Speak the Culture: Italy

Speak the Culture: Italy

by Andrew Whittaker


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Speak the Culture: Italy offers a rich and engaging insight into the events, people and movements that have shaped Italy and the Italians. A guidebook can show you where to go, a phrase-book what to say, but only Speak the Culture: Italy will lead you to the nation’s soul.

The Italian character is complex, contradictory, alluring and infinitely variable: heirs to the greatest empire of the ancient world but almost ungovernable; cradle of western civilization as well as the Mafia; maestros of modern design, mired in old-fashioned bureaucracy; epicentre of the Catholic Church and exemplars of la dolce vita.

Where do you start? Giotto? Caravaggio? Murky Etruscan tombs or the mighty Roman Pantheon?

Speak the Culture: Italy sifts through a sprawling 3,000 year saga and makes sense of it, dissecting architecture, music, food, art, literature, cinema, family and much more.

Culture is covered in its broadest sense, extending into every aspect of Italian life—food and drink, religion, politics, sport, manners, character and so on. While the Italian peninsula has its ancient history, it’s been a unified nation for less than 150 years. Lo Stivale, or the famous Boot, is young: the nuances of strong, surviving regional identities are important and revealed.

Taken as a whole, Speak the Culture: Italy gives you an insight into what it means to be Italian, but it’s also a book to dip into, to learn, for instance, about Giuseppe Verdi, Sophia Loren or Umberto Eco. Easily read and beautifully illustrated, this, the fourth in the Speak the Cultureseries, offers an intimate understanding of Italian life and culture for new residents, second home-owners, holidaymakers, business travelers, students and lovers of Italy everywhere.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781854186287
Publisher: Thorogood
Publication date: 03/24/2010
Series: Speak the Culture
Edition description: Original
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Andrew Whittaker has travelled widely and written extensively on France and the Mediterranean countries.

Table of Contents

1) Identity: The Foundations of Italian Culture
2) Literature and Philosophy
3) Art, Architecture and Design
4) Music, Theatre, Dance and Comedy
5) Cinema and Fashion
6) Media and Communications
7) Food and Drink
8) Living Culture: The State of Modern Italy

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