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I have selected poetry that I have performed in open-mic and always inspires me. Even reading the poems and recognizing the events and times of when written, I'm recharged.
Joseph Campbell, to paraphrase, said in an interview that myth is needed to recharge a person. The myths form who we are and who we choose to part of in a culture.
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What does it take to change the direction of your life? It takes three suitcases. The first suitcase is for your formal clothes and shoes, the second suitcase is for your everyday clothes, and the third suitcase is for your computer equipment. All the other things can be put in storage and picked up by truck when I have found a place I am happy and secure.
Why does a person pack three suitcases? A person may wish to change their life for the betterment and wish to do it formally with enough resources to move properly. However, if a person is in area whereby games are played, the best approach is three suitcases or if the person does hot have all the resources. The three suitcases allow a person to bring themselves to betterment and move.
It is easier to move yourself and change yourself by leaving the past behind. If you are unsure as to what in the past you wish to keep, pack it up, put in storage. When you are calm and in a safe secure area, have a truck pick it up and put in another storage area. Then, sift through the items and decide which part of the past you wish to throw away and do it immediately. The important point of moving towards the future is to look forward and not have the past an anchor that slows you and keeps you in one place.
With the internet, as distance is eliminated to paraphrase Drucker, the third suitcase of the computer allows you to work anywhere and in any area. The benefit is that with the internet, everything being electronically transmitted, and green, the need for bulk is reduced, and the computer you work with can be carried in either a pursue or a small wheeled travel bag.
The important part of the story of the three suitcases is that a change first starts with a change of attitude and the second step is the packing of the three suitcases for the move out. The three suitcases follow the tradition of minimalism which allows you to avoid any excuses for not changing how you live and how you want to live. The live you live is your choice, not others, and if you find something that you don't like, is abusive, or threatening to you, act --- get help and go out of the area where the bad aspects exists. You may have to sacrifice something, and the peace of mind and with the benefits of the peace of are worth more than the initial sacrifice.

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Publisher: DKA Strategic Planning Inc
Publication date: 03/25/2017
Series: Spirit , #1
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About the Author

DIANA KANECKI is currently an artist, author, publisher, model, and executive. Her companies include KaneckiArt, kaneckiart.webs.com, DKA Strategic Planning, Inc., dianakanecki.webs.com, and Kanecki Associates, Inc., kanecki.webs.com. KaneckiArt specializes in the creative arts of fashion, art, advertising, marketing, and legal services for the creative arts. DKA Strategic Planning's mission is to provide executive consulting, intellectual property services (legal, copyright, patent, trademark registrations) and publications through e-books and paperbacks. Kanecki Associates, Inc. mission is to provide off the shelf and innovative intellectual property solutions to aid in new and updated product development.

Some of her interviews are found at

In the creative arts, Ms. Kanecki is a poet, plus size spring/summer model, speaker, fashion designer, artist, and executive. Her modeling includes spring/summer apparel for a major specialty store in the United States and Canada. As a fashioner designer, her creations are fashion forward and casual with the philosophy of express yourself to let your full self bloom. Her artwork isvarious galleries including takingitglobal.org, gg/tigweb.org/diana7. As a poet and speaker, performing before live audiences, her topics include love, relationships, insights into development, and suggestions for improvement of current event issues. All of the skills are used as an executive to help individuals and business clients, part artistic, part behavorial, and part analytical as a Gestalt application.
Ms. Kanecki's executive expertise includes over 30 years helping businnesses, non profits, and NGO's improve their organizations for their customers and associates. In addition, Ms. Kanecki skill set include legal, financial, and change management. Her MBA thesis was on the topic of strategic planning and change management. Her clients include companies, but not limited to, aerospace, medical/pharmaceutical, public social organizations, manufacturing, auto industry, government agencies, and four administrations of The Executive Office of the President.
Ms. Kanecki's educational credentials include 32 credits towards completion of a Doctroral degree in management and organizational behavior, MBA earned in 2005, BS in Pre-Med/Biological Science and Applied Computer Science earned in 1987.

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