Sparkle's Ant Pants with Holiday Ant Fun

Sparkle's Ant Pants with Holiday Ant Fun

by Janna Hook


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Sparkle is a little ant who is just starting the adventure of growing up. With the help of friends and family, she realizes that it’s an adventure to grow up. Meeting new friends, working together with kindness. Fabulously fun to read!

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ISBN-13: 9781524647582
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/28/2016
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Sparkle's Ant Pants with Holiday Ant Fun

By Janna Hook


Copyright © 2016 Janna Hook
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4758-2


Deep in the forest, lived a family of Ants and in that family lived a little ant named SPARKLE. Sparkle loved to play and climb trees in the forest.

At the end of the day she would march down to the ground with her friends to get out of the rain and go to bed.

Sparkle woke up every morning underground in her bedroom and began her day eating crumbs for breakfast and getting dressed for the day which always included a set of a play clothes and a diaper.

Sparkle loved her new friends, plus with her ant sister Ryhli to show her the best places to march all day long. Sparkle and Ryhli set off for a long day of fun, and adventure.

All day Sparkle and Ryhli climbed the tall trees with her new friends Amy, Bee, and Jed. The day was quiet windy, but everyone headed right for Sparkle's favorite climbing tree.

Up they all went up, up, up as they all reached their favorite place to sit, suddenly a big wind blew again and Sparkle began to find that the diaper she had on was so heavy, because she was wet. Sparkle fell from the tree branch she was on and got her diaper stuck on the tree branch. Suddenly another big wind blew again and Sparkle was blown back up to the top of the tree branch she was on.

As Sparkle realized that she was safe, Sparkle began to climb right down the tree and then march home.

Sparkle looked up the tree and could see Ryhli and her friends. Although they were all older than her. Sparkle could see that none of her new friends or Ryhli was wearing Ant diaper pants.

After a long march home Sparkle told her mother what had happened and because her ant diaper pants were very wet and heavy that made her fall, but that her diaper got stuck on the branch that saved her from falling all the way to the ground.


Sparkle's mom Rose told Sparkle that she was old enough to be potty trained.

Sparkle's mom Rose told Sparkle to plan to stay home on Saturday, because she didn't have to work.

Together they would potty train Sparkle so she would not have to wear ant diapers anymore. Sparkle was so excited she could hardly sleep.

Just the thought of not wearing her diapers anymore was FANTASTIC!

All night long Sparkle dreamed of her new Ants Pants.

Oh how fun it would be to climb her favorite tree in new Ant Pants, the wind could blow and blow but Sparkle would not fall at all.

Saturday was here and Sparkle got to wear her new Big Girl Ant Pants as long as they stayed dry. And they did.

Sparkle's mom Rose told Sparkle that she had prepared a big pitcher of juice and crumbs for her to eat Sparkle's mom also let her watch whatever she wanted on ANTS WORLD TV.

"This is the best day EVER!" thought Sparkle.

Every half hour Rose would take Sparkle to the bathroom so her pants would stay dry.

The very first time Sparkle sat on the adult potty she wet right away. Not only no more diapers, but no more sitting on the baby potty. Sparkle's mom had taken that out of the bathroom.

"From now on Sparkle you will use the big potty every time you need to go to the bathroom. You will see that when you go to school there are not baby potty's there. You might as well get used to using a big potty".

All day long Sparkle's mom repeated this process.

"Drink a lot Sparkle", Rose said. "By drinking a lot helps you to see how it feels, when you have to go to the bathroom. Sparkle it's time for me to make dinner, let's check your pants to make sure they are dry.

"GOOD JOB Sparkle, you have stayed dry all day. You are now ready to go to Ants ABC Pre-School. Now we need to work on your ABC's and your numbers 123456789,10. That is where you will meet a lot of new friends who live in the Forest".

"Wow! What a good day that will be!" thought Sparkle.

As Sparkle started counting her marching steps as she marched along to her favorite climbing tree, she decided to go over to Ant Ashli's and uncle Chuck's to use their bathroom, so her new Ant Pants would not get wet and she could climb her favorite tree and not to worry about her new Ants Pants getting wet. That just what she did, off to climb her favorite tree she went.

As she got close to the tree, Ryhli and her friends called to Sparkle, "Hurry we are all waiting for you in the tree!"

"THANK YOU EVERYONE!" Sparkle yelled out.

Being a big girl is so fun and an adventure all its own, so many things to do and think about.

As Sparkle got closer to her favorite climbing tree she imagined the ABC's printed right on the tree. So Sparkle began to climb up the tree and started to sing her ABC's. Plus counted her numbers too!

"It's time to go home!" Ryhli said.

Sparkle could not wait to get home to tell her mother all the fun she had that day.


She can go to school with Ryhli and all her new friends to learn how to read and write. "It is fun to be a big girl Ant!" thought Sparkle. "Every day is going to be GREAT!"

Sparkle is so PROUD of herself she knew her mom would be PROUD of her too.

The next day, as Sparkle woke up she could see her sister Ryhli trying on spooky outfits, Sparkle jumped out of bed to ask Ryhli what she was doing?

Rhyli looked at her and said, "Halloween is in two days and you have to dress up in a costume and go around to all our neighbors with a bag and yell Trick or Treat for some reason and when they open the door they will give you a Fun Crumb, it is so much fun! When you get the neighbors!"

Ryhli added, "Watch out for mom and dad they both will want to help you eat all the Fun Crumbs you just got! I always share my Fun Crumbs with them because collecting a bag of treats is just for small Ants like us".


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