Songs from the Movie

Songs from the Movie

by Mary Chapin CarpenterMary Chapin Carpenter




Though singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter was initially considered a country performer, she was never easily boxed in; her interests and songs ran from folk to rock to pop, and she never reined them in. She was part of an anti-establishment group of writers and performers who came from the East Coast acoustic music scene and hit Nashville in the late 1980s. Most are footnotes now, but Carpenter has remained vital, productive, and has a track record of consistency most artists would -- or at least should -- envy. She was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012. Songs from the Movie finds her revisiting her own catalog and revisioning it. She chose ten songs and enlisted Grammy-winning arranger Vince Mendoza to orchestrate them. Backed by a 63-piece orchestra, a 15-voice choir, and some prime session players in select places (Peter Erskine, Matt Rollings, Luis Conte), and recorded at the Sir George Martin-founded AIR studios in London. Carpenter bravely executes these songs with the taste she has exhibited throughout her career. Her singing voice has never been particularly powerful, but her crystalline contralto has always gotten her lyrics across convincingly and honestly. Mendoza's charts treat that voice with respect and dignity. They are seldom overtly ornate and they never overpower her singing. For her part, Carpenter is more restrained than usual here; she doesn't attempt to become an extension of the orchestra's and choir's grandeur, but instead offers a subtle, deliberately understated delivery that allows lyrics and music to become part and parcel of an unfolding story. As a result, standout tracks such as "I Am a Town," "The Dreaming Road," "Come On Come On," "Mrs. Hemingway," and closer "Goodnight America," add poignant reverie to the original versions. And as a whole, these songs highlight and accentuate the set's title; Songs from the Movie becomes an almost painterly soundtrack that is indeed a nearly visual exteriorization of the interior world, travels, and travails of Carpenter as a songwriter. At times, this album is nearly exquisite, at all others, it is beautiful.

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Release Date: 01/14/2014
Label: Rounder / Umgd
UPC: 0601143114724
catalogNumber: 431147


  1. On and On It Goes
  2. I Am a Town
  3. Between Here and Gone
  4. Ideas Are Like Stars
  5. The Dreaming Road
  6. Only a Dream
  7. Come On Come On
  8. Mrs. Hemingway
  9. Where Time Stands Still
  10. Goodnight America

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mary Chapin Carpenter   Primary Artist
Peter Erskine   Percussion
Vince Mendoza   Conductor
Matt Rollings   Piano
Tony Lewis   Cello
Mark Berrow   Violin
Luis Conte   Percussion
Yona Dunsford   Choir, Chorus
Liz Edwards   Violin
Richard Edwards   Tenor Trombone
Roger Garland   Violin
Claire Henry   Choir, Chorus
Garfield Jackson   Viola
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Paul Kegg   Cello
Gary Kettel   Percussion
Martin Loveday   Cello
Rita Manning   Violin
Kate Musker   Viola
Anthony Pleeth   Cello
Maciej Rakowski   Violin
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
George Robertson   Viola
David Theodore   Oboe
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Alex Gibson   Choir, Chorus
Dave Arch   Piano
Bill Hawkes   Viola
Peter Lale   Viola
Paul Willey   Violin
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Frank Schaefer   Cello
Bruce White   Viola
Andrew Parker   Viola
David Fuest   Clarinet
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Helen Keen   Flute,Alto Flute
Julian Leaper   Violin
Stephen Maw   Contrabassoon
Oren Marshall   Tuba
Jane Marshall   Oboe
Everton Nelson   Violin
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Deborah Widdup   Violin
Anna Noakes   Flute,Alto Flute
Michael Valerio   Acoustic Bass
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Stacey Watton   Bass
Polly May   Choir, Chorus
Tom Pearce   Choir Master
David Stewart   Bass Trombone
Jon Carnac   Clarinet
Chris Parkes   Horn
Joanna Forbes   Choir, Chorus
Patrick Lannigan   Bass
Vicci Wardman   Viola
Richard Skinner   Bassoon
Thomas Bowes   Violin
Alice Fearn   Choir, Chorus
Rebecca Trehearn   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Mair   Bass
Abbie Osmon   Choir, Chorus
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
David Chatterton   Bassoon
Christopher Tombling   Violin
David Woodcock   Violin
Karen Jones   Flute,Alto Flute
Jonathan Evans-Jones   Violin
Jonathan Williams   Cello
Jonathan Rees   Violin
Phillip Eastop   Horn
Richard Berry   Horn
John Bradbury   Violin
Michael Kidd   Horn
Soophia Foroughi   Choir, Chorus
Eloise Irving   Choir, Chorus
Dani May   Choir, Chorus
Chloe Morgan   Choir, Chorus
Caitlyn Gordon   Choir, Chorus
Nikki Kenedy   Choir, Chorus
Mike Hext   Tenor Trombone
Leah Jackson   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Vince Mendoza   Producer,Orchestration
Matt Rollings   Producer
Mary Chapin Carpenter   Composer,Producer
Geoff Foster   Engineer
Chuck Ainlay   Engineer
Thomas Bowes   Orchestra Leader
Richard Macintyre   Cover Design

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