Soybean Utilization

Soybean Utilization

by Harry E. Snyder, T.W. Kwon

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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An author should have a good reason before releasing another book to the general public or to students. We think that we have two. The first is that we both do research and teach a course dealing with soybean utilization, and we feel that both the students and instructors have suffered from lack of a suitable textbook. Second, there is a lot of emphasis in graduate programs in Food Science on developing courses of a highly specialized nature based on scientific disciplines rather than on food commodities. For example, the material we have covered in this text might be split into several courses on the chemistry of lipids, the chemistry of proteins, the unit processees of oil extraction, the nutritive aspects of oil seed products, and the food technology of oil seed products. These courses would treat many more commodities and chemical compounds than we have covered here, thus they would have achieved breadth in a different sense.

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ISBN-13: 9789401160643
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
Pages: 346
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1 Production, Marketing, and Sources of Information.- Agricultural Production.- Marketing.- Sources of Information.- Sources Covering All Aspects of Utilization.- Agricultural Production of Soybeans.- Soybean Protein.- Soybean Oil.- Nutrition and Health.- Miscellaneous.- Journals.- References.- 2 Morphology and Composition.- Morphology.- Seed Coat.- Cotyledon.- Germ.- Chemical Composition.- Water.- Lipid.- Protein.- Carbohydrates.- Minor Components.- References.- 3 Processing of Soybeans.- Preparation.- Cleaning.- Drying.- Cracking.- Conditioning.- Full-Fat Soy Flour.- Recent Innovations in Preparation.- Flaking.- Expellers.- Solvent Extraction.- Solvents.- Theories on Solvent Extraction.- Equipment.- Miscella Stripping.- Solvent Removal from Flakes.- Venting.- Oil Refining.- Degumming.- Alkali Refining.- Bleaching.- Hydrogenation.- Winterizing.- Deodorization.- Protein Products.- Meals, Flours, and Grits.- Soy Protein Concentrates.- Soy Protein Isolates.- Texturizing Protein Products.- References.- 4 Quality Criteria for Soy Products.- Protein Products.- NSI and PDI.- Trypsin Inhibitor Assays.- Urease Activity.- Flavor.- Oil Products.- Autoxidation.- Soybean Oil Reversion.- Measures of Autoxidation.- References.- 5 Functional Properties of Soy Proteins.- Interactions of Soy Proteins with Water.- Water Sorption Isotherms.- Water Absorption or Swelling.- Solubility.- Viscosity.- Gelation.- Texturization.- Interactions of Soy Proteins with Lipid.- Lipid Absorption.- Emulsions.- Foaming.- Commentary on Functionality.- References.- 6 Nutritional Attributes of Soybeans and Soybean Products.- Inherent Attributes of Soybeans.- Protein Digestibility.- Lipids.- Fiber and Oligosaccharides.- Trace Minerals.- Goitrogenic Substances.- Estrogenic Compounds.- Changes Due to Processing.- Proteins.- Lipids.- References.- 7 Oriental Soy Food Products.- Traditional Nonfermented Soybean Food Products.- Fresh Soybean (Mao-Tou, China; Put Kong, Korea; Edamame, Japan).- Toasted Soy Powder (Tou-Fen, China; Kong Ka Ru, Korea; Kinako, Japan; Bubuk Kedele, Indonesia).- Soy Sprouts (Huang-Tou-Ya, China; Kong Na Moal, Korea; Diazu No Moyashi, Japan).- Soymilk (Tou-Chiang, China; Kong Kook or Doo Yoo, Korea; Tonyu, Japan).- Soymilk Film (Tou-Fu-Pi, China; Yuba, Japan; Fu Chok, Malaysia).- Soy Curd (Tou-Fu, China; Doo Bu, Korea; Tofu, Japan; Tahu or Tau Foo, Indonesia and Malaysia; Tokua, Philippines).- Traditional Fermented Soybean Food Products.- Fermented Whole Soybeans.- Soy Sauce (Chiang-Yu, China; Kan Jang, Korea; Shoyu, Japan; Kecap, Indonesia and Malaysia; Tayo, Philippines).- Soy Paste (Chiang, China; Doen Jang, Korea; Miso, Japan; Tauco, Indonesia and Malaysia; Tao Si, Philippines).- Fermented Soy Curd (Su-Fu, China).- Fermented Soy Pulp.- References.- 8 Soybean-Supplemented Cereal Grain Mixtures.- Protein-Rich Food Mixtures Containing Soy Flours.- Composite Flours Containing Soy Flour.- Development and Application of Nonwheat Composite Flours.- Development and Application of Composite Flours Containing Wheat Flour.- Cereal Blends Containing Soybeans.- CSM.- Wheat Soy Blend (WSB).- Other Soy Fortified Cereal Products.- References.- 9 Soy Protein Food Products.- Baked Goods.- Breads.- Doughnuts.- Meat Products.- Comminuted Meat Products.- Whole Meat Cuts.- Seafood Products.- Simulated Meat Products.- Dairy Products.- Simulated Milk Products.- Simulated Cheese Products.- Infant Formulas.- Whipped Toppings.- Coffee Whiteners.- Simulated Yogurt Products.- Frozen Deserts.- Other Foods Containing Soy Protein.- Snack Foods.- Infant Foods.- Breakfast Cereals.- Macaroni Products.- Dietary Foods.- Other Products.- References.- 10 Soybean oil Food Products.- Salad and Cooking Oils, Mayonnaise, and Prepared Salad Dressings.- Salad and Cooking Oils.- Mayonnaise.- Prepared Salad Dressings.- Shortenings.- Plastic Shortenings.- Pourable Shortenings.- Dry Shortenings.- Margarines and Related Products.- Regular Margarines (Stick) and Soft Tub Products.- Liquid and Fluid Margarines.- Bakery Margarines.- Soybean Lecithin Products.- Production and Types.- Functions.- References.- 11 Grades, Standards, and Specifications for Soybeans and Their Primary Products.- Grades of Soybeans.- Sampling.- Grading.- Specifications for Soybean Meals and Flours.- Trading Specifications for Soybean Oils.- Specifications for Lecithins.- Standards for the Use of Soy Protein Products in Other Foods.- United States.- Canada.- Western Europe.- Japan.- References.- Glossary of Scientific and Technical Terms.

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