Spooky Sudbury: True Tales of the Eerie & Unexplained

Spooky Sudbury: True Tales of the Eerie & Unexplained

by Mark Leslie, Jenny Jelen


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The magnetic aura surrounding Sudbury, for both the living as well as the once-alive, is the backdrop for tales of mystery, wonder, and outright horror.

"I tried to leave" is a common theme for those from the Sudbury region. People often vow to move away, but something about the Nickel City keeps luring them back. Whether it’s the taste of fresh air – or just the sulphur in the air – it’s hard to move beyond the black rocks, endless lakes, and great openness without longing to come home.

Some are so attached to the northern community that they choose to stick around, even when their physical life is over. After all, if the living can’t leave the place behind, why should the dead?

Spooky Sudbury explores the magnetic aura surrounding the city, for the living as well as the once-alive, in these tales of the supernatural.

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ISBN-13: 9781459719231
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Mark Leslie is the author of  Haunted Hamilton and I, Death as well as the editor of Campus Chills and Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound. Born in Sudbury and raised in Levack, Ontario, he now lives in Hamilton. But the siren song of Sudbury keeps calling him home.

Jenny Jelen
is a newspaper reporter in Sudbury, Ontario, who loves exploring the city she calls home. Her endless curiosity and appreciation for her surroundings inspired her to find out more about her city and the people — both alive and dead — she shares it with.

Table of Contents

SPOOKY SUDBURY – Table Of Contents  [Working Titles]
Sudbury: An Overview 
Sudbury Spooks: Ghosts, Spectres and other Apparitions            
Haunted Mine
                North River Graveyard
                Heritage Hall
                Things in my House
                Burwash Prison
                The Energies Present
                The Hospital
                Morgan Road
We Are Not Alone: UFOs, Flying Saucers and Other Objects in the Sky 
                The 1950's: The Race To (and from) Space
                The 1960's: Did You Just Feel That Movement?
                Various UFO Sightings
                Martian Visitors at Garson Mine
                [Unnamed UFO]
                [Unnamed UFO]
Speculative Sudbury: Aliens, Bigfoot and other Creatures          
                [Unnamed Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings]
                [Unnamed Other creatures/legends]
Strange Sudbury: Other Oddities            
                Blood and Darkness
                Morley's Mine
                Underground Ghost Hunters and the Search for Dark Matter
                The Old Hag Held Me Down While Aliens Abducted My God Helmet
Resources: About Sudbury, About Ghosts, Etc  

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