matter if they wanted to stay. She had special feelings for Drago. When she was given the chance to help three escape, she took it. That Drago was one of them was a bonus. The four have to find a way to live while hiding. Working on a needy farm gives them a chance for Drago to try to convince Arden to chose him back. But they may not have that chance if they can't figure out the problem on the farm. Will the attraction be enough or will her plans keep her from Drago? Can they get past their differences to work together? Enjoy this next story of aliens and their brides. Burton Tansy has to save her family farm. She just has to. Nothing seems to be going their way, except maybe the hot aliens they are hiding as farm hands. One has already chosen her sister as a mate. Burton seems to be looking her way and she doesn't know how to feel. He does things to her but she has responsibilities. Foremost figuring out where the bees have gone. That's right. Her bees were gone and she'd borrowed a hive to do their work on the farm but they had disappeared as well. Burton has chosen Tansy as his mate. Now he just has to convince her. Finding her missing bees is a good step in that direction. Taking relationship advice from his brothers is not. Can he help save her home and find his humanity with his chosen mate? He is another touching character the author is so good at giving to us. The family unit and loyalty is a refreshing look at the world. There is some steam going on as well. Will they save the farm? Will they get past the treachery against them? Most important, can they get past it all the find love and commit to each other? Riggs Sage is still worried about the farm. How can they possibly keep it going with all the extra expenses and vandalism they are going through? It's also distracting her from her feelings for the alien. How can she fall for one? Just because her sister and friend did. Riggs knows Sage is the one. She almost learned of his extra gift before they were committed. He was about to hide it from her. All of them tried to figure out who was trying to put them out of business. Another sweet but strong alien with a heart of gold and a man-candy body. The author always provides us with irresistible guys and strong gals who try to resist the irresistible. I love this group of close-knit couples fighting to keep their family heritage together. You'll love their references to the eighties movies, the misunderstanding of words and actions. There is steam and humor and tenderness. What more could you want? Enjoy this group of aliens and the women they choose.
JEA2 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this box set, the stories are entertaining and humorous, the interaction and chemistry between the characters is wonderful. I received each of these books individually as a FREE ARC copy to read and I voluntarily leave this review.
JEA2 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this box set, the stories are entertaining and humorous, the interaction and chemistry between the characters is wonderful. I received each of these books individually as a FREE ARC copy to read and I voluntarily leave this review.
spanishladyAM More than 1 year ago
Fallen From the Heavens.... OMG if you want to laugh cry and jump for joy then you have to read these aliens' stories.....They are so adorable and fierce at the same time.....They want to be accepted and loved so bad that sometimes they make big booboos, but their adorability (is that a word LOL) is so fierce that all is forgiven by the lucky ladies.....They each have an ability and it sometimes gets them in trouble, but eventually become useful...... Read these stories and have fun!