by Walter Dean Myers

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An exciting, eye-catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers' bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.

Seventeen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris can do it all on the basketball court. He's seen ballplayers come and go, and he knows he could be one of the lucky ones. Maybe he'll make it to the top. Or maybe he'll stumble along the way. Slam's grades aren't that hot. And when his teachers jam his troubles in his face, he blows up.

Slam never doubted himself on the court until he found himself going one-on-one with his own future, and he didn't have the ball.

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ISBN-13: 9780545055741
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2008
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 29,631
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About the Author

Walter Dean Myers is the 2012 - 2013 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. He is the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author an award-winning body of work which includes, SOMEWHERE IN THE DARKNESS, SLAM!, and MONSTER. Mr. Myers has received two Newbery Honor medals, five Coretta Scott King Author Awards, and three National Book Award Finalists citations. In addition, he is the winner of the first Michael L. Printz Award. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Slam! (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 151 reviews.
Santiago More than 1 year ago
Slam, by Walter Dean Myers is an amazing book that talks about a kid from the streets who can do it all on the basketball court. He has the talent to rise from his poor neighborhood and onto something great, but he struggles off the court as a result of his short temper and low grades. I think the author was looking to teach the young teens reading this book to make the right decisions and that if you put your heart and soul into anything, you can become successful. People should really read this book because it inspires you to work on what you really love and try to become something above average with it. This book also shows a common teen African American scenario, with one parent, taking care of brothers or sisters and having to look out from getting hooked to drugs everyday. The story just absorbs you and make very real and strong connections with you own life. But what I liked the most about this short novel is that is had a piece of everything a novel has. It has action, as there are several exiting games described in the book as there is romance as our protagonist falls in love bit then is still attracted to other young girls. It has problems a kid from the street usually has, like having a single parent who is never around, needing to take care of your siblings and people constantly trying to drag you into drugs and breaking the law, even your best friends. Finally, it shows social acceptance as Greg Harris is transferred to a new "rich" school so he can play basketball there. In conclusion, this is one of the best basketball books I have every read and I recommended to everybody who loves basketball, a novel with everything a novel wants or just another sports fan. I really look up to Walter Dean Myers and his ability to turn a game and write it in such a way that you will not put the book down until the last page and then wanting to go practice on your game.
AdrianC More than 1 year ago
Greg Harris Also known as "Slam" is all about basketball. He is determined to make his school's team but has a problem with his grades. He is forced to get a tutor but decides to get helped by a girl, Mtisha, he has known forever and kind of has a thing for. He makes his team but never starts but gets to play in the second half so he can save the game. Everything is going ok but his real match is against Trinity, a school they have to face in the tournament, when he meets his match in basketball and loses the game by one point. Another problem troubling him is the rumor of his best friend since childhood, Ice, dealing drugs. His turn comes to face his friend in a game of Latimer, Slam's new school, and Carver, Slam's old school. He faces Ice and they are neck to neck. Slam beats Ice in the game but his real challenge is later that night. At the same night, Slam finds out the truth that Ice has been dealing and they get into a fight. Slam doesn't talk to Ice after that but keeps talking to Mtisha. The book ends with Slam at practice in the gym running some plays.
Callie23 More than 1 year ago
In this story, it is about a teenage boy who African American athlete is named Greg. Greg is a high school student and a star basketball player. The book is called Slam because Greg is so good at basketball. So that is his nickname. He lives in New York with his younger brother and his mother. His two best friends in this story is his girlfriend, Keisha and Charles. Greg is good at basketball but not very good in school. He and his girlfriend have a complicated relationship and it is hard for him to maintain a good relationship. The tone of this book is rough and upbeat. This is another African American book. This is a book for Adults or Young Adults. Greg is the main character in this book, which is very athletic. His grandmother in the story is in her death bed. When Greg plays basketball, there is nothing that bothers him, he forgets about everything and just has the time of his life on the court but when it comes to his outside world, he is a total mess. He wants to play in college and become pro and play in the MBA but his mom tries and tells him that he has to have good grades and focus more on life. Greg has a coach who thinks he is a showboat and does not play him. His coach always gave him tips on basketball and in life. Slam has a friend names Ice and they are on opposite teams and his coach had put him in against Ice and after the game finds him dealing crack. Greg believes his best friend is a drug dealer. And they end up getting into a fight and their friendship was flushed down the drain. This book is a good book for teens to show kids from the streets can rise above and shrug all his struggles off and become a better person in general. If you do the right thing in life, you will be awarded at the end. Just like basketball, you put all the hard work to it and get a big award at the end. That is what Greg¿s life was, he put through all the crap that happened to him and got a big award in the end. This book made me feel that I was playing basketball with Greg and feeling all the pain that goes through him on the court.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is really good for a sports player who thrives to make their dreams come true.
swaggsplasher on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
WALTER DEAN MYERS MONSTER FICTION NEW YORK CIT High school student Greg Harris, also known as Slam, struggles With family, culture, and talent. Slam is a great basketball player, and basketball is his top priority; however, he has difficulty being a team player and is searching for his place in school and in his family. He has transferred from Carver, a primarily black, low educated school, and neighborhood school, to Latimer, a white, upper educated school, and magnet high school. As basketball season approaches, Slam thinks his life will improve. However between failing math and fighting with his coach, Slam cannot seem to keep his game together on or off the court. On the court, he grapples with the coach, a superstar attitude, teammate issues, and more. Off the court, he is trying to cope with a dying grandmother, his best friend possibly dealing drugs, a love interest, and an alcoholic father. With the help of family, friends, and an assistant coach, Slam begins to get the big picture. WHY I READ THE BOOKBecause Walter Dean Myers does an outstanding job of creating characters with whom most adolescents could connect, Slam is an excellent novel for adolescents. The vivid and flowing language pushes readers quickly through the text. The dialogue and events in the novel will allow for discussion over a variety of topics and themes which surround most adolescents'daily routines
koolkidd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
slam! waltert dean myers nonfitcton Slam¿ Harris is a talented basketball player with big dreams, but he has lots of obstacles to overcome. He also has many choices to make in his life. With the help of his girlfriend, Manish. His teachers, and his family, Slam just might make it.Slam lives for basketball and wants to play college ball, but his grades are slipping and his parents do not have enough money to send him to a good school. Although Slam thinks everyone is trying to bring him down, he is determined to show that he is capable of great achievements most of the setting took place in the gym or at home in school.
ctmsnocr on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The novel "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers is a story about an African american teenage athlete by the name of Slam. The setting also doesn't change often. He lives in New York surrounded by drug dealers. Slam is a highschool student and a basketball player.Slam is a talented basketball player with big dreams who lives for basketball and wants to play in the NBA, but his grades are falling and his parents don't have enough money to send him to a good school. Although Slam thinks everyone else is trying to bring him down, he is determined to show that he can achieve great achievements. Slam wants to prove to everyone that he can make them all proud. He wants people to know him and what he should be known for, which is basketball.Slam reminds me of myself that when he finds out that if he doesn¿t bring his grades up, he will have to stop playing basketball. I can relate to this because when my grades were falling in school, my mother told me that if I didn¿t improve soon, I wouldn¿t be able to play sports either. Which would stink for me because I love sports.
Nicole_16 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Greg, better known as Slam, struggles with balancing school, home life, and basketball. Greg is taken from his familiar school Carver, with all of his friends, and placed in Latimer, a magnet school. Greg feels that he is behind academically, but can beat anyone on the basketball court. Greg constantly struggles with succeeding on the classroom, but not on the court. He has to find a way to please his family, his teacher, his friends, and most importantly himself. A great theme to be discussed about this book would be education vs. sports. This topic should get the students excited and engaged. The teacher can ask the students do they think your grades should hinder one from participating in a sport. Also the teacher can break the students into groups of for sports and for education. The students can find examples out of the book to argue that their side is the best. Also the class can discuss if it matters where someone comes from. The book deals heavily with Greg's home life and the things he faces. This will be a good discussion that will open the students eyes about not judging someone because of where they live. It is important to get to know that person for who they really are. I really enjoyed this book. Because I enjoy basketball, I could really relate to the ideas and topics in the book. Walter Dean Myers did a good job in vividly describing the scenes in the book. I wish there was a sequel to this book. If there is someone should let me know. I really want to know what happens to Mtisha and Greg's relationship. Likewise, I want to know if Ice and Greg remain friends. There are a lot of things I want to know the answer to in this book, but overall I really enjoyed reading Slam. I would recommend this book to any sports fanatic who likes realistic fiction.
ctmstogo on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Slam, by Walter Dean Myers, was a very good book that I would rate 5 stars.This book was about an African American kid from the "ghetto" of New York. His nickname is Slam because of his skill on the basketball court. Slam is going to a school with mainly white kids on a special program and finds himself facing a ton of problems in school with his grades, on the court, and out of school with friends and drugs.Slam is fighting a constant battle and is going to have to give everything he¿s got to come out on top.This book was great! I felt that it had a really nice flow to it. The author would never drag on with one topic for too long. There was the perfect amount of description so that you would get a great picture but also never get bored. The book rolled from one event to the smoothly and consistently.I also really enjoyed the ¿action¿ scenes in this book. What I mean by action is the scenes with the basketball happening in them. These scenes were perfectly paced and very descriptive. I always felt like I was watching the game courtside. I could hear the crowd and see the action very clearly.This was an excellent book that I highly recommend reading. It had a great flow and awesome action. I would say that this book deserves 5 stars.
nm.fall08.n.ferchlan on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is about a boy named Greg Harris. But he goes by slam as a nickname. He got this nickname from being a huge basketball player. Its because he can slam th ball in the rim! He has an ok life. His grandma is in the hospital and is sick. HIm mom and family dont really hang out that much he is always on the go. For a class project he is doing a recording of his life with a partner in his class. But along the way his brother lost the video camra and he didnt have it for quite awhile. He finally got it back a couple weeks latter. He has alot of good friends that always have his back and they get along quite well. THey all play ball together at school there a great team they have alot of intensity. They all want to win and know that the game is very serious! Him and his girlfriend have had some issues because at one point him and his friend ice went out for drive. Ice's girl and one of her freinds came along and slam and the friend ended up making out in the back seat of the car while he had a girlfriend. SO him and his girl broke up. latter on they got back together though. When they play ball slam knows he has the skills and he knows he is better then people and he doesnt understand why he doesnt start. Then he was thinking and he thought that the coach only used him when they needed him. He felt used and guys kept giving him crap about it. But he would just come back with the attitude and say that he has game and he could take then one on one anyday and win.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Are you good at some things but you are not good at others. That is the problem in the book slam. Slam is a book about a kid named greg, “slam”. Slam is a kid from the streets who can do anything on the basketball court. He has the talent to rise and become a pro. He knows he is the best on the team and he wants to start the team, but there is only one problem. His coach is not going to let him. His grades and his temper are getting in his way way , and slam has a lot of personal problems with his family, and his friends, and school. I think slam was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. Slams genre is realistic fiction, before I didn’t really like the realistic fiction genre but after reading slam I respect it. Also I would recommend this book to anyone especially if you like realistic fiction or basketball. I’ll give this book a rating of 5 out of 5. I say that because every time I’ll read a chapter I was always wondering what is going to happen next and I was able to picture every sentence of the book. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about the book, and I highly suggest anyone should read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good grades + hard work = having fun when you're older because you can have a really good job, like what happens to the main character in this book. Greg wants to play basket ball and be a big shot but his grade are bad so it is hard for him. This book is realistic fiction and it is about a 16 year old boy named Greg that lives in Harlem new York. He lives with his mom, pops, brothers and grandma, he has a best friend named ice. Greg has a mom and a Dad and he is really close to his best friend that his friends mom is like his mom. I would recommend this book for 10 years and above because this book has stuff like drug dealers that can gives kids the wrong influence and can lead to kids doing bad things in life. But there is one good example in this book and it's that you will not be able to do what you want in life unless you have good grades because like i said before Greg couldn't play basketball unless he had passing grades
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Haven't read it yet but with what I'm hearing I'm willing to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
After I have read the book Slam my overall opinion of the book was that it was really good book from my personal perspective .I personally like the book, because of its comedy at certain points, teen drama, and also Slam is very upfront when it comes to speak up for their selves. I myself would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars, because I can really relate to this book cause I could personally put myself in Greg Harris shoe's. I think this book is really great for the teenage age group because I myself is a teenager and I found this book very fascinating myself. If you're a teenager that's looking for a good read, go out and pick up Slam.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome! It really teaches you that school is a lot more important than any sport!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like basketball and your bad in school this might just be a novel for you.SLAM is a top rated model that gives examples of alot of the struggles young athletes in this day and age. The main charecter Greg is the center of most of the troubles, like drugs and alcohol and the pressure of sex knocking on the door. He's a star basketball play who tranfered from carver to latimer. The school and student are all ahead of him and hes falling more behind his principals calling him telling him he cant play basketball if his grades dont change. Mitasha is the girl greg is in love with but he keeps pushing her away because of her leaving for college. Greg is a good player who even though he doesnt have the grades he still doesnt do drugs or sell. I like this novel and would recomended it to any one.
BHP More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read, I really enjoyed it. I especially like the ending Its not like every other book that ends with a happily ever after. It was a little confusing at times with the lingo but I eventually began to understand it all. It goes deep into the life of Greg "Slam" Harris. He is a high school student who is very talented at basketball and lives in the ghetto. In the book Slam is trying to balance a lot. He is trying to balance basketball, grades, girls, family, and friends. As you probably know that is not the easiest thing to do, and if it gets to be too much for Slam then he may have to stop playing basketball for a while. Will Slam be able to balance it all and still be able to play basketball? Read the book it was fantastic, and it also teaches life lessons. BZSH
Anonemous1 More than 1 year ago
Slam is a very good book for people who like basketball. I liked this book a lot and recommend it to everyone. I also think there should be a sequel to this book because the author could of added on to the end. This book was very suspensful. I couldn't stop reading this book .this book also had a good but sad ending but I wouldn't want to give away the ending. The main character in this book has to keep up his grades in order to contineue palying basketball, his favorite sport so anyone who is looking for a good basketball book you should get started on this bookSlam is a very good book for people who like basketball. I liked this book a lot and recommend it to everyone. I also think there should be a sequel to this book because the author could of added on to the end. This book was very suspensful. I couldn't stop reading this book .this book also had a good but sad ending but I wouldn't want to give away the ending. The main character in this book has to keep up his grades in order to contineue palying basketball, his favorite sport so anyone who is looking for a good basketball book you should get started on this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
17 year old Greg "Slam" Harris is very talented in the game of basketball, but struggles with his life off of the court. Slam attends a new school were he finds it hard to fit in. He struggles keeping up his grades, and the coach resents his flashy playing style. Slam also spends much of his time chasing a girl named Mtisha. The coach along with Mtisha teach Slam that he needs to approach the game of life like he does basketball, with great confidence. As a retired basketball coach tells Slam, "the only difference between on the court and off the court is that everybody is in the game off the court. You're in the game, Slam whether you want to be or not." Later in the book, Slam deals with his bestfriend becoming a crack dealer. The book has plenty of intense basketball action, as well as slang from the "hood" that Slam grew up in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Slam!" the ball hit's the rim as Greg "Slam" Harris dunks it through the net again. The story Slam by Walter Dean Myers is about a boy named Greg Harris or Slam as everyone calls him. Slam is a bit of a troubled kid who isn't doing so hot in school. He also is struggling with his family and his talent. Slam is a great basketball player and basketball is his number one priority. However he is not good at being a team player. Which is a big problem with his new coach. Slam transferred from Carver, a primarily black school, to Latimer, a white magnet school. And is struggling to hold things together. As the season approaches he thinks things will get better, but they only get worse. With his failing math grades and his constant fighting with his coach he can't seem to keep it together on or off the court. On the court he's always on his coaches bad side, has to deal with team issues, and much more. Off the court Slam has to deal with relations with his friend, Ice who might be possibly selling drugs, his on again off again girlfriend, Mtisha, and his alcoholic father. He also has to deal with his grades and relations with his teammates. In the story Slam's life unravels before his very eyes and it doesn't seem there is anything he can do about it. But with the help of his family and his supportive head coach he figures things out. This story as really good I couldn't put it down. It was a thriller and the book seemed to pop to life. This book was a great read. And very well written by Walter Dean Myers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is such an awesome book Oh My GOD! I just read one page And liked it. I like the fact that it talks about peer pressure and it tells you to try to Improve Your Grades. just to Do something you like. This also happened to Me. Walter Dean Myers is such a slang talker it's just so Awesome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book Slam! by Walter Dean Myers is a very good book to read. It talks about peer pressure, challenges in school and even on the basketball courts. It shows how though you are a star on the court, you still have to learn in school. It also shows to be careful of the friends you make because they might make bad choices in life. In this review I am going to tell you about the book I read. The book Slam! has many different aspects in the story. It talks about standing up to your friends. It also talks about how school is always more important in life than anything else (besides family). It also shows how you may think you live in a perfect world when you really live in a not so great place. It also shows how you should always give people second chances. This is my opinion about this book and I hoped you liked it. This book is a great book to read and I certainly enjoyed it. It is a basketball book, which I love to read! I would recommend this book to someone who like to read sport books, as i would think they would enjoy this. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes a little romance as this definitely has some in it. This is what I think of this book and I hope you enjoyed it.
n23 More than 1 year ago
Walter Dean Myers is author of the book 'Slam'. This book is written with the way the main character would most likely if this were real life. The main character's name is Greg Harris and he has a brother, and a mom and dad. His nickname Slam is given to him by the way he plays the game of basketball. He loves the game with a fiery passion but doesn't have the grades to keep playing. But when his Mom puts him in a new school, things take a turn for the worse. This book shows great potential in my opinion. Myers shows great skill in have the main character being the narrator because it shows the readers of the book what people from the "hood" might say. I love the Myers adds the little love interest with Mtisha because it keeps the reader not only focusing in on the basketball part of the story. One flaw with this book is during the basketball games Greg plays in. Myers skipped a lot of the game action sometime in the story which took away some of my interest in Greg's game. Overall, this book deserves and 8.5 out of 10 because of the little flaws as I stated in previous paragraphs. One thing Myers could have done is written the ending better. The ending to 'Slam' is not strong what so ever. It ended so plain and boring. If Myers added a twist to the end, this book would have been a great book. Also, by the way the book ended, I believe there should be a sequel to this book. I recommend this book to any teenager that loves sports. Even if you aren't a teenager, you could read this book and still like it a lot. This book is a book every kid should read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The novel "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers is a story about Greg "Slam" Harris is a seventeen-year-old who thinks he is all that on the court and he's not that far off. He can play point guard and slam dunk the ball, making him a tough combination for a defender to handle. The problem is that this year Slam is at a new school, and here his new coach and teammates don't give him the respect he thinks he deserves, and his teachers just won't get off his back about his grades. Not only is his new school becoming a problem, but so much of his support system is falling apart as well. His mom, though trying to help Slam the best that she can, is dragging him down with all her talk about raising his grades. His younger brother Derek is as meddling as ever. Even his best friend, Ice, seems to be drifting further and further away, and Slam fears that drugs are the cause. Review by Joey Nuzzi