Simple Stock Trading Formulas: How to Make Money Trading Stocks

Simple Stock Trading Formulas: How to Make Money Trading Stocks

by Billy Williams


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As a frequent contributor to Futures Magazine,, Advantage and other top financial publications, I know from experience that stock trading offers enormous profit potential for traders if you have the right tools for success.

But, each year, millions of aspiring stock traders still come to the stock market but still fail to achieve any meaningful success despite being armed with the latest indicators or some expensive stock trading system.

There are two main reasons: One, they lack a proper foundation in the study of price action and, two, they lack a method to show them where to find trading opportunities and when to pull the trigger.

Price action is the language of the market that is spoken to you each day through price charts and, if you understand what its trying to tell you, then you'll never lack for low-risk trades again.

But, you also have to have a stock trading method that provides a set of rules to show you when a trade is setting up with the least amount of risk combined with the highest probability of success.

Without understanding either of these concepts, you're chances are slim that you'll succeed.

But, if you have the patience, drive, and discipline to apply a few simple rules along with sound fundamental and technical analysis, then the odds are on your side that you'll succeed.

In Simple Stock Trading Formulas, you'll read about the role of both the stock exchanges and stocks themselves so that you understand how the game is played.

Next, you'll learn how to "look under the hood" to find fundamentally sound stocks that have the highest chance of becoming a high-performer, avoiding the stagnant, lifeless stocks that are going nowhere.

Then, you'll get to the meat of the book and get a in-depth breakdown on technical tools, price patterns, how to spot compelling technical criteria, mindset, and a set of rules-based stock trading strategies that work in any market condition.

You'll also learn:

• The nature of the market and how to use it to profit.
• What stocks are and what is their purpose?
• Why volatility frightens the majority of traders but how you can profit from it.
• The dual relationship of price and volume.
• What roles do stock exchanges play?
• What key indicators to use to get into the market (and when to stay out).
• The best price patterns to trade for consistent winners.
• How to spot market reversals and how to profit from them.
• What warning signs to watch for so that you don't get wiped out financially.
• What 3 indicators form an unbeatable winning formula for trading.
• How to use "Big Daddy" to always be on the right side of the trend.
• What the only two types of price action are and how to profit with them.
• How to spot turns in the market and how to use them to time your entries.
• 7 step-by-step trading formulas to find winning trades in any market type.
• Fundamental and technical formulas to rack up above-average returns.
• And much, much more.

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