Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

by Stephen King, Owen King
3.5 49


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Sleeping Beauties: A Novel 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 51 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I'm guessing this was 90% Owen & 10% Stephen. Very hard to read at times & I can't stress enough that I read to get away from the real world....especially politics. I don't care about your politics; write an entertaining book! I don't know if I will buy another Stephen King book. It was bad enough to pay $17 for an e-book & it got a lot worse when you could tell right away that it was not a Stephen King novel!
Anonymous 6 months ago
As a constant reader of King's I'm annoyed and insulted by this book. Page 24: I have to force myself to stop reading. I should have known by the synopsis what the agenda is here. Also, nepotism sucks.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I enjoy reading Stephen King books, but I read to get away.from politics. Hate Trump....Love Trump...just keep your personal opinions out of yourbooks.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Underwhelming to say the least! I was expecting so much better.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Great book. What is tragic is how ignorant so many readers are; demanding entertainment without social commentary. Art, literature, film--these are not produced in a vacuum. Since the dawn of writing things happen in context. We simply have to improve our educational system, or we will continue to produce people angry that they were asked to think about serious issues, and voting for a vile reality show star as if he were a statesman worthy of our highest office.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Had a slow start for me but i was all in by page 50!
Anonymous 5 months ago
The only reason Stephen King's name on it to help Owen. Owen is not like his brother Joe Hill and it shows with Sleeping Beauties. It was boring and overlong.
Anonymous 5 months ago
A very disappointing book
TeresaKS 5 months ago
I was really put off by the price tag on this book....$16.99 for an ebook that's 650ish pages! But being a Stephen King fanatic, I paid the price. I don't know that I will be doing that again. I love, love, love Stephen King but hated this book. If you're reading the reviews before purchasing, pass on this one. Normally I can't put his books down, but this one was so boring and lacking that I had difficulty finishing it.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Couldn't put it down, as usual.
Anonymous 26 days ago
King's talent for character development seems to have LEFT him in this novel
Anonymous 3 months ago
Classic King. You cheer for the hero and the villain. Then, you get confused about who the villain really is. Everyone is good and bad.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This is the last King book I will ever buy. This makes me sad because I have collected his books for most of my life. This books was nothing but an excuse to shove his politics down your throat. The story premise started out great but quickly dissolved into a metaphor for all that Mr. King thinks is wrong with our country. Two stars because he still tells a good story.
Anonymous 3 months ago
A remarkable portrayal of 1950s rural America. Oh wait, this novel preposterously takes place in the current day where men call women "skirts" and 1990s tennis player Monica Seles anachronistically is still grunting her ground strokes. King and son's extraordinarily patronizing view of women too helpless and meek to function aside the oppressive and predatory version of the authors' contemporary Western male is not, alas, parody. In brutal contrast to King's simplifying demonization of Western culture as systemically oppressing and abusing females en masse in servitude and submission, hundreds of millions of real women, on this and not King's version of earth, suffer under the sanctioned oppression of Sharia or other actual patriarchal and disempowering male societies. After pondering for days as to how such a gifted and often wise writer could produce such nonsense, I arrived at a theory; that Mr. King wrote this while in the throes of severe PTSD after watching his Dark Tower masterpiece mangled beyond all recognition and realizing he had eliminated any possibility of his magnum opus ever being properly adapted to film. Or another theory: that he wrote purposefully his worst novel by far to distract from cinema's worst ever adaption.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Here's another King book that takes the reader on an adventure that is fantastically scary in its realism in the human emotion.
Anonymous 1 hours ago
Very well written and it kept my attention!
Anonymous 8 hours ago
This feels like a rushed crammed together collection unlike what any of his previous short story collections have been like. Boring and not even a little captivating or scary. Even the Dark Tower story was a let down. I spent $9 too much on this.
Mr7t 5 days ago
Awesome story.
Anonymous 7 days ago
I'm not a credible reviewer when it comes to Stephen King. I've devoured all his books and watched all his movies. His creative mind captivates me...I credit him for helping me to back off traditional decisions during my career and allowing more creative responses and ideas play at work. I'm always amazed how I can totally visualize his stories in my head yet when it comes to explaining the book to others, I sound like a crazy person. King's stories are not predictable - I impatiently wait for the next book, as I have for over 40 years.
Anonymous 7 days ago
A long read! Good descriptive characters.
Twink 15 days ago
I'm a long time Stephen King fan, having read everything he's ever written. His sons, Owen King and Joe Hill are also talented writers. Sleeping Beauties is a joint effort between father and son Owen. Sleeping Beauties is set in a small Appalachian town where the biggest employer is the women's prison. I love the weirdness that creeps into King's small towns. This one is no exception. As the women of the town start falling asleep, they become covered by white, gauzy tendrils. And once they're asleep and covered, well, they don't wake up. If the covering is torn away - let's just say it's not good for the men. There's one woman who has no trouble waking and sleeping with no ill effects. Who is the mysterious Evie? As more and more women fall asleep, the men begin to panic....are they ready for a world with no women? On the one hand, Sleeping Beauties is a classic King horror tale. Taking something as innocuous as falling asleep and running with it. I love King's sideways view of the world and the pockets of unreality he imagines. But you could also look at the book with a different eye as well - in a social commentary sense if you will. Women's rights, the abuse of those rights, sexism, violence and more. There's also a snake in a tree and a woman called Evie.......'nuff said. There's a choice to be made by the women in the book. (Yep, including the sleepers) I chose to listen to Sleeping Beauties. I've often said that listening to a book immerses me more fully in the story than reading. This was definitely the case for Sleeping Beauties. The performer (because she did more than narrate!) was Marin Ireland - and she was fantastic! She has a bold voice, easy to listen to and so very, very expressive. There are many characters in this novel and she created numerous voices, accents, tones and cadences to illustrate them. Her interpretation of the book was spot on. How much of the book is Steven and how much is Owen? You know, it's not something I ever tried to discern. Instead, I happily popped in my earbuds for twenty five hours of what if...... and enjoyed every moment of it.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Has a little of The Stand kind of feel to it, but I could tell Owen had a hand in this as well. Good stuff.
Anonymous 23 days ago
Great book
FrancescaFB 26 days ago
An incredible collaboration on a story so creepy—but making you stop and think about how we, as human beings, treat each other—and how we shape and influence each other’s personalities and lives. It makes you wonder why people turn out the way that they do, why they do the things they do. Stephen has always had an insane imagination, and now Owen is following right along in his footsteps (nod here too to Joe!). This Constant Reader is still having fun!!
Anonymous 29 days ago
Not really sure what to think of it. For some indescribable reason, I cant explain, I kind of understand where they wanted to go with this, but I feel as if there was too much left hanging. Not the usual hang at the end that would lead us to another book for a second go around, but just hanging.