Slay All Day

Slay All Day

by Cynthia Eden

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What happens when a monster hunter falls for his prey?

Harrison Key has one job—hunt and destroy monsters. He's taken out vamps, shifters,'s all in a night's work for him. He protects the innocent and destroys the wicked. Case closed. The job doesn't pay much and the benefits are literally hell, but a hunter is born to the work. Gifted with super strength and speed, Harrison was created to fight monsters. There is nothing else for him in this world.

Then he meets her.

She looks like innocence but makes him think of the hottest sin. When Harrison first meets Elise Aine, she's surrounded by vamps who are only too eager to take a bite. Harrison stakes the vamps and intends to walk away from Elise, but she has other plans. She says that she's under supernatural attack. Elise desperately needs his protection, and she'll pay any price. One look into her dark and gorgeous eyes, and Harrison can't walk away. He doesn't want to walk away. He wants her.

What Harrison doesn't know...could just kill him.

Elise isn't human. Not by a long shot. And she's got big plans for Harrison. Sure, the guy may think he's a hunter, he may believe that his job is to rid the world of the wicked, but he's dead wrong. And with her help, Harrison may just turn out to be the wickedest one of them all. Because he's not really a hunter. He's something far, far more interesting. And hot. Smokin', in fact.

He just needs to let his wild side out to play...

As the queen of the fairies, Elise was born to trick and deceive, and, with way too many enemies closing in, she needs the most powerful protector imaginable at her side. Harrison is her destined mate, if he'll just stop fighting monsters long enough to see that deep inside...he is a beast. A beast like no other. One that can blast fire and soar into the skies. A beast who can only be bound and tamed by love.

Betrayal burns deep and cuts hard.

Can the queen of the fairies show a hunter that even monsters can love? Or when he finds out the truth about her, will rage be all that Harrison knows? Either way, things are about to get red-hot. Watch out for the flames and smoke.

Author's Note: SLAY ALL DAY is a stand-alone with action, humor, and plenty of hot times ahead. Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

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BN ID: 2940161374498
Publisher: Cynthia Eden
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 7,077
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About the Author

Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes sexy tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over one hundred novels and novellas.

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Slay All Day 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As usual Cynthia Eden delivers strong heroine, sexy hero and fantastic story binding it all together... Strongly recommend to any and all her fans!!
Marta Cox 3 months ago
Finally this author is back with a paranormal romance and I for one loved it ! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy her romantic suspense stories but my first love will always be something a little more magical and this book certainly gave me all the feels I wanted. Harrison doesn't mess around he gets stuck in and gets the job done. So saving a woman from Vampires is all in a nights work to him but there's something a whole lot different about this particular victim. For a start Elise is the most beautiful woman Harrison has ever seen and then there's the fact that it sure does seem like every supernatural creature she meets can't wait to get their grubby, grabbing hands on her ! Yes there's definitely something different about Elise but is she in more danger from Harrisons fellow Hunters ? Surely not because they hunt the monsters but what if there's a monster hiding amongst them ? I'm a tad disappointed with the synopsis of this book as it gives away secrets that I'd rather have discovered as I read but I'm definitely not disappointed with the story. In fact in many ways this turned the traditional alpha male as the hero who saves the day trope on its head because its actually Elise who holds all the answers. Gotta love it when a woman cannot only save herself but her man too ! Expect passion, betrayal and surprises when you read this but most of all expect to be entertained because this book shows just why I like this authors work so much. This voluntary take is of an advanced copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
Sandyn461 3 months ago
Sandy Nikolas's review Oct 13, 2019 · edit it was amazing So good! The witty dialogue and sassy talk is awesome! Easy read. There are a few twists and turns and a bit of angst. I hope it’s the start of a new series! Elise and Harrison have quite a few hurdles to overcome and reach their HEA.
Anonymous 19 days ago
If you like action a little mystery an romance, you will love this book. I really enjoyed it!!
Natalie_The_Biblioholic 24 days ago
5 "Beauty and her beast" stars!! There is so much to love about this story and I can't wait for you to discover it all. From the banter between the characters, the amazing world building, all of the action, the intense doses of romance, and the incredible chemistry the characters shared, it was way too easy to fall in love with this book. Elise was a mystery from the beginning. I knew she wasn't human, but I couldn't figure out her true motives or her reasons for being on Earth. What I did know was that I loved her and all her badassery! "I am a fey princess. I am a blood-born fey. I am a freaking prize, you get me? Men fall at my feet. They kill for my smiles and my favor. Sex with me is mind blowing. I am amazing, I am powerful, and I am not some random thing for you to disparage." Harrison was raised as a hunter and was now the best hunter out there. He had super human vision, hearing, strength and healing. He took down monsters and he loved doing it. However, he was so much more than he seemed and Elise was determined to awaken his beast. The love that developed between them along the way was both unexpected and profound. What woman wouldn't like for a man to kiss her as if she was the most important thing in his world? To kiss her with a consuming lust? With demanding need? With sweet, sweet possession? Slay All Day is a perfect blend of suspense, mayhem, magic, and love and an easy recommendation to make for fantasy and paranormal romance lovers everywhere!
Evampire9 26 days ago
He was created to fight monsters. Taking out vamps, shifters, demons…it’s all in a night’s work for Harrison Key. There’s nothing else in this world for him until he meets her. He saved her and he intended to walk away, but Elise Aine had other plans. She desperately needs his protection and she’ll pay any price. But what Harrison doesn’t know…could just kill him. Elise isn’t human and she’s got big plans for Harrison. He just needs to let his wild side out to play. ‘Slay All Day’ is a bit of a twisted fairy tale full of suspense, rockin’ emotions, betrayals, secrets and a rip roarin’ romance that shouts “MINE!” to the rafters! The chemistry between Harrison and Elise is fully charged and ready to rock their worlds but this spirited relationship has a bit of an issue – monster hunters don’t have relationships… Lots of heated passion, emotional turmoil and some chuckle worthy, arguments flow throughout this relationship building and readers can’t help but enjoy the ride. The plot is fast paced with suspense, action and excitement building throughout which keeps readers on an adrenaline high but add in some ‘really?’ twists, some ‘OMG’ twists, some ‘heck yea!’ twists and ‘no way’ twists and you get non-stop, nerve racking action with a side of fun and a courtship that defies everything that readers thought they knew because no one is who or what they seem in this energetic read.
Shirleylinn 3 months ago
Wow, amazing characters. Slay All Day is an amazing read. It has a fast-paced, intriguing storyline. I loved the amazing characters. Harrison was the perfect hero and Elise was strong, smart and funny. Together they were quirky, combustible and unstoppable. This was an amazing read and I would definitely recommend it.
PatriciaWhite 3 months ago
Elise Aine has been cursed. She’s lost all her powers she needs a hunter to keep her safe but she’s hiding a huge secret. Harrison Key is a monster hunter born and bred. He doesn’t have time to be a body guard. He is drawn to Elise and he is much more than just a hunter. So much betrayal on all sides to overcome.Another great paranormal romance just in time for Halloween. As always lots of witty interaction and humor, sexy alpha male with some crazy twists. Lots of action and sex scenes hot enough to melt your Kindle. Overall another great read.
carvanz 3 months ago
“Holy hellfire!” This was one seriously amazing read! With so many twists and turns, lots of secrets, some intrigue, and plenty of scorching hot moments, I was captivated from the first page and could not put this one down. I absolutely loved Elise! She was feisty and cute, kinda clumsy that added to her charm, and while she believes herself to have a dark soul, she proves to have anything but. Being in her mind when she found herself making the right decisions was often a laugh out loud moment. A lot of what she did or thought was cause for laughter. She was just too freaking perfect and definitely a top favorite heroine of all time for me. ’She wasn’t exactly some terrified damsel and that made her even sexier to him.’ Like all of this author’s heroes, Harrison was perfection as well. He checked every one of my boxes for what I hunger for in a hero. Most of all he has the “mine” mentality, even when he doesn’t understand where the heck it’s coming from. His protective instincts are off the charts and even when he should be questioning what’s happening around him more, his first action is to insure Elise’s safety. ’Mine. The whisper came from deep inside. That deep, dark place inside that he tried to ignore. A place of savagery and darkness.’ Things between Elise and Harrison begin and continue on a fast track, but no over the top behavior here. Just pure deliciousness! While Elise has a plan and Harrison can’t stay away, together they are soon caught up in a crazy ride that will pull you along at warp speed. And with all the madness surrounding them, there is the intense chemistry that continues to grow. There are some seriously scorching moments between these characters that will require readers to keep a cool drink and a fan close by. This has so many surprises with twists and turns that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can. Sure, some of them you are aware of, but only because you’re given the clues to lead you in the right direction. But rest assured, there are so many delicious “oh my gawd” moments, you won’t be disappointed. I’m so freaking excited about this wild world Ms. Eden has created and I’m crossing my fingers and will even use bribery if necessary, to get more! If you’ve never read this author before, this is the book to start with. If you’ve previously read her work, then you already know that you’re in for one heck of an experience that will leave you happy and sated when you finish the last page.
Anonymous 3 months ago
love he style of writing