Sleep: Lyrics: Personal Notes, Stories and Lyrics to

Sleep: Lyrics: Personal Notes, Stories and Lyrics to "Sleep", by Kimberly Freeman


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Pages scanned directly from Kimberly Freeman's notebook read like a personal letter and tell the first hand stories of a career performer's grief, confusion, gratitude and hope. In her own handwriting, scribbles, stories and family photos, the singer-songwriter guides the reader through every song in her tragic album of eulogies, "Sleep".


"It's not everyday a rock n' roll icon comes along that captivates the hearts and minds of their fans, with such emotional impact. Kimberly Freeman (solo artist and front woman for One-Eyed Doll) is one of these icons. Like rock legend poets Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain, Kimberly writes from the heart and soul. To give any less would be against the punk rock ethos that made them into the people they are, as well as remembered.
Kimberly Freeman's "Sleep Lyrics and Notes" (Formatted by Jonny Flash), is an in-depth view into her heart and mind, in the events leading up to her first solo album.
Though the book is more of a journal than a novel, nothing brings you closer to the artist's inspiration and composition for the "Sleep" album, than the music itself.
I was first captivated by the sincerity of Miss Freeman's personal handwritten introduction, followed by her feelings of loss, rejection, and despair, that fueled and continues to fuel her creative genius.
This being the first solo album by Kimberly Freeman, it was a bold, beautiful move to share her past with us, her loyal fans.
I highly recommend this to anyone. The words speak for themselves here. There is no faking, no trickery of words, just Kimberly. And this is why we love her. She's the real deal."
-Jordan Tyler Bradford

"... It has the lyrics to all of Kim's songs on the Sleep album along with a couple stories about the songs and pictures!"
-Kimber Coon

"... It's written in a very real style, because it's real and stuff..."
-C. Shipp

"... To write with the hand is to place our very identity upon the page and the idiosyncrasies of our writing becomes an art itself..."
-Matthew Reagan

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ISBN-13: 9781449903428
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/17/2009
Pages: 66
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About the Author

Award-winning performer, guitarist, singer and songwriter Kimberly Freeman, known widely for her rock and roll band, One-Eyed Doll was born in Columbus, OH. Kimberly developed her signature style through harrowing adventures across the USA and China. Recognized for her DIY beginnings and worldwide cult-like following, Kimberly has met the challenge of success in the world's live music capital, Austin TX, where she currently resides with friends and band mates between tours.

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