Star Crusades: Black Widows: Complete Second Series

Star Crusades: Black Widows: Complete Second Series

by Michael G. Thomas


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Black Widows Complete Second Series includes the complete second season of six Black Widows episodes, previously only available separately:The Black Widows are an infamous, all-female mercenary unit. Aboard their heavily-armed ship Medusa, they embark on secretive missions throughout the crumbling Confederacy as it wages a terrible and bloody civil war. Each of the Widows is an elite operative, with skills and expertise that command a high price. Their very names spread fear and terror into the hearts of their foes.Episode 1The Black Widows are offered a mission they cannot refuse, and this time their client is the Confederate Navy itself. Though a risky operation, Syala is keen to prove her worth to the crew of the Medusa and is itching to see action. Contact has been lost to the neutral pleasure colony of Teumessia 13, and an elite team of mercenaries is to be sent in.Episode 2Arana, twin sister of the Black Widow's latest recruit is a prisoner. As a slave of the dreaded Echidna Union, she's suffered unimaginable horrors during her time as a captor aboard the privateer Rising Sun. Her life is about to take a turn for the worst when the ship breaches a Confederate blockade and head for the surface.Episode 3The Morgan sisters are tougher than any believed possible. While Syala fights for her life on a distant world, Arana faces a new and terrible challenge. Her home aboard the Rising Sun is torn apart when pirates arrive and surround the ship. Though a prisoner and a slave, she will not yield to any of her enemies. As the pirates attempt to seize the ship she'd forces to pick a side. Does she fight against those entering the ship, or does she turn on those who choose to keep her in chains?Episode 4The Black Widows are prisoners of an insane general and his army of acolytes. The broken remains of Human sacrifices litter the innards of the Teumessia Pleasure Colony, and the Widows will soon be next. Syala could have chosen to escape, but instead she lies in wait, filthy, exhausted and wounded. Far away on a distant moon, her twin sister Arana faces an equally difficult situation. She's been a slave for months, but now she is forced to fight for the pleasure of others. Episode 5Arana might have survived the terrors of mortal combat on Astarte V, but her life continues to worsen. Instead of barren moons and the frigid interiors of spaceships, she finds herself a slave on a distant world. With no allies, and surrounded by hostiles slavers, she is forced to learn new ways to save herself. On the planet of Agora, it isn't just the people that can kill you, even the native fauna can melt the flesh and kill the careless. As days become weeks she decides that she must escape, not matter the consequences, or the violence she will have to unleash.Episode 6The Uprising is over, and one by one the old colonies sign up to the new Alliance. It is the dawn of a new age, but not all are keen to be a part of it. Solarium City is the next in line to join the fledgling Alliance, and as important dignitaries arrive the place transforms from a bustling city, into the most important colony in the sector. Into this tinderbox come the Morgan sisters. They have travelled very different paths, and encountered a myriad of terrible foes. Yet neither realises that their lives will finally cross paths at the floating city, a place where their destinies will finally be decided, and blood will be spilled.

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ISBN-13: 9781094822563
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 04/16/2019
Series: Black Widows Compendiums , #2
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

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