Star Flight

Star Flight

by Andre Norton


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Two complete novels of courageous men and women whose only hope was escape in an untested starship to other worlds of bright promise—and unknown dangers:
The Stars are Ours: Dard Nordis is a hunted man. His brother was murdered for covert activities as a scientist in a world which scientists and engineers are blamed for the global war that smashed civilization, and the global dictatorship of Pax has ordered their execution. Now he is on the run, trying to find the secret stronghold of his brother’s friends and colleagues—a hidden place where the few remaining scientists are desperately building a spaceship to escape to the stars.
Star Born: Centuries after the desperate flight from Earth, Pax has been overthrown and humanity again reaches for the stars. Rof Kurbi’s spaceship reaches the planet Astra, not knowing that the planet already has a colony established centuries ago by the fugitive humans from Earth . . . and that the apparently friendly natives of the planet are actually malevolent invaders from elsewhere, who are plotting to eliminate all humans from Astra, both the recent arrivals and the star born colonists.

Publisher’s Note: Star Flight was originally published in parts as The Stars are Ours and Star Born. This is the first time both novels have appeared in one volume.

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ISBN-13: 9781416555063
Publisher: Baen
Publication date: 10/02/2007
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Called “one of the most popular authors of our time” by Publishers Weekly, Andre Norton is a legend in science fiction, and was one of our greatest storytellers. She wrote science fiction novels for five decades, beginning with the now-classic novel Star Man’s Son in 1952. Many of today’s top writers, including David Weber, Eric Flint, C.J. Cherryh and Joan D. Vinge, have cited her as a primary influence on their own work. She was Guest of Honor at the 1989 World Science Fiction Convention, and has received the Grand Master award from the Science Fiction Writers of America and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the World Fantasy Convention. She was astoundingly prolific, with over thirty books in her celebrated Witch World series alone. She introduced three generations of SF readers to SF and fantasy, both through her critically acclaimed YA novels and her adult works, and remains one of the most popular authors in both fields. She died in 2005.

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Star Flight 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Stars Are Ours. Humanity established space stations so that interplanetary flight could occur cheaper. However, terrorists took control of a station and attacked earth from it devastating the planet. Survivor Arturo Renzi saw his loved ones die so he preached an anti-science message that led to his assassination. Outraged, his followers attacked the opposition with a vengeance forming the dictatorial Company of Pax. Brothers Dard and Lars Nordis and the latter¿s pregnant wife Kathia fled the purge however Lars was crippled and Kathia suffered a brain injury and after giving birth to Dessie she died. The siblings and Dessie hide at a remote farm for a decade until the Pax Peacemen arrive. They try to escape, but Lars dies leaving Dard and Dessie running from the Peacemen. --- Star Born. The Pax ended space exploration as part of their anti-scientific campaign as they blame the pandemic devastation on scientists. However, some rebels managed to steal a few spaceships and flee to form colonies that had no ties to earth. A century passes with the Federation of Free Men having disposed of the Pax and space exploration redeployed with faster than light engines. The RS-10 ship reaches Astra where an earth colony was established. However, it is the fiendish natives that greet the terrans who they have plans to eradicate with their strange science. --- This omnibus reprint of Andre Norton past-apocalyptic ¿Star¿ saga showcases how talented the author truly is especially in ¿The Stars Are Ours¿ in which a terrorist act leads to security superseding freedom (the Neocons must have wolfed this one down). ¿Star Born¿ is also well written, but pales compared to its predecessor as the evil species that plan to wipe out humanity on RS-10 display no redeeming quality not even rationalizing saving a way of life from outsiders. Still these are two entertaining science fiction tales sets one hundred years apart in different galaxy locations. Ms. Norton¿s fans will soar with STAR FLIGHT. --- Harriet Klausner