Spycatcher (Spycatcher Series #1)

Spycatcher (Spycatcher Series #1)

by Matthew Dunn

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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“Great talent, great imagination, and real been-there done-that authenticity make this one of the year’s best thriller debuts.”
—Lee Child

“Not since Fleming charged Bond with the safety of the world has the international secret agent mystique been so anchored with an insider’s reality.”
—Noah Boyd, New York Times bestselling author of Agent X and The Bricklayer

“A real spy proves he is a real writer—and a truly deft and inventive one. Spycatcher is a stunning debut.”
—Ted Bell, New York Times bestselling author of Warlord

A real life former field officer, Matthew Dunn makes an extraordinary debut with Spycatcher, a masterwork of international espionage fiction that crackles with electrifying authenticity. Fans of Daniel Silva, Robert Ludlum, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn will be on the edge of their seats as intelligence agent Will Cochrane—working on a joint covert mission for the CIA and MI6—sets out to capture a brilliant and ruthless Iranian spy. Timely and gripping, Spycatcher rockets the reader into a shadowy world of terrorism and counter-terrorism, and holds them in an iron grip until the last pulse-pounding page is turned.

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ISBN-13: 9780062037862
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/31/2012
Series: Spycatcher (Will Cochrane) Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 218,485
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

As an MI6 field officer, Matthew Dunn recruited and ran agents, coordinated and participated in special operations, and acted in deep-cover roles throughout the world. He operated in environments where, if captured, he would have been executed. Dunn was trained in all aspects of intelligence collection, deep- cover deployments, small arms, explosives, military unarmed combat, surveillance, and infiltration.

Medals are never awarded to modern MI6 officers, but Dunn was the recipient of a rare personal commendation from the secretary of state for work he did on one mission, which was deemed so significant that it directly influenced the success of a major international incident.

During his time in MI6, Matthew conducted approximately seventy missions. All of them were successful. He currently lives in England, where he is at work on his next novel.

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By Matthew Dunn

William Morrow

Copyright © 2011 Matthew Dunn
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780062037671

Chapter One

You're sure that I won't be killed today?" The spy rubbed a hand
against his smooth face and looked down at the wet Central
Park grass beneath him. It was very early in the morning, and beyond
the park the sounds of New York life were distant and mellow. He
frowned and shook his head slightly. A fine, windless rain fell. "This
whole thing seems odd."
Will Cochrane observed the man for a while before speaking.
"Soroush, it is odd. That's why you'll have three expert men close by
to protect you."
Soroush's frown deepened. He looked up at Will's tall and powerful
frame. "Only three? That's all your masters in British Intelligence
could give you?"
Will pushed fingers through his cropped dark hair and then
reached out to touch the Iranian's arm. "Perfectly adequate for what
we need to happen."
The spy chuckled a little. "I thought I was your most valuable asset."
"You are."
Soroush swiveled so that he was fully facing Will. "But good things
always come to an end?"
Will removed his hand and quickly glanced left and right. There
were few other people in their vicinity, and certainly none close to
them. The British Intelligence officer looked back to his companion.
"No, it's not like that. The Iranians called the meeting, not us. If we
don't do this, then we'll never know what they want."
Soroush jammed his hands into his coat pockets. He lowered his
head again.
Will felt a surge of doubt and fear for his agent, but he checked
these emotions and spoke calmly. "I found you all those years ago,
when you were still working for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence
and Security. I persuaded you to keep working in MOIS and at the
same time spy for the British. I got you out of Iran when it looked as if
your cover could be compromised. And when it turned out that such a
concern was unfounded, I taught you how to continue to spy on your
country from the safety of Europe." He forced a smile. "Throughout
all our time together, I have always protected you, and I will continue
to do so today."
The Iranian said nothing for a moment. He then cleared his throat
and shook his head vigorously. "In my eight years in the U.K., I've
provided you with intelligence that only a very few current or former
members of MOIS would have access to. And I know you have taken
action on much of my intelligence, meaning that the Iranians should
know they have a breach. A studious officer within the security
department of MOIS would be able to narrow down that breach. And
then out of the blue a message is passed to me. A message from MOIS
saying they want to meet me." He looked intently at Will. "Even if
you think I was not compromised in the old days, you have to con
concede there is a strong possibility that I'm now being set up."
Will did not return his gaze. He had already concluded that the
two Iranian intelligence officers who wanted to meet his secret agent
today probably had nefarious intentions toward the man. He had also
concluded that if this were the case, his agent's cover was blown and
Soroush would therefore be of no future use to him. But Will needed
the meeting to take place in order to be sure. And regardless, his man
was going to be protected.
"Why do you think they chose New York for the meeting?"
Soroush's words were hushed and quick.
Will looked around and then back at his agent. The correct answer
to this question, he suspected, was that the Iranians knew that Soroush
was a Western spy and would not agree to meet in a non-Western city.
"You're now an entrepreneur who does a lot of business in the States.
They're trying to minimize inconvenience to you."
Soroush's expression seemed to harden. "I'm not so sure."
Will checked his watch and smiled. "Are you prepared to go
through with this or not?"
Soroush looked blankly at him for a while but then shrugged.
"You know me too well."
"I do."
The two men became silent. The rain hit their faces with increased
Will drew a deep breath and spoke quietly. "When you're on
Gapstow Bridge at the north end of the pond, you won't be able to see me
because I'll be hidden. But if you look directly south across the pond,
you'll be looking at my approximate location. I will be one hundred
and eighty meters from you and will be monitoring you and your
meeting through binoculars."
Soroush turned back toward Will. He angled his head. "And your
"You may see some of them, but they won't look out of place. And
if anything happens, they will react with absolute speed, aggression,
and precision."
"British Special Forces?"
"Yes, but men who've been given further specific covert operations
training by my Service."
The spy nodded. "And straight back to your hotel after the
Will also nodded. "Exactly as we discussed. I'll meet you there for
your debriefing."
Soroush looked pensive. "But if they want me to go with them?"
"Under no circumstances. You have your meeting and then part
company with them." Above all else, Will could not allow his man to
fall under the control of the Iranians. He had far too many secrets in
his head, secrets which, if exposed, could severely damage the West's
ability to counter hostile Iranian activity.
"All right." Soroush seemed happy with Will's response. Soroush
then suddenly took one of Will's hands between two of his own.
"We've been through so much together."
Will looked down at his hand with surprise. He felt a deep pang of
uncertainty but did not show the emotion. Instead he said, "Indeed
we have, my friend."
Soroush smiled, and for a moment Will suspected that the man
could read his thoughts. Soroush gripped his hand, exhaled, and
released his hold. His smile faded. "If anything happens, you'll take
care of my wife and my kids, yes?"
"Nothing will happen." Will sighed. "But if the need ever arose,
of course I'd make sure your family was supported." This above all
else was true.
Soroush smiled and nodded. He pointed a finger at Will and then
gently touched its tip against Will's chest. "I remember the first time
I met you. I remember thinking that I'd never met a man as scary and
ruthless as you. But over the years I've come to realize that there is a
very different side to you, a side you often try to hide, one that is full
of depth and compassion." A look of sadness replaced the smile. "But
I also know that you tread a very solitary path."
Will frowned. "Perhaps you know me too well."
Soroush shook his head. "I would have to live to a very old age to
fully understand you. And I'm not convinced that I'll ever reach such
an age." Soroush waved slightly, then turned abruptly and walked off
in the direction of Central Park's Gapstow Bridge.
Will watched him for a moment, pondering the other man's words.
Then he sighed and pushed aside all thoughts besides those he needed
to focus on the meeting. He reached into his overcoat pocket and pulled
out a cell phone and a Bluetooth earpiece, which he fixed into position.
He pressed one number on the phone handset and spoke. "Soroush is
on his way. He should be at the location in ten minutes."
Then he took off at a run. He darted into a cluster of trees and
brought himself to an abrupt stop before swiveling around and dropping
down to a crouch. He brought his binoculars up to his eyes and
then reached for his phone again.
"Okay, I've got the bridge. What do you see?"
A second passed before three voices came back at him in rapid
"Alpha. Nothing."
"Bravo. Nothing."
"Charlie. Have him. Nearly there."
Will dropped even lower to the ground and scanned left and right
of the bridge. He saw Soroush walking on the East Drive path and a
jogger trotting close behind him. The jogger would be Charlie. The
spy turned onto the Gapstow Bridge, but the jogger didn't follow him.
Will pressed the number three on his cell phone. "I see you."
A voice came back immediately. "I know. I'm going three hundred
meters north and will then set my position. Our man should now be
covered by Bravo."
Will raised a hand and unnecessarily pressed the Bluetooth device
harder against his ear. It seemed longer, but in seven seconds Will
heard another voice.
"Bravo. Yes, I see him. Walking across the thing. No. Now
stationary in the center of the bridge. He's in position and waiting."
Will raised his binoculars and looked. Bravo was right. Will's agent
was standing on Gapstow Bridge. He knew that the foot crossing was
approximately twenty-five meters long, and Soroush had followed his
instructions by stopping in the center of the bridge facing the pond
to the south.
"Where are you, Bravo?" Will continued to scan either side of the
"Where I should be. One hundred meters northwest of the bridge.
This is where I stay put."
"Sixty meters from our man, by Wollman Rink."
Will looked at his watch and exhaled. Everything was in place. His
team had now set a perimeter around his spy by positioning themselves
to the north, the northwest, and the northeast of Central Park's
Gapstow Bridge. From his own position near the southern tip of the
pond, he looked toward Soroush. He could easily see the man's face.
Soroush looked calm and still.
Will eased himself up a little and spoke into the Bluetooth as he
did so. "Okay, one minute and counting."
Will examined Soroush again. The man was leaning on the bridge,
obviously pretending to watch the rain on the water beneath him.
There was a slight smile on his face. Will checked the time again and
then spoke into his phone.
"All right, men. Any moment now."
He forced himself to breathe and ignored the pain in his eyes from
pressing the binoculars too hard against them. He kept scanning the
bridge and its surroundings. "Anything?"
A few seconds passed before each of his team members replied
with the same word: "Nothing."
Within his peripheral vision, he spotted movement and turned
slightly to see an elderly woman walking a dog on an adjacent path.
He instinctively moved back into heavier cover, even though he knew
that the woman could not see him. The dog walker moved past, and
Will continued his surveillance. Soroush was no longer leaning and
was now casually looking in either direction along the bridge.
"Charlie. I'm in position three hundred meters to the northeast of
the pond. I might have something."
Will immediately swung his binoculars toward Charlie's location.
He widened his eyes and focused his mind on the Bluetooth earpiece.
Charlie spoke again, and his words were rapid but controlled.
"Yes, something. Two men."
Will waited, not daring to speak. A screech of bird calls suddenly
rose from the water before him, and he silently cursed the interruption
to his focus. He looked quickly at Soroush, but the man was still
alone on the bridge. Will turned back to look in Charlie's direction.
"They're at a stop." Charlie's voice was slower this time. "Fifty
meters north of me, meaning three hundred and fifty meters from the
Will instantly responded. "Your assessment?"
"It's them." Charlie went quiet for a moment. "I'm sure it's them.
But they're waiting, and that's bad."
Will lowered his binoculars. He felt his pulse rate increase, but he
ignored the natural reaction to the adrenaline release within his body.
He put the binoculars up to his eyes again and this time looked to the
northwest. "Alpha? Bravo?"
Alpha spoke first. "Four hostiles moving across my vision."
Bravo then came onto the phone line. His voice was hushed.
"Another five coming straight at me."
"Damn it." Will thought rapidly. Such a large number of hostiles
suggested that they were a snatch squad, which meant that most likely
they had a driver and vehicle waiting somewhere nearby.
Alpha spoke. "Mine have stopped."
"So have mine," added Bravo.
Will frowned. "Can they see either of you yet?"
"Don't think so."
Will was about to speak, but Bravo beat him to it. "Two of mine are
peeling off and heading southwest. The remaining three are still static."
Will cursed again. "They must have a vehicle ready for them near
Central Park South or Fifth Avenue. The two men heading southwest
around the pond are moving into position to secure the team and the
target's extraction point." He put his binoculars into a coat pocket
and inhaled deeply. "These are my instructions. Alpha and Bravo: Put
warning shots down against your hostiles and then move back to the
west end of the bridge. Under no circumstances must either of you
let them get onto the bridge. Charlie: Eliminate your two men, then
move directly to Soroush. Get him off the bridge and head east with
him out of the park. I'll take care of the two hostiles heading my way."
He checked his watch. "And, gentlemen, we have a maximum of two
minutes to get this done before this place is swarming with local law
enforcement officers. Time starts now."
Will turned in the direction of his two oncoming targets. His route
to them would be under continuous tree cover, and he estimated that
they would be nearly three hundred meters away from him. From his
right overcoat pocket he withdrew a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 hand
gun. He walked quickly ahead, scrutinizing each gap between trees
while at the same time focusing on anything that might come through
his cell phone's earpiece. Within a hundred and forty meters he came
to the westernmost point of the pond and then turned to face north.
His targets would now be very close.
Will heard four or five rapid bangs from across the pond and then
a voice in his ear. "Charlie. Done. I'll be at the bridge in sixty
seconds." Charlie had successfully taken out the two Iranian intelligence


Excerpted from Spycatcher by Matthew Dunn Copyright © 2011 by Matthew Dunn. Excerpted by permission of William Morrow. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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What People are Saying About This

Noah Boyd

“Not since Fleming charged Bond with the safety of the world has the international secret agent mystique been so anchored with an insider’s reality. The pacing in Matthew Dunn’s Spycatcher is frenetic, and the plotting is meticulous as it continually doubles back on itself.”

John Lawton

“Once in a while an espionage novelist comes along who has the smack of utter authenticity. Few are as daring as Matthew Dunn, fewer still as up-to-date. This isn’t the Cold War, this isn’t even the last ten years, it’s the CIA and MI6 as they are now.”

Lee Child

“Great talent, great imagination, and real been-there done-that authenticity make this one of the year’s best thriller debuts. Highly recommended.”

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Spycatcher 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
BookSakeBlogspot More than 1 year ago
Spycatcher is your typical spy thriller. Will Cochrane is an MI6 agent with seemingly superhuman powers, sent to take down the Iranian terrorist, Megiddo, who's threatening an attack on either Britain or the United States. Will is basically a rugged James Bond (ironically, both are MI6 agents). At first I felt that the author was trying too hard to mimic Bond in his character, but later realized that Matthew Dunn was a real MI6 agent. After that, my interest shifted from the book to the author because, frankly, the book wasn't all that good. Will Cochrane is constantly withstanding life-threatening injuries and returning to the chase the next day "a little stiff". I realize it's a work of fiction, but I expected it to be more realistic, especially when it's written by a former MI6 agent. Will's impossible resilience also ruined the suspense. I soon realized that he could be decapitated and still show up for work the next day; I certainly never wondered if he would make it out alive. All things considered, Spycatcher is decent if you're looking for mindless action. If you require a bit more realism to satisfy your palate, I'd pass this up. Reviewed by Brittany for Book Sake.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
The latest novel from Matthew Dunn, Spycatcher, has so many details and expertise of scenarios that you automatically begin to see yourself as the main character. Will Cochrane is a super elite MI6 agent code named Spartan, who goes out to seek his father's killer who has plotted to strike against the US or the UK. This plot sends him and his crew on a hunt for Meggido, a mastermind behind many of Iran's terrorist plots to bring down the west. Little does Will know that this mission is perhaps the most perilous mission that he and his crew will face. Will's pick of the finest trained operative's may never see the end of this mission. Does Will have what it takes to bring Meggido down, or will he succumb to his most deadly nemesis to date? Spycatcher is a never ending twist of action, mystery, and never ending action that you will not want to put the book down from the moment you open the cover! I received this book compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. I have to give this book a 5 out of 5 stars for the storyline that sounds like it came out of experience rather than imagination! A must read for all of the military, mystery, and spy junkies! Thank you Matthew for such an exhilarating ride while reading! Thank you Matthew Dunn for Spycatcher!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In New York, MI6 agent Will "Spartan" Cochrane searches for Iranian Revolutionary Guard international terrorist Megiddo. Spartan's hunt is professional as the agencies know this terrorist has a nasty scheme and personal as this terrorist killed his father over two decades ago. Having been shot, Spartan works the case injured but will not rest until this animal is stopped. He locates the alleged former lover of Megiddo in Paris. Journalist Lana Beseisu agrees to assist Will even as they are attracted to one another. However, Spartan vows to keep his hands off his partner until the mission is completed; then all bets are off. As they get closer to their target, Megiddo proves quite elusive. This is a fun espionage counterterrorist thriller starring a fascinating hero who seems like a combination of Doc Savage and his entire team. Spartan's extreme fitness training enables him to deal with a multitude of wounds though it still seems over the top but in an entertaining way. Fans of cat and mouse spy games will relish the chess match as this is one British field agent who prefers the cold. Harriet Klausner
casual2atee More than 1 year ago
Spy-thriller is not my typical genre read but this one caught my eye and I figured I should round out my reader's advisory. Will Cochrane is an MI6 agent who, over the course of the years, has lost his family, any sense of personal identity, and survives only on the adrenaline surge of his work. Suddenly, though, Will comes face to face with not only his family history and the opportunity to avenge his father's death (also a former agent), but also the call to necessarily save the West from a ruthless, elusive terrorist. Dunn's writing is lightening quick, engaging and seemingly well-researched, as his personal experience as an agent for British Secret Intelligence Service would indicate. My only questionable thought during the adventure was, "Just how many times can one man be knifed, shot, and hit in the head and walk about the next day?" Okay, maybe also, "Will they really let you fly that stoned? Maybe it's a first class thing." The next installment, Sentinel, comes out in August and I look forward to picking it up as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since other reviews have mentioned it, the miraculous healing powers of Will are a bit too much. But other than that this is a very good, well written story. Put yourself in 007 mode and enjoy the book.
BentParrot More than 1 year ago
John le Carré, Matthew Dunn is not. I think Spycatcher's author feels so bound be the Official Secrets Act and other laws that prohibit him from divulging operational aspects and duties related to his work in intelligence, that he fell compelled to create a work so outrageous and preposterous that it would be unbelievable. In that, he succeeded. If you like super action heroes, you will love the protagonist, Will Cochrane. By page three hundred, I lost count of the number of times he was shot, stabbed, blown up, strangled, and nearly froze to death. Nevertheless, he always rises to the challenge and dispatches the bad guys post-haste. The plot jump back and forth among cities in the Balkans such as Zagreb and Sarajevo, to Paris, Prague, Zurich, Vienna, New York, Boston, Montreal, and Washington. The only constant is the snow. The climactic battle takes place over one hundred or so pages in the frozen wilderness of upstate New York. There, the body count of Iranian terrorists rises dramatically, until the final confrontation with the Number One evildoer in upper Manhattan, and the race against the clock to thwart his 9-11 type attack.The plot finale can be deduced a quarter way through the book. Yes, it is that amateurish! If you want exciting, nonstop, if incredulous, action, buy the book. But if you are looking for intelligent, thought-provoking fiction about the dark world of spies, counterspies, and intelligence - a la John le Carré - save your money. This book ain't gonna do it.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Extremely slow. Limited descriptions of action scenes. Could not finish.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is very long and the reading is tedious. Very little dialog. Descriptions are so detailed that the main thought of the description is lost. Very, very violent. I won't be buying the sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the intrigue.
KenCady More than 1 year ago
There is a lot to like in Mathew Dunn's novel, Spycatcher. But you have to ignore a lot to enjoy it. A terrorist threat is discovered, but where and against whom is unknown. Massive death could result. So the US spares 4 CIA agents and Britain spares one M16 agent. That's right. In the face of this horrible threat the government can only muster up 5 men to fight it. They then bring in a woman who might have ties to the mastermind of the threat. Apparent romance is ensuing between her and the lead agent. Romance that is so wooden that the reader is a fool to believe it will come to pass. So we travel the world, this tight band of men trained to kill matching wits in place after place until one or more of them is down. Does the government then come up with replacements in the face of this horror? Um, no. The resulting chase to stop the bad guys leads to a cheap New York hotel. What happens there is amazing. What happens after that is amazing. By now you know what I might mean by amazing. Enjoy.
Papa51 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
pretty good but predictable at the end
iddrazin on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Matthew Dunn¿s Spycatcher is undoubtedly the best written, most exiting, and original spy thriller of the past decade. It is filled with drama, with twists and turns. Each of his fifty-three chapters has new developments, thrills, suspense, and excitements. Dunn is a former MI6 field officer who conducted seventy-six missions, all successfully. He knows his craft as he demonstrates in his book. Will Cochrane, the hero, is a seasoned MI6 agent, groomed years back, unbeknownst to him, by MI6 and CIA senior spies. He was tarnished in his youth by two events ¿ the brutal murder of his heroic father after a long period of torture, and the death of his innocent mother. He was hardened, to his surprise, by his swift response against his mother¿s attackers who, although he was just a boy, he killed. He grew up seeking revenge against his father¿s murderer and a strong, seemingly opposite feeling of wanting to protect and help the innocent, as he protected his mother.He served, as a young man, in the harshest segment of the French Foreign Legion and became accustomed to facing and not fearing imminent death. He became proficient is making swift proper responses. Then recruited by MI6, he attended college and became a field agent. Now seasoned, with scars across many body part, the results of knife and bullet wounds, he is indispensible to MI6 and the CIA. Yet he tells his handlers that he follows no man¿s orders; he does what he thinks is right to accomplish his mission. So far he has succeeded, so while they don¿t like his independence, they allow it.The two nations turn to him to save the world. Chatter on the internet reveals that a brilliant highly competent but vicious Iranian maniac intends to inflict catastrophic harm to either the US or Britain. But no one know who the maniac is, where he is, and when, where, how, and why he intends to do it. But he seems to be a highly-placed agent in Iran¿s secret service. He may be the man who murdered Cochran¿s father. MI6 is unable to assign agents to help Cochran because they are protecting England¿s important sites. The CIA gives him four superbly trained men from Delta Forces and Seals, among others. Cochran travels through many countries and meets many people, including a woman who he feels he could marry and finally settle down with. But who can he trust?
Ronrose1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
If you only read one spy novel all summer, this has to be the one. Will Cochrane, code name Spartan, of MI6 is British intelligence's secret weapon. He is known only to his handler and the British Prime Minister. When the stakes are too high, the mission seems impossible, and losing is not an option, they give the assignment to Spartan. Once given a mission, he will not stop, regardless of the body count, until it is accomplished or he is dead. It seems nothing can stop this juggernaut, until he is faced with the assignment of capturing the terrorist who threatens the lives of thousands of innocent people and the possible start of a world war. It turns out that this same master spy had brutally tortured and murdered Will's father when Will was just a young boy. Finding and killing this man while avenging his father's death has been a driving force throughout Will's life. It has caused him to become the most efficient and deadly spy in the world. Can he keep his emotions under control long enough to accomplish his most important mission? This book is very well written. It flows smoothly and quickly as the action keeps coming and the bodies pile up. There are more than sufficient plot twists to keep you guessing until the end of the book and leave you yearning for more. This book was provided by the Amazon Vine program and the well read folks at William Morrow publishing.
starlitehouse on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
usuall spy story nothing to leave home for
SamSattler on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Spycatcher: A Novel is very different from what I expected it to be. This modern day spy thriller was written by Matthew Dunn, himself a veteran of Britain¿s MI6, so I expected that the novel would be more realistic than most others of this genre. I was only partially right in that assumption. Dunn¿s rendering of the relationship between the various intelligence agencies (American and British, primarily) and the way that complicated missions are so precisely coordinated rings true for the most part. Realism, however, does not appear to have been Dunn¿s chief objective for Spycatcher.MI6 agent Will Cochrane is more superhero than human being. This man apparently heals faster, and is able to tolerate more pain, than anyone else on the face of the Earth. Within hours of taking three bullets to the stomach (and resigning himself to fact of his impending death), Cochrane is traveling back to the U.K. on a new mission for the American and British governments. This new mission will take its own physical toll on Cochrane but he will again walk away from injuries (and tolerate unbearable levels of pain) that would kill, or at least disable anyone else for days, if not for weeks.Surprisingly, however, this combination of realism and traditional James Bond style heroism works pretty well. Cochrane is charged with capturing an Iranian terrorist before the man can trigger a major event in either the U.K. or the United States. He does not know the terrorist¿s name, his whereabouts, or any specifics of the man¿s plan; he does not even know in which of two countries the attack will occur. Watching Cochrane pull together a team to track down the terrorist is fascinating because the man they are trying to find is every bit as clever as anyone on the team searching for him. The search, in fact, becomes a game of cat and mouse in which the roles of the two men are sometimes reversed as the terrorist begins to manipulate Cochrane¿s efforts to locate him.I enjoyed Spycatcher largely because Cochrane has more personal depth than a James Bond type character. He is a man filled with personal conflicts that go back to his childhood and early teen years, years during which both his parents were shockingly snatched from him. Now, he is dedicated to protecting those unable to protect themselves, leaving him no time for personal relationships. His job with MI6 is his whole world.My only complaint about the novel concerns its climax ¿ a complaint that I will not attempt to detail because, to do so, would require me to spoil the ending for those who have not yet read the book. I will simply say that a key decision made by one of the book¿s main characters at the very end is so farfetched that it taints my overall impression of the book. I am willing to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy all the thriller aspects of Spycatcher, but this one scene is just too much to overlook.That said, if you enjoy spy thrillers, and are looking for a new author and a new superspy, Spycatcher is for you.Rated at: 3.5
llyfrcaru on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Matthew Dunn, former MI6 field officer, has produced a first novel that rings with authenticity and ushers the hero into the most contemporary of situations. A fast-paced page turner that will keep you up all night, reading. Definitely an author to watch.
caitemaire on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It comes to the attention of MI5 and the CIA that the new Evil Empire, Iran, is planning a massive attack on either England or the USA. The Iranian agent in charge must be found and the plot stopped, or thousands will die. To find the him, the two governments turn to Will Cochrane, code name Spartan. He is the only person who has ever successfully completed a super secret training mission to earn this title and, along with a small number of US special forces men, heads off to cities throughout Europe and the US chasing, down the monster who would set off this terrible act and, he hopes, set off a world war.OK, I did not like this book for so many reasons.They fooled me. I read the description that said that because this was written by an actual former MI5 agent, this book would portray a realistic view of spy work. Well, in that the whole middle of the book was boring and repetitious, that may be true. Get on a plane...fly to another city...chase a bunch of bad guys, kill them...off to another city..Oh, but that brings up another issue. In everyone of these incidents, Will seems to get injured. There are the three bullets to his stomach that opens the book, then the gunshot to his shoulder in another fights and the knife sized shards of glass in his legs. I could go on. But not to worry! Those three shots. One day in a secret medical facility and Will is good enough to get on a plane and start his new mission. True, he did feel a bit sick..after three bullets to his stomach! That bullet to the shoulder, which at first renders his arm useless...a soldier takes it out, after it bounces off his bone...and he is right as rain. Shards of glass in your legs. No problem, never mentioned again. It seems he has extraordinary healing powers...OK...Except for a handful of lead characters, everyone is about as deep as a one line description, as thin as cardboard. The dialogue is wooden and unrealistic. Will's talks with his CIA handler are so unrealistic, so flowery, that they belong in a bad romance moves..and I mean bad. I can see the guy reading this, because I assume the target audience for a spy thriller like this is largely men, throwing the book across the room at this point.Sadly, I could go on. Bad plot, bad dialogue, unrealistic or cardboard characters.At best, if I had to describe this book in one word, it would be amateurish . I finished the book, sort of. Big skimming, because I was a bit curious how it would end. I should not have bothered.Usually, I would not have reviewed the book because of that.Then why am I this time?Well, I see this book getting a lot of publicity, a lot of ad space. I have seem written, in a few places, that the publisher sees this as the first in a series starring Will Cochrane. If so, you might foresee that I will not be reading those. But you, my dear reader may see it out there, with the push it is getting and may be tempted to buy it with your hard earned money. I must suggest that you do not.Ignore the blurb on the cover from Lee Child, an author I respect and enjoy, that calls this "one of the year's best thriller debuts". And ignore the author's interview on Amazon by Jeffrey Deaver.Really guys..really..did you read the same book? I really have to wonder. I must say, I am not trusting your opinion anymore.Note to self. Ignore blurbs.
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Really enjoyed this book. Do not usually read spy novels. This one really grabbed me from the start. Look forward to reading the rest of the series I
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not just a skimmer but a skipper. I read the first 100 pages and skipped to the last 20 pages.
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Too many plot spoilers here ruining the book including the ever present harriet klausner who absolutly ruins every book she comes across. Why do these people feel like they have to tell the entire story in their so called reviews? A simple line or two to say if its good or not is enough. Bn pleaseban these plot spoilers and delete their plot spoiling posts.
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