Sound Words Seen

Sound Words Seen

by Charles W Bechtel


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A collection of poetry written by a novelist.

In these are contained close observations turned into sound, as poetry is meant to be read aloud. Some are derived from personal experiences intensely felt, others from observations of what others have done.

The author, Charles Bechtel, has explored many forms: haiku, haibun, sonnet, rhyming couplets, free verse, always with an ear for the crafted sound and an eye for the specific and singular events.

Always looking for the unique image perfectly framed to deliver a succinct thought, Bechtel crafts more than writes his poems. He believes the point is to use the fewest number of words to bring the reader to the sharpest association with his experiences.

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ISBN-13: 9781484045671
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2013
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Spring Lake, North Carolina, April, 1953, fourth day, five minutes past midnight (thus late for my parents' anniversary, which sets a standard for all such events from then on.)

a long while back, when colleges offered to improve human beings attending their classes, not dedicate themselves to the function of making a person employable. Ahh, the good old days.
Undergraduate degree: In English from a State college in Glassboro, NJ, that changed its name to Rowan University when Mr. Rowan gave it a huge wad of cash.

Master degree:
In English from Temple University in 1996, which is where I got to learn exactly what I needed to know from David H. Bradley, the author of a fine book, "The Chaneysville Incident" (among others) which I recommend reading. Otherwise, graduate school for writers is a waste of time and money.

I married to the finest woman on Earth, by accounts of many others more than myself: Manuela.
I had married once before, but for practice. It lasted a mere sixteen months.
Manuela brought with her two wonderful young ladies, Elizabeth (Baby Beth) and Manuela (Meme), who each in turn delivered into my life young ladies of inestimable worth: Sky (b. 2003) Lucy (b. 2007) and Mia (b. 2008.) Though I give to each huge chunks of my heart, doing so has increased that heart's size.

Work History:
Let's say I worked, and have enjoyed no occupation more than Educator. My students put their trust in me; I put my faith in them. Pretty much always works out.

What I do for fun: Everything. If it is not fun, I quickly stop doing it. (see Work, above)

Writing Philosophy:
Make sense by appealing to the senses.

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