So You Think You Know the Bible

So You Think You Know the Bible

by danny williams


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It all started July 27, 1959, in a little town right outside of Hammond, L.A. I was born to the proud parents of Mr. L.C. Office & Mrs. Eve Mae Williams. I was the seventh child; and attend West Jefferson High School in Harvey, L.A. I left high school and went on to join the Army. Come home from the military that’s when the bottom fell out, I was right at about 19 year’s of age; when I traded having fun fro drama. I gave up walking and started running and when the smoke settled I end up in prison. In the later part of the 80’s I thought I had turned it around, but my life was more down than up. After returning home to my mother I meet a lady by the name of Sis Ann. She wasn’t a palm reader, or councils or she didn’t even have a job. But the thing she introduce me to was further more greater than all his name was Jesus Christ. She invited me to church I went she introduced me to home bible study and other people that was into church. She tried her best with the help of the Hold Spirit to plant a seed on unfertiled soil; I just then get it. Here we go again I’m back in prison. In 89 I was teaching & preaching in prison I learned how to become a man; and through the word of God I learned how to respect other. Having Christ on my life I learned not to judge other. Somewhere in the 90’s while during time in prison I was given a vision an just started writing; it was fun the Holy Spirit would quiz me. I would answer the questions and just write before you knew it I had accumulated about 10 pages of Bible trivia answers & questions. Questions from your heart and answers from the Bible I just went on - - on on. In 99 returned to citied not having the book completed, but having more than enough to teach God’s people. Once again I started looking to my left and my right I took my eyes off of Jesus and you know the rest of the story.

When I did pick this book up again for to complete it, it had accumulated so much dust. At that time I knew the devil’s intent was for me to bury it. Then I knew that this was a good book. I never looked back again an the book is completed now. It’s a book of questions and then come the answers; great Bible studies, it’s a preacher’s tool and it’s a Deacon’s trademark. The stewards eye opener; here’s the thing engineer knew everything on building a airplane, bridges and even putting levee back together. After all hi an engineer we expect him to know. In that same way we as deciphers of Christ should knew everything about the Bible all 66 books. In conclusion we are living in some critical time we know we can’t depend on our words so let’s depend on God’s word.


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