Smoking: Why to Quit How to Quit How to Keep Your Kids From Smoking

Smoking: Why to Quit How to Quit How to Keep Your Kids From Smoking


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Now, a fact-filled new book gives smokers of any age the information, instruction, and inspiration they need to clear dangerous tobacco smoke from their lives and the lives of those around them. Smoking: Why to Quit, How to Quit, How to Keep Your Kids From Smoking is an indispensable resource that not only focuses on how to quit, but provides a wealth of compelling data on the many reasons to quit now and forever. The book includes a foreword by celebrated actor Jack Klugman, a former smoker who battled and survived cancer caused by his smoking.

The work of medical writer Muriel L. Crawford, who has studied the subjects of smoking and addiction for over thirty years, this easy-to-read, eye-opening book will educate you about the dangers and disadvantages of smoking or other tobacco use; convince you to quit tobacco use; and show you the best ways to quit, including how to prepare to quit and how to overcome nicotine addiction and the habits that trigger smoking. In addition, it will provide parents with the vital tools they need to convince their children not to smoke.

Divided into three sections, the book first comprehensively clarifies the dangers from smoking and secondhand smoke exposure, detailing with scientific rigor the numerous severe effects of smoking such as disability and early death; blood vessel diseases; heart disease; stroke; cancer; lung disease; mental disorders; digestive tract disorders; fires; and more. Drawing from her extensive background in the field, Crawford compiles evidence that is impossible to ignore.

From there, Crawford lays out a sound plan for quitting tobacco, from coming to the decision to quit through remaining a nonsmoker for life. Covering everything from motivation to the many benefits of quitting, the author also shows how to guard against negative fallout, like weight gain. The strategy for quitting includes avoiding temptation, overcoming nicotine addiction, and conquering habits that trigger smoking urges. Following this, Crawford offers a method to help ensure that your children do not start smoking.

Based on numerous scientific studies, Smoking: Why to Quit, How to Quit, How to Keep Your Kids From Smoking is certain to help smokers make the life-changing choice to forever banish cigarettes from their lives, and enjoy the many rewards of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781484083383
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/04/2013
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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