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Some would say that Mickey McPherson has found her own slice of heaven in South Haven, Michigan. Mickey is one of six competitive athletes who have chosen to spend their summer in this coastal paradise that the visitors have rightfully nicknamed, “South Heaven.”

South Heaven takes you to the beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. Big boats, beach volleyball, wealthy friends and spectacular sunsets make for a fun-filled summer. Temptations quickly strike these sun-tanned athletes. Paradise has a dark-side and devours the weak. Life changing circumstances happen based on split-second decisions made in the heat of the moment.

Mickey comes from a strong Christian family and education. Her friends, both old and new, are adrenaline junkies searching for a good time. Will her beliefs be challenged or will she stay true to God, family and herself?

You will feel the warm summer sun kiss your skin and hear the waves lapping onto the sandy shores as you partake in this literary adventure in South Heaven, Michigan.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937355258
Publisher: Big Mac Publishers
Publication date: 08/27/2016
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.33(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter One 1
Chapter Two 6
Chapter Three 12
Chapter Four 15
Chapter Five 19
Chapter Six 22
Chapter Seven 25
Chapter Eight 29
Chapter Nine 32
Chapter Ten 37
Chapter Eleven 40
Chapter Twelve 43
Chapter Thirteen 48
Chapter Fourteen 53
Chapter Fifteen 56
Chapter Sixteen 61
Chapter Seventeen 64
Chapter Eighteen 72
Chapter Nineteen 74
Chapter Twenty 76
Chapter Twenty-One 79
Chapter Twenty-Two 82
Chapter Twenty-Three 86
Chapter Twenty-Four 90
Chapter Twenty-Five 96
Chapter Twenty-Six 100
Chapter Twenty-Seven 102
Chapter Twenty-Eight 104
Chapter Twenty-Nine 108
Chapter Thirty 111
Chapter Thirty-One 114
Chapter Thirty-Two 117
Chapter Thirty-Three 121
Chapter Thirty-Four 124
Chapter Thirty-Five 129
Chapter Thirty-Six 133
Chapter Thirty-Seven 136
Reader Guide 140
About the Author 143
North of Wrong 144

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