Sometimes Puppy Misses His Family: What does Puppy do when he misses his family?

Sometimes Puppy Misses His Family: What does Puppy do when he misses his family?


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The storyline:

Puppy is having a fun day at school. However, sometimes he thinks about his family and start feeling sad. Fortunately, he knows what to do when he misses his family. He goes to get his family picture. His teacher reads him the notes from his family on the back of the photo and Puppy feels happy again. He plays more until he is reunited with family at the end of the day.

Why this book?

This book not only helps children to ease their separation anxiety at school, but also is a family-participated learning tool. Using the well-know pediatrician and psychoanalyst, Donald Woods Winnicott's idea of transitional object, the purpose of the book is to invite family to bring a familiar object or a family picture with their children to school. Additionally, a note written by the families will remind the children that their families think, love, and miss them, too. Evolved from a teaching project, this Puppy book and its associated activities have helped children to regulate their anxiety about being away from their families. With some scaffolding from the teachers, the goal is for children to develop self regulation skills, such as actively seeking their comforting objects or family photo and ask a teacher to read their family notes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692909836
Publisher: Shiyu Zhang
Publication date: 06/18/2017
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

Shiyu Zhang recently received her master's degree in Infant Mental Health from Mills College. She worked with young children and their families in preschool and clinical settings. This book evolved from one of her teaching projects. Now, she is a community advocate devoted to reducing mental health stigma in the Chinese community.

Lu Chen is a freelance illustrator and art teacher in Beijing. She earned her teaching credential from Beijing Normal University and taught elementary school art class for four years before opening her own creative studio. Aside from creating and teaching art, Lu has turned her studio into a healthy kitchen for her young students.

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