Simple Steps to Change: Your Business, Your Life

Simple Steps to Change: Your Business, Your Life

by Jay Livingston

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“If you've ever wondered why you really work long hours or why it's so hard to change even though you want to, this is the book to read!”
-Syble Solomon, Executive Coach,
Founder of Money Habitudes

There’s often an awakening moment when we realize that our business or our life would be markedly enhanced if we simply did things in a different, better way. Whether someone else pushed us or we kick-started ourselves, now we need a plan. Simple Steps to Change steps up to that moment to show you how to take a suggestion or desire and turn it into a new habit, a more productive behavior or an effective process to nurture change.

As any good business or sports coach will tell you—and Jay Livingston practices in both arenas—developing new habits takes more than just desire and motivation. In fact, motivation often follows rather than leads to concrete actions. Simple Steps to Change is full of concrete, actionable suggestions.

Want to feel motivated? It may be as simple as standing up, taking a step or doing the smallest bit of a project. Are you resisting a change in your habits that has the potential to create more satisfaction, health or an easier relationship? Your resistance may actually be protecting you—the important question is from what?

Livingston gives readers a choice of paths through this book; skip to the basic “try this” listings of annotated hints or delve into portions covering the history and science of change. These foundation sections will help you understand why we tend to resist good ideas and repeat unsuccessful behaviors. Even these “background” sections are more like executive reviews of some of the latest research and thinking on learning new skills and behaviors in the face of our biological tendency to conserve time and energy saving habits.

The ideas in Simple Steps to Change range from how to almost accidentally get to work on time, to how to initiate tough conversations. There are sections on bringing your emotions under better control and how to simplify lists and tasks. If you implement even a small fraction—maybe just one idea—of the possibilities outlined here you may well find your work day nudged toward more enjoyable and your life less stressful.

“Jay offers an easy-to-digest, impressive array of options and solid, actionable steps to bring about the change you desire.”
-Anne Jolles, International Coach Federation New England Life Coach of the Year and Recipient of Director’s Award for Distinguished Service

Simple Steps to Change reminds us again and again that simple is more effective, requires less motivation, and is more likely to be sustainable. Simple actions shine a spotlight on the precise stumbling blocks and suggest potential solutions. Keep it simple and end up with a new habit!

What Others are Saying about Simple Steps to Change
“…easy to digest synthesis of cutting edge research and thinking…”

“…so many practical, easy to implement ideas.”

“…equally helpful to the business or non-business person.”
“Jay Livingston has his finger directly on the pulse of lasting, meaningful change-for-the-better!”
“Simple Steps to Change helps us rise beyond the short-term impulses and convoluted thinking that has trapped so many of us for far too long.”
“Jay hands us clear, actionable ways forward, step by thoughtfully laid out step.”

“A terrific resource for therapists who are trying to help clients make behavioral changes.”

“Small steps can become great strides over time. With simple suggestions, Jay nudges us toward taking the steps necessary to continually assess and revise the areas in our lives that we'd like to improve, without the fear of overwhelming ourselves.”

“A tremendous body of knowledge synthesized into a practical and user-friendly guide. This is one book you will reference frequently!”

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