Soul Awakening: The Journey from Ego to Essence

Soul Awakening: The Journey from Ego to Essence

by Barry Martin Snyder, Karen L Anderson


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Has the world ever been more in need of the peace, love, and stillness of the soul? The discord, violence, and destruction that are all too common the world over attest to the soul-forgetting that is epidemic among humanity. As integral aspects of the Divine, we are designed to live in peace, joy, and harmony. But asleep to our true, essential nature, we create dis-ease, limitation, and suffering.

Thus, the crises that surround us cannot be fixed out there, for their fundamental cause lies within. Only a radical reorientation of consciousness, a fundamental inner shift from ego to soul, will enable us to find our way through the perfect storm of challenges that lie before us, individually and collectively.

For more than two decades, the authors of Soul Awakening have facilitated direct experiences of the inner divinity that is our true Self. This book relates the journey that brought them into this capacity, and summarizes all that they have learned about what expedites connecting with and living from the soul. Guided inner journeys into the soul realm enable readers to directly experience the luminous, loving presence of the true Self, and access its wise counsel and healing power.

The simultaneous process of transcending ego and awakening to the soul is humanity's next evolutionary step. As a guide to the journey, Soul Awakening provides potent evolutionary support for all phases of the process. Because it relates actual experiences of awakening -- those of the authors, as well as their clients during soul-awakening sessions -- Soul Awakening contains a living transmission of the energy and consciousness of the essential Self. The stories presented here center around the archetypal passages and initiations in the journey of awakening, along with the consciousness tools the authors used to meet the challenges they faced. Vicariously experiencing these transformational journeys allows readers to "download" the holographic process of awakening and experience it within their own consciousness.

The evolutionary stimulation in Soul Awakening is relevant to beginners on the spiritual path as well as those who have deeply explored the spiritual world for decades. Many who have meditated for years have not yet experienced a direct, palpable immersion into their indwelling divinity. Soul Awakening provides guided inductions into the soul realm within, as well as the domain of the vast, multidimensional Self. Utilizing these inner processes over time facilitates the fundamental, all-important shift from identifying with the ego to knowing we are a vast, multidimensional soul. As the inner luminosity of the soul comes forth, we birth the Luminous Self that has lived within us forever, waiting to be rediscovered and embodied.

With a Foreword by Kiara Windrider, Soul Awakening is the first book in the Birthing the Luminous Self trilogy. Subsequent volumes to be released during 2011 are entitled Agents of Grace and We Are the Awakening Christ.

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About the Author

Barry Martin Snyder and Karen Anderson are evolutionary catalysts who have been blessed with the gift of activating the direct, conscious connection with the soul. They have facilitated soul awakenings in sessions and groups for more than two decades.

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