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So-Cal Speed Shop's Hot Rod Classics


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Release Date: 05/27/2014
Label: Rockbeat Records
UPC: 0089353317324
catalogNumber: 3173
Rank: 76165


Disc 1

  1. The Lively Set
  2. Hot Rod Jalopy
  3. Action Packed
  4. Chester Riley
  5. Dragstrip Baby
  6. Rev Up
  7. Pink Cadillac
  8. Body By Fisher
  9. Rocket 88
  10. Rocket 88 (Commercial)
  11. Real Gone Daddy
  12. Black Car X
  13. Big Machine
  14. Mattel's Hot Rodder Engine (Commercial)
  15. Big Mean Machine
  16. Ride On Josephine
  17. Every Woman I Know
  18. Motorhead Baby
  19. Brand New Automobile
  20. Golden Hubcaps
  21. Red Hot Car
  22. Oil On the Track
  23. Riding In the Moonlight
  24. In My Thunderbird
  25. Champion Sparkplugs (Commercial)
  26. Spark Plug
  27. Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped Up Model Ford
  28. Drag Strip
  29. Three Carburetors
  30. Slow Down Baby
  31. I Was Gone

Disc 2

  1. Take a Ride With Me
  2. Travelin'
  3. The Green Monster Carro Verde
  4. Leadfoot
  5. Tranfusion
  6. If You Don't Know
  7. Von Hutch the Mad Pinstriper
  8. Mr. Highway Man
  9. Hot Car Girl (Trailer)
  10. Devil's Driver Theme
  11. Interstate 45
  12. Riding Shotgun
  13. Hot Rod Teenager (Soundbite)
  14. Road Runnah
  15. Black Cadillac
  16. Cadillac Lover
  17. Loud Mufflers
  18. Rag Roof Roadster
  19. Drag
  20. Hot Rod Boogie
  21. Hot Rod Hades
  22. Race With the Devil
  23. When Johnny Comes Draggin' Home
  24. Service With a Smile
  25. Oklahoma Service Station (Commercial)
  26. Out of Gas
  27. What a Dolly
  28. Big Green Car
  29. Cruising
  30. Sixteen Miles

Disc 3

  1. Crankshaft Sid
  2. Dragster
  3. Lions Drag Strip (Interview)
  4. Starter's Nightmare
  5. Speedway Rock
  6. Fastest Short In Town
  7. '32' Ford
  8. Double Mirror Wrap Around Shades
  9. Ride Along Baby
  10. Expressway
  11. She Took My Oldsmobile
  12. Firing Up
  13. Dusters
  14. Hydromatic (Commercial 1952)
  15. Hydromatic Woman
  16. Lonely Travelin'
  17. Ramble
  18. Black Cadillac
  19. Cadillac Man
  20. Chicky Run
  21. Message From James Dean
  22. Hot Rod Baby
  23. Drag Race
  24. Race For Time
  25. Straightaway
  26. A Hot Rodder's Dream
  27. '36 3 Window Coupe
  28. Hot Rod Kelly
  29. Hot Rods To Hell Trailer
  30. Last Drag

Disc 4

  1. Mustang Sally
  2. My Old Car
  3. Driveway Blues
  4. Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'
  5. Scramble
  6. Flashin' Red
  7. Fire Engine Baby
  8. Ford and Shaker
  9. She Was a Big Wheel
  10. Little Side Car
  11. Track Down Baby
  12. Hey Little Car Hop
  13. Hot Rod
  14. Carl Perkins Concert Peomotion
  15. Pop, Let Me Have the Car
  16. Slappin' Rods and Leaky Oil
  17. Draggin' the Drive-Inns
  18. Spinning My Wheels
  19. It's a Ford (Commercial)
  20. Dig That Ford
  21. Buggy Ride
  22. Hot Rod Harry (the Coolest Cat In Town)
  23. I Want a Lavendar Cadillac
  24. Stay Out of Automobiles
  25. Let's Coast Awhile
  26. Hot Rod Baby
  27. Please Return Your Speaker (Drive-In Movie Announcement)
  28. Drive-In Movie
  29. Little 40 Ford
  30. Hopped Up Mustang
  31. Shiftin' Gears
  32. Hot Rod Racing
  33. The Last Drag

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Scatman Crothers   Vocals
Jimmy Stringer   Vocals

Technical Credits

Rudy Ray Moore   Composer
Jerry "Boogie" McCain   Composer
Dick Dale   Composer
Gene Vincent   Composer
Barry De Vorzon   Composer
George Hamilton   Composer
James Austin   Producer
Jackie Brenston   Composer
Chuck Brooks   Composer
Harold Jackson   Composer
Bert Keyes   Composer
Manuel Rodrigues   Composer
Dan Shea   Composer
Eddie Fontaine   Composer
Bob Gaddy   Composer
Elliot Kendall   Compilation Assistant
Crazy Crickets   Composer
Fender Benders   Composer
Bill Holden   Composer
Shutdowns   Composer
Bobby Verne   Composer
Julie Vlasak   Art Direction
Jack Rhodes   Composer
Harry Stride   Composer
John Sudetta   Composer
Nick Watson   Composer
George Weston   Composer
Jerry Woodard   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Baker Knight   Composer
Gene Simmons   Composer
Joyce Green   Composer
Don Carson   Composer
Larry Dowd   Composer
Ray Burden   Composer
Arlen Sanders   Composer
Dean Stevens   Composer
Andy Halmay   Composer
Eddie Deane   Composer
Doug Harden   Composer
Chester Burnett   Composer
Bonny Rice   Composer
Sabres   Composer
Don Pearly   Composer
Jimmy Carroll   Composer
Berry Bros.   Composer
Ben Harper   Composer
Cookie Roberts   Composer
Chris Frogett   Cover Design
Alex Xydias   Executive Producer
"Peso"   Composer
Cincos   Composer
Charlie Broome   Composer
Jack Bowman   Composer
Jimmy Stringer   Composer
Peter Chapouris   Producer

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